How to Make a BigCommerce Email List Go Viral


One of the key things to building a successful ecommerce brand is knowing how to get your list together. You’ll be able to promote your products more efficiently, talk directly to your customers, and build a stable relationship with your old/new prospects. Omnistar makes it easy for you to integrate the software with Bigcommerce.

We also have a shopify affiliate app to help you grow our business. They have a good popup that you can actually integrate with your Bigcommerce store in no time flat. Here’s a step by step guide to creating your email popup.

Step 1: Sign Up for a BigCommerce Store 

Whether you are signing up for a free trial or a full on store, it’s very easy to setup your account. Begin by going to Start Your Free Trial at the bottom left

You’ll be taken to a screen where you put the name of your store as you begin the free trial. (Note: if you already have a store in progress, you can just login to the account here. 

Put all the information in the boxes and go to Create Your Store to begin.

Once you have this set up and logged in, you can begin to implement your pop-up code on the Omnistar site. 

Step 2: Create Your Pop-Up Message

Start by going to your Admin page from the Omnistar Tell site. Then go to setup software and click on the option that says Create/Edit a Pop-Up For My Site.

Here you can start the process of developing the pop-up right within the site. You’ll be taken to a page where you can manage your pop-ups. Click the Add Pop Up button. 

You’ll be taken to a section where you can send them to the Thank You Page Template or Direct Them to this URL. 

You can select a template or direct them to a URL. Go to Create a New One and it’ll take you to a page where you can it all up. Here we’ve had some slider reward templates set up and you can actually create a pop up from this page. 

Go to the Create Popup section and begin to edit what you want to put for your popup on the site. 

Here’s what it looks like from the start. You can alter all of the details on the left. We will show you what happens. At the Optin Box, you can choose one with just text or you can pick the Optin Box 2 option to include an image. 

When you begin your campaign, it’s a good thing to test both the text and the one with a picture to see which converts the best. Always keep your eye open for what has the better conversion rate to help ensure long term success. You can pick how you want your popup displayed.

For some people, they want an exit intent. You can choose when the next time you want it displayed, background colors, and more. Additionally, if you know how people generally respond to your stuff or stay on for a certain period of time, there’s an option to show the popup after a person goes through your store for a bit.

This is a great way to see whether there’s a general interest in your page. 

You have options with how you display the text from the background color and the text color, which can all be changed on the left cursor of the popup template. 

After you’re done with editing your text and putting the right background together, you can save the information and click on the option that says Get Code at the bottom.You’ll be taken to a screen where you can manage your popups. Click the button on the right titled Get Website Code.

The page should look like the picture below and you’ll be able to directly copy the code so you can implement it on your storefront. 

Step 3: Implementing the Code on BigCommerce

Once you have the code copied, simply go to your Bigcommerce account and find the option on the left hand side that says Store Setup. Scroll the setup and click on Design. 

Click the option that says Edit HTML/CSS and you’ll be taken to a place where you’re able to actually implement the code at the default.html screen. 

Save the code. Head back to your BigCommerce dashboard and in the options on the right. Scroll down to Review & Test My Store. Click Review Your Store.

You’ll be taken to a default theme you created and here’s an example of what it looks like with the popup you implemented. The popup should show up shortly after you land on the page:

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