Best 12 Shopify Stores – Updated May 2020

Shopify is undoubtedly one of the best eCommerce platforms to get your business started. There are thousands of Shopify stores up and running to give their customers the best services. But what makes up a great Shopify store? Behind every successful business, there is a hardworking team that is day and night busy in making efforts to come up with different ideas to boost their sales. You are going to find many Big brands owning Shopify stores. But you will also find some great stores that started from scratch and their owners drew sweat to take them to a place where they are today. In this article, we have gathered a list of the best Shopify store of 2019. For a better platform, use the best online form builder. We are going to share some of their features from which you can take inspiration and create your eCommerce success tale.

Best Shopify Stores of 2019

Here is our list of the best Shopify stores of 2019

Wallet Co

The very first Shopify store in our list is Wallet Co that came up with an amazingly simple website that sells compact wallets. The user can buy these small wallets that are very lightweight yet very functional. With great wallets on the table, Wallet Co has a sharp looking black and white website theme that gives a feeling of minimalism and synchronizes perfectly with their business concept.

With easy browsing and detailed images of the products, this store makes sure the customer is completely aware of what he is going to receive. It has everything that a buyer needs to know right beside the pictures of the product in the form of drop-down boxes. Whether you want to read about the product, know about the refund policy or authorized dealers, or even if you’re going to read the review of the product, it is all right there.


This Shopify store is all about cream. But not any ordinary one. This store sells healthy creamers for coffee lovers that have diabetes and cannot afford the intake of high sugars. The idea behind all this was simple. To make the life of diabetic patients a lot more flavorful. The owner worked for almost a year to come up with creamer that could help his grandfather and father, both diabetics, to have a sweet cup of coffee every morning. She succeeded, and the Journey of Prymal started.

She started advertising her creamers through Instagram and then moved on to Shopify when her happy customers became her advocate. As a result, more and more customers flocked into her website. Prymal Shopify store is simple but elegant. The way the store tells about their products make the customers feel that they are special. The below picture shows how the owner connects her emotions behind the creation of her creamers.


Klimchi is relatively a new online store, but its root lies in the ten years old traditional family business. A business of delicacy, art and expertise in the manufacturing of glassware and lighting. The store is now getting popular in selling premium quality glassware for kitchen and house decoration. Their specialty is that every product is handblown in a factory that is owned by their family.

One of the main reasons why the store has done so great is the fact that their storytelling is awe-inspiring. The way they share the story of the family having great expertise in glassware with great consistency is what attracts most of the customers. Their story not only builds trust but let the customer perceive that they are going to get an authentic and high-quality product.

Taylor Stitch

This site is all about men’s clothing, and it is as classy as it can get. We are very much impressed by the visual appeal of the website, and it definitely shows that they put good effort before placing any product on their website. When you hover over any of their product, you will see a model posing casually wearing that particular product in a casual place.

What is really cool is that each image on their page has a message which attracts more attention than the real product. Another interesting thing about this store is the fact that they use recycled or 100 percent natural products in their clothing. And they know how to tell this to their customers, and this definitely has a great impact on their audience. Result of this? More customers!

So Worth Loving

It is always very important to connect with your customers. It creates a sense of commitment and truth. And this what this online clothing store does so well. With almost every product, you will find a story. A story that can relate to you, a story that can perfectly match some situation that you are going through in life. And this is the success mantra of So Worth Loving.

Their home page is all about their story and slogan. They emphasized making their customers know that they are worthy of love. Their website aims at reaching customers at a personal level by providing handwritten quotes on their merchandise. The images on their sites are so lively, which reminds everyone that life is a beautiful gift, and we should all love it.

Destination Towels

This brand is just revolutionizing the way marketing is done. As the name suggests this online store excels at providing its customers with beach towels, but not any ordinary ones. Each towel is printed with great graphics which will make you fall in love with them. They also feature images of different world destinations on their towels, which gives the customers a personalized feeling which they can carry around almost anywhere.

The owner, Anthony Glick himself, is a great photographer, and he has created this online store all by himself. Another feature that we loved was that when you visit Destination Towels, you will find a chat box in which Anthony himself answers all your queries. This definitely leaves an impact on the minds of the customer that the owner of the store cares very much about them.

This online store is all about women, their wellness and their empowerment. Presenting their message strongly on the website through different merchandise, is one of our favorite Shopify stores. The website is full of bright colors and liveliness.

The website is well categorized, and it is very easy to explore. The website also features a rewards program. The more you spend, the more rewards you are going to get. This is a very good way to make the customers spend more because who would not want a discount or reward points, right?


This Shopify store is one of the best things you are going to see on the Internet. Every bit of this website gives you a soothing vibe. Their color themes and graphics are so eye-pleasing. At the very start of the home page, you are going to find a text, “Inspiration and tools to help you live a more meaningful life.” The store provides a range of products that help you live your life fully and mindfully.

Scrolling down you will be able to read Hostlee Manifesto, Reflection Cards and the Hostlee Membership. At the bottom of the homepage, there is a note from the makers of this store, Mike and Dave, who share how they are on this journey together. Right at the end of the homepage, the store urges you to explore their themes when they are done introducing almost everything about their website, making their homepage an ideal start-to-finish marketing pitch

The Home Shopee

If you are looking to upgrade the looks of your house, The Home Shopee is the place to be. They aim at providing quality furniture to their customers at affordable prices. Whether you want anything for your kitchen, garden or any place of your home, this Shopify store will get you all covered. With an easily accessible website having a great interface, you will have no trouble in finding what you want.

“This Month’s Special” section on their homepage is great to look at; you might find what you need for your home. Providing awesome discounts on most of their products, they know how to engage customers in buying from them. There are Different categories like “New Arrivals”, “Outdoor Garden Furniture”, “Smart Storage Solutions”, “Labels and Stationery” etc. which will help you explore their products even more easily. They also feature a live chat to answer all your queries at hand.


This meal subscription service is making the lives of many people easy by providing high quality and healthy meals at great prices. Choosing what to eat can often be overwhelming. Veestro offers different plans like “A La Carte”, “Chef’s Choice” and “Weight Loss”; you can choose whatever you feel like, making your decision a lot easier.

The way they promote their plant-based meal is something to check out for. The store explains every step so precisely and briefly; there is no surprise why the customers love their services.

The way they promote their plant-based meal is something to check out for. The store explains every step so precisely and briefly; there is no surprise why the customers love their services.

The store has also posted a video on the website’s homepage which is also a great way to create a sense of trust in the customers. Their story fits perfectly for what they aim.

Pop Chart

This Shopify store provides its customers with fresh and trendy prints. Their website itself looks sort of a big vintage print. With a great and easy interface, you will find different categories based on the user’s browsing preferences.

The “Recommended for You” section is a personalized recommendation from the store which urges customers to see what the store has got for them. And once they explore, the chances that they will make a purchase increase massively. The messenger option is also available on the Pop Chart, which is a plus point if you prefer using this application. The shop is simple, but still, they manage to come up wide a broad spectrum of print products which is not a piece of cake. They know their game.


We don’t know if you have noticed, but humans always prefers visuals over text. There has always been a debate about how fast our brain perceives visual information as compared to textual information. Science, on the other hand, has proved that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

A nascent photo of your product can give us more information about your product as compared to a relatively larger text. To make you understand this, let us ask you a question. Would you instead want us to describe this Shopify store textually, or would you prefer to have some visual aid? See that our point.

With great images of men showing off their cool and healthy beards, the Shopify store gives evidence of how their products will do wonders for your beloved beard. They also have a kick-ass newsletter, and upon signing up for it, they will keep you updated about their new products and discounts.


Well, this was our list of the 12 best Shopify stores of 2019. If you have read through the whole article, you might have learned some really helpful tips and tricks to take your eCommerce store on the path of success. You are probably full of ideas that are just waiting for you to implement them. You have learned how different features affect the psychology of the customers and how it results in a sales boost. We wish you good luck with your Shopify store ventures.

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    I found the “Recommended for You” section to be very appealing. Not only does this help you find things for your audience, it’s a good method of getting rid of inventory.

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    While great text is important for your content, pictures tell a thousand words. It makes sense that humans can relate more to visuals because there’s a certain dynamic there that words don’t capture.

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    The proof is in the pudding. It’s important to have testimonies or real reviews that show why a product is worth its weight in good.

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    Customer service is important for all kinds of businesses. Providing a step-by-step approach to using a product can make customers feel more comfortable.

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    I started contemplating on creating a Shopify store. This blog has some great examples that helped me decide on the right steps to achieve my goal.

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