Best White Label Software

1. OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate Software is a popular affiliate program that is preferred by a wide range of marketers. One of the main reasons why it so popular is that it contains many useful features. It is designed to help the user to establish an online referral system to boost any eCommerce business. It is a powerful tool that uses the power of social media and emails to help beginners and advanced marketers grow their businesses. To see more information including pricing, just click here or use an Etsy affiliate software for your Etsy store.


  • Powerful affiliate program for creating a lucrative online business
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with numerous useful features
  • Comes with a 15-day trial period


  • A bit on the expensive side

2. Clicks Geek PPC

Clicks Geek PPC is a powerful system that is designed to help any Internet Marketer regardless of experience level. It is designed to help ensure that all ad campaigns are set up in the most effective manner. The software is really easy to use and delivers all of the promised results. The Click Geek PPC easily replaces an entire staff that would be dedicated to handling all of your businesses marketer efforts.


  • Handles all of your marketing tasks
  • Provides useful reports of all ad campaign results
  • Easy to get started


  • It is a bit on the expensive side

3. Mention for Agencies

Mention for Agencies is a powerful system that is designed to the user to determine the online reputations of an agency based on what is being said about its specific brand. Branding is extremely important to any business and it is especially true of online businesses. Agencies don’t have to do it all in-house anymore. There are white label solutions available for design, content – even link building. The software is designed to monitor social media and other online sources for anything that is being said about them. All results are delivered in easy to read reports. For more information, including pricing, click here.


  • Highly customizable reports
  • Automatically monitors social media sites
  • Really easy to use system


  • Can be a bit expensive

4. Build Fire

One of the most frequently used phrases these days is “there is an app for that” and it is actually very true. Many, many businesses utilize simple to use apps to help its customers to use its services more conveniently. Build Fire is a powerful app building software that makes it possible for anyone to be able to easily build an iOS or Android enables the app for themselves. For additional information including pricing, click here


  • Capable of creating apps for a wide range of industries
  • Works with both iOS and Android platforms
  • Access to technical support anytime


  • There is a bit of steep learning curve

5. Green Lotus

Internet Marketing is one of the fastest growing ways for today’s entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Since online marketing requires the acquisition of new customers on a regular basis and using SEO techniques is one of the primary ways that marketers use to attract these visitors to their business website. Green Lotus is a service that offers a wide range of SEO tools for marketing agencies and professionals.  


  • The system is packed with dozens of powerful SEO tools
  • SEO tools and analyzers are very easy to use
  • Contains several customizable reports


  • Some of the tools can be a bit difficult to use

6. Agency Analytics

Analytics are extremely important to any and all Internet Marketing companies and without them it is virtually impossible to truly know the status of any online business. This is what makes Agency Analytics and all of the features that are built in so valuable. There are so many different tools that are included in the software program. Whether it be high-quality reports of all of the stats related to the number of visitors (traffic) to each website. One of the most powerful features of Agency Analytics is the feature-packed dashboard. This dashboard was designed to be much more user-friendly.?


  • Dashboard makes the learning curve much smaller
  • Includes SEO friendly design
  • Reports can easily be customized exactly how they are needed


  • Can be a bit overpriced

7. Sensible

Sensible is a very powerful software program that was developed as a Internet Marketing tool. This tool works directly with social media, which is the latest and greatest technology to hit online marketing. With hundreds of millions of users daily, social media represents the largest block of Internet users and makes it the perfect target for online marketers. To get additional information on pricing and to request a demo, click the links.


  • Makes it easier to manage all of your social media accounts
  • A single, easy to use dashboard puts everything at your fingertips
  • Includes easy to use reports that deliver all the data that you need


  • Can be a bit expensive depending on the level

8. Rankur

Rankur is a software system that combines the best of four different functions inside one powerful package. By being able to control your social media campaigns, branding, web monitoring, and analytics is an extremely beneficial business tool. Each of the aforementioned functions is really easy to incorporate into your daily business operation and the results will make it possible to see an immediate improvement to your bottom line. To get more information on pricing, you can click here.


  • Easily monitor your social media accounts all in one place
  • Receive reports based on complex analytics
  • Customize it with your own branding


  • Can be really expensive for white labeling

9. Dash This

Dash This is a powerful software program that creates an easy to use dashboard that controls all of your client reporting. All of our dashboard functions are completely customizable and allows for white labeling with your own branding. All of the reporting functions can be easily automated to make everything easier and the results will also be monitored by the dashboard that you have customized for your business. For additional information on pricing, just click here.


  • Reports are all fully customizable with white labeling
  • The dashboard is also fully customizable as well as the reports
  • Uses the power of analytics and combines it with white labeling


  • Can be a bit expensive for the top level option

10. SEO Reseller

SEO is extremely important to Internet Marketing and being able to provide your clients with all of the benefits of SEO is really where the money is at for any marketing agency. SEO Reseller is a powerful software that brings all of the benefits of the most current SEO techniques and puts them all at your fingertips. SEO Reseller is feature packed and really easy to use and helps you to provide your client with all of the things that they are looking for to improve their business. To find more information including pricing, just click here.


  • Really easy to operate and is white label ready for your branding
  • Has all of the latest SEO tips and techniques that are currently being used
  • Full support is readily available


  • It can be a bit on the expensive side

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