10 Best Wix Marketing Tools

Having the right arsenal for your marketing is like putting together a great tool shed from a kit. You want the right elements in the perfect places so that you’re organized. This way you’ll be able to tackle any problem that comes your way. When you’re promoting, you want to be clear that you have different strategies under your belt to cater to a specific audience. When you have a website, that maybe some great apps or so to make it easier for you and your clientele. Here are some great marketing tools to use with your Wix site and increase your Wix traffic.

1. Omnistar Affiliate

This is the quintessential marketing tool that does out with complexity and brings in the simplicity. In a world where everything is complex and fast-paced, people like things that are a bit simplistic. They aren’t looking to some complex answer, but rather want to keep things on an even playing field.  As a result, this will help them focus on the business itself, rather than the backend of the site. Omnistar found out that one of the problems is developing user-friendly software that can help manage their multiple affiliate programs from one database. Being able to create a uniform database will help keep things organized and will free up more time for business owners to do other things to help create a better brand.  You can also use a wide variety of affiliate marketing tools  to help you. How did it all begin?

Omnistar set the foundation in 2000 by providing web-based solutions to everyone from Fortune 500 and small businesses. Their staff works to make sure that they can accomplish the mission of the businesses they intend to help. Whether you have an idea of a strategy you want to implement or integrate OSI’s software with your eCommerce, OSI helps to make sure you’re able to transition your business into something bigger and mode organic in your target audience. This is great because you don’t have to hire an expensive IT or someone to look at your business, you have staff available. This is a perfect Wix affiliate software for your Wix online store.

2. Visitor Hook

You always need to hook someone in by simply letting them know what you have to offer. You’ll even send a popup box that reminds them to follow you on your social media page. You can add and display different product images inside a slideshow popup. Additionally, you have the capability to customize text, colors, images, and even links for better organization.

If you need to get on board with everything, there’s a solid 24/7 team to help you. Also, you’ll see the designs and messages kick into help with your SEO. People will stay on the site much longer, which means more clicks and possibly buying from their end. This is a good first start in order to create better marketing for your brand. Use this to your advantage to promote a better moving website.

3. Conversion PopUp

This is another good way to help you make better conversions. The focus is in getting more subscribers. These pop ups will get people to slow down and take more notice to your brand. You’ll be able to create special messages in order to track viewers. Whether they enter your site or leave the site, you’ll have a chance to appeal to them and hopefully get their email address.

Within this realm, you can start testing to see if you’ve developed a good call-to-action for anyone who decides to visit your site. You can set your pop ups based on frequency, who visited your site, and even for a mobile audience. This certainly tells you at the start who the new people are, so you can segment your market more efficiently. This is a great gem to help you save time and energy to keep your core business afloat. As a result, you can build something long-lasting.

4. Lumifish Info Bar

The info bar is a unique way to get your message to stick on a page. It’s always great to have a template or a good popup that stands out from your original text. It’s captivating and most of all, it helps any visitor stop and take a look at what you have to offer at the moment. Another thing about the info bar is that it resembles an ad like Adsense or a banner. It can be placed at the bottom of the page or top in a way that’s not invasive to your visitor’s experience on your site.

You can choose over 10 different sticky bars that fits the way your site looks and feels. If you want to be a bit elusive or track different metrics, you can always hide the bar or remove it. Not to mention, you can schedule ahead of time how it appears on the site. Let’s say you’re going for a particular sale during the winter. By adjusting certain things, you’ll be able to better plan ahead of how you can do your marketing. This saves a lot of time and energy to make your promotion campaign run better.

5. Social Media Stream

If you’re trying to get your social media game on point, this is certainly a thing you need for your site. You could be on several different media pages, but it makes it hard to keep up. You want to place your updates or your handles in a way that’s visible to the audience you intend to target. By doing that, it’s a lot easier for them to see your day-to-day updates. Whether they have a desktop or a mobile device, they can conveniently see what’s going on with your brand in real time.

If you have a main post or saying to get out, you’ll be able to update once per day. If you want to convey a few different messages, it’s fine to update 2-3 times daily. Just be clear to post on schedule where people are more attentive. Additionally, you’ll have the right hashtags available to get more traction to your social media pages. This is great way to create more engagement via your social networks. Ultimately, the dialogue between you and your clientele will prove most beneficial for growing a great online brand.

6. Birthday Club

This is absolutely perfect for connecting you and your audience. Not enough time is shown to truly appreciate your customer base. People are more prone to go for the freebie or discount. You’ll be able to easily embed your widget and start getting into your message. Regardless of a birthday, you can build customer loyalty by providing a unique link code to give an incentive to first time users. It’s a nice way to show that you care about the customers.

Additionally, having information on the customer’s birthday and knowing what they like is valuable. Maybe there was a product they like and you have something slightly different but with a new twist. Not only will sending a thank you message give your customer a great feeling, but a discount code or a freebie helps to keep them loyal. This personal courtesy goes a long way. Think of how this goes into stamping your business down as a great one. You’ll be able to entice your customers into signing up or buying something.

7. Impressive Text Slider

A great way to add color and spice to your marketing. Whether you have a plain looking or exciting page, the animation in this app will certainly give you an edge as far as promotion is concerned. If you have the type of site that has a lot of text, it might be a good idea to break some of it up by implementing this particular program. You’ll be able to add animation to your text, which makes things a lot more interesting to your visitors. It’ll help keep them glued to your site.

You can add a 3D touch, which adds more character to your page. If you like to keep things organized, you can set up the amount of slides needed to make things happen.  Also, you’ll be able to write different captions in case you have other things to say to your client base. This helps to increase their attentiveness and will decrease your bounce rate. All the while, you’ll have an audience that continues to grow and interacts with the different forms of content you have available. This is the type of following you need for your brand.

8. Testimonial Builder

A good brand is nothing without testimonials. These really help you bring legitimacy to your business. A lot of times people will not even try your business until they see a truck load of positive reviews. They want to make sure they’re not wasting any time or resources before getting a preliminary look into what you have to offer. This app allows people to see customer reviews in Google and other places. By being more SEO friendly, the reviews will be seen on a worldwide scale. This kind of exposure is essential to building a great brand.

From this point on, you can work on improving your site due to any feedback you receive. It’s important that you can improve your business and weigh the good and bad from it. This will help you continuously grow and it’ll keep a level of authenticity to your brand, because people will see what visitors truly think of your site. You have the advantage of capturing links from WhatsApp, Facebook, and other avenues to see how you can improve on your weaknesses and get the most out of your strengths. Remember, you have a choice of video or text testimonials to draw in great traffic.

9. 123VideoAds

There’s nothing that screams great advertising like a good video. This is a lot better than text, because you can do anything you want sonically and visually. You’ll be able to add some dimensions to your content and give people more entertainment. Viral videos are still popular these days as the sound, movement, message, and visuals all play an important part in catching someone’s attention. You might not be an expert in creating videos or be able to afford someone to do any creation or editing, but you have this tool in your pocket to help you get your feet wet.

With just a few minutes of your time, you can turn some of your text into great video content. You can create HD videos with good captions to help people understand your visuals better. Also, you have a lot of free stock images to put together a slideshow with music. This is great for your presentation, especially if you want to cater to specific budget. You can easily embed these posts to your page for more visual attention. Transfer the video over to YouTube so that you can help build your traffic and touch a different demographic.

10. Safe Contact Form

Having a safe and secure method of allowing people to contact you and leave feedback is very important. Not only will this help to keep your site integrity, but you’ll get more helpful feedback just due to people trusting you more. This is a more direct and private approach. Additionally, if they want to be more anonymous, this is a comfortable way to get things done. It’s faster and more convenient than a typical contact form. This kind of reliability makes it easiest to monitor. Also, you’ll be able to improve upon your services a lot better.

If there is common question that’s asked, you can implement the auto response feature. This is perfect for letting you save some time in responding. Additionally, you can save your feedback to allow you to reference it in case you need it in the future. This is very important to help cross check things and to ensure you did your job satisfactorily.

These are 10 different apps that will help you get well on your way to starting a great Wix store. As a result, you will build a more successful store for the long term. Are there any apps you use to market your Wix store? Drop a note below.

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