Best BigCommerce Abandonment Apps

Cart abandonment is something very common and it occurs when the customers add items to their online shopping cart but the customers exit without completing their checkout. This has become a major issue since 2015 and this happens for a lot of reasons. Most of the reasons for shopping cart abandonment could be tackled by optimizing your customers shopping and checkout experience. There are also a lot of apps that come with different tools that can help you recover your abandoned carts.

1. CartStack

A lot of online shoppers don’t get the chance to make it to their shopping cart for different reasons. Some even have to leave and not get to complete their purchase. Good thing there’s CartStack to give the online sellers the power they need to recapture the 30% of the sales that they lost online with emails that are more focused on conversions. Cartstack allows you to see if their software matches you business by offering a 30 day free trial that comes with a custom designed branded emails. With this software you could also recover more than $1000 within the free trial and you also have the option to use CartStack for free until you actually recover $1000.


65 to 75 percent of shopping carts are abandoned right before the customers check out. This means that around 20o to 300 dollars of sales is abandoned for every hundred dollars of sales you complete. This is quite disturbing because the opportunities didn’t make it to the finish line. allows you to customize and schedule as much as 3 emails that you could send to your customers who left their cart behind. This could remind them and boost the value of your store.

3. Copilot:bot

For merchants, one of the top priorities should be reducing the cart abandonments. This happens when a visitor adds items into their cart and leave without completing the purchase. 65 to 70 percent of online customers abandon their cart, and it’s important to make this an important part of customer service. This app helps you win back your lost sales. Setting this up is also easy, it help you get shoppers to checkout completely by sending them reminders through Facebook at different intervals when they leave without checking out completely. This also offer different benefits for your store as well as getting your products and business in front of a lot of people, by acquiring customers as you turn the conversations into conversions, and it also provides an excellent customer experience.

4. Remarkety

This app is one of the leading ecommerce platforms related to addressing the behavior of shoppers and the history of purchases. There are thousands of users on Remarkety who use it to send intelligent messages to their customers who want to reduce shopping cart abandonment. But, this platform has other features too that would help you increase your sales. This also helps in growing your customer lifetime value by retaining your customers. Some of the features of Remarkety allows you to segment your customers with recommendation of products based on their personality on your store, give personalized coupons, it also help you re-engage your customers who aren’t active anymore, capture the emails of your visitors to help build your email list, create a program for rewards and a lot more.

5. Mailbot

Mailbot makes sure to take care of your email marketing with the help of efficient features for automation. With this app you can plan, draft, and then schedule drip campaigns as well as newsletters for weekly release. It also allows you to create your very own segments that has multi-leveled conditions so you can target any customers on your store who are single. Some examples for these are loyal customers, customers who cart abandon, customers who view products but dont buy. Lastly, this app will help you create campaigns that are pre-built, recover your abandoned carts, bring back the revenues that are lost, build customer relationship that lasts long, retain the customers you have through personalized emails, and a whole lot more. This app is filled with features that would help your store grow.

 6. Springbot

Springbot allows small to medium sized retailers to understand and take advantage of marketing data. As Springbot delivers analytics and marketing automation in a single dynamic platform, the need for separate tools becomes eliminated. This makes the task more overwhelming, this also makes tracking and running a multi-channel marketing campaign more simple. This app has more unique features compared to others because it offers marketing recommendations that are data-driven to give you more confidence to make decisions that are based on insights.  

7. Conversio

Conversio does a really great job in sending better and smarter emails to grow your brand as well as increase sales. This is trusted by more than 20 thousand entrepreneurs and businesses online from all over the world. This app combines the powerful email marketing with content tools that are user generated in order to engage customers into building trust on brand.  This will allow you to send emails and abandonment emails that are more personalized, smarter, and more engaging. Conversio has every tool you would need to send emails that are smarter at the best time to do it. The features would help you re-engage, capture, recover, convert, and repeat it all with another customer. This will help you get your customer to trust you.

8. SmartrMail

SmartrMail offers a very good upgrade on where you should send as much as 3 follow up emails when your customer abandons their shopping cart. The best features is the mix and match of these offers. You could also include discount offers in your follow up emails and even mix and match offers. You could also use that feature to figure out which offer works best. This app only focuses on ecommerce and it connects your online store with the perfect integrations to send out more targeted and relevant emails. This means that when you use Shopify or Bigcommerce, you should skip the others and got with this app.

9. Marketing Cloud Connector

This app together with Bigcommerce enhances your CRM and e-commerce platform with the concept of service first approach. This also integrates and enables you to sync the categories, the customers and orders, as well as the products from Bigcommerce to this app so you can run your email campaign easily. If you also want to send order details in the email campaign from a receipt you could also use this feature. You can also easily export the abandoned carts details to the marketing cloud data extension and reach out to your abandoned carts and increase the probability of conversions by getting the abandoned cart details through integration, this would allow simple sync and you can approach your customers with the right email campaign.

10. Revamp CRM

Revamp CRM is an eCommerce and Sales CRM that comes with a powerful automated email marketing as well as a segmentation. It has an award winning CRM that won 2016’s expert choice award and the best free trial and user experience awards. This app includes a lot of features such as automatic sync of all customers, products, and category orders from BigCommerce, a view of all the orders under the related customers, segment customers based on their shopping behavior, and the ability to see the total order count, AOV, and value. This has more than 40 filters you could use to segment your customers in a few minutes such as from the behavior of your customers, the order history, the notes and files, to assign tasks to your team members or to leave them unassigned.

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