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Black Friday Cyber Monday Check List

As a retailer, you pretty sure know how Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both important chances for you to boost your sales before the year ends. And these days are also the times when you have to make sure that you’re on top of the competition. With the technology that we have today, competition for eCommerce retailers is being more and more aggressive to become on top. You’d see the aggressiveness more on sites that don’t have brick and mortar shops to help them let passersby know about their products. But at the same time, nowadays, more and more people prefer hunting the best deals from the safety of their homes than braving the crowd. So what should you make sure you have covered before Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrive? 

Where do you start?

Plan them early

When it comes to these type of events, it’s not just you who’s excited. Your customers and future customers could possibly be more excited than you, the least you know they’ve been hunting deals even before you start planning. But have you done anything to make sure they find you? Have you even started planning already? All of these things you have to prepare for before Black Friday and Cyber Monday could be overwhelming, but if you start planning ahead of time, you could take tiny steps in making things work perfectly for you. You can start by deciding which products should be cleared out, the events you’ll be hosting, and definitely the gimmicks you’ll be doing to promote your brand on a busy Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Organizing your sales should also be part of your planning. It’s important to know exactly how much you have in your store all the time. You can use a spreadsheet format to make sure you get to identify the products you want to put on a sale, and how much discount you could give. You can click here to know how to manage inventory in excel. When you get to organize your sales, you benefit from avoiding wrong prices, and it helps you keep order especially on a very busy day. And on these days, the last thing you’d want to do is make your customer disappointed because you sold out of her orders and telling her last minute.

Backup plans

Whether it’s your first time preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday or not, you want to make sure you’re ready even if problems arise. You can start by making sure your website is ready for heavy traffic, the least you’d want is your site down on this special time to get those sales, aside from that imagine how frustrated your customers would be? This might cause a decrease in conversion and affect you long term so you have to make sure your site can handle the surge in traffic. And when you get unlucky and your site goes down, do you know what to do? Do you have proper backups ready? Now, how about shipping problems? It’s not just you who's going to get busy, they sure will too, so do you have plan B ready? Starting to worry? Don’t, because these are not to give your fears but to let you know what you should have planned out ahead of time, and what you should consider having ready in case things don't go your way.

Here’s a web stress tool to test your store's server load capacity. But if you’re using, Shopify is actually accustomed to having stores with high traffic so it’s unlikely for a problem to arise, but who knows? Still better safe than sorry.

Tease your customers?

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Upload sneak-peeks of what’s to come on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, but make sure to keep them thrilled and buzzed to know more about your event. As you do this start noting what your customers are interested in, the earlier you do this the more insights you could get and the more pleased and excited your customers would be on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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This is the time to make use of ads more than ever because this is when your customers would actually be looking for them even before you post it. As I’ve told you earlier plan it early, you can post early sneak-peeks to keep your customers excited. Your ads would be the eye catcher in your store, the more they see it, the more they get excited. Word of mouth would also be encouraged because of ads, this way when they tell their relatives the moment they see your ad, you gain a prospect customer.

Retarget old traffic and customers.

Have you set up a retargeting pixel on your store? Well, that’s good because Black Friday and Cyber Monday would be a good time to make use of it. a good thing about targeting old traffic is that you get to remind your previous customers about your wonderful store. Yes, people could get busy and forget your store existed, so this will be the best time to remind them and excite them with your sale. It’s good to target your old traffic because they have tried you already, and they’re already familiar with your store.

Begin pitching to blogs and gift guides.

Getting a sponsor or partnership agreement could take days or even weeks. It takes, time, effort and loads of exchange in conversations, especially if you just started in the industry. But sometimes, last-minute partnership or sponsorships happen too. But getting things set up early is so much better than cramming and doing last minute touch-ups. There are also sites that talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and some even have gift guides posted on their blogs, it’s a good idea to contact them to get featured and advertise some of your sales. 

Don’t forget Email marketing campaigns.

Last year sales for eCommerce stores was huge, now Custora’s data shows that 27% of those were successfully driven from email marketing. eCommerce store owners should have knowledge in email marketing or have someone help them do it, especially when there are holidays coming up. An awesome email campaign would drive your customers back to your website on time for your event. Make sure that you schedule your Emails at the right time, and make sure that you have it scheduled so they really won’t forget. You can start by announcing a sneak-peek of your event, then your Black Friday Cyber Monday sale, then send out the last reminder before you end your event, you can also attract them by doing an exclusive sale for your subscribers.

The star of your sale

Make sure that you have something in your sale that would drive people to your website and actually purchase. You have to make sure that you have a gimmick that would drive your customers crazy. You can keep promoting that and lead your customers to wait for it and even tell their friends about it.

Loyalty rewards

Aside from Black Friday Cyber Monday is the time to rebuild relationships with your previous buyers, it’s also the time to thank your loyal customers. Send customers and loyal customers the chance to access your sale earlier than the rest or give them the best deals that they won’t be able to resist.

Build in scarcity where possible.

Words are very powerful, and especially on holidays, shoppers are searching for last-second deals. So put that in use, people think that when it’s a holiday, selling out could happen quick. With the power of words, you can use “limited time left” “few stocks left” “until supplies last” into your website because it will attract your customers to it.

Make sure you always have the friendly tone

This is the time when you’ll be getting a lot of queries from your customers and potential customers, your line would definitely be busy on holidays and customer service is very important in a business. Make sure you can give your customers a quick response time, and make sure to keep your cool and always show respect even to those who aren’t respectful. Now in order to respond as quickly as possible, you can prepare a few answers in Gmail and use them when needed.  This is the time to make your customers remember good things about you, so make sure you give a beautiful impact.

Set up Google Analytics.

Google Analytics play a big role in eCommerce, they really help in many ways than you know, so make sure you make use of it. There are a lot of guides on how to use GA depending on your needs so go on and Google it now. 

Is it all done when Black Friday Cyber Monday ends? 

Of course not! Go on and build a relationship with your shoppers and turn them into loyal customers from one-time shoppers.  Make sure that you keep your customers excited and engaged throughout the years. Stay as active as you can on social media, bring in gimmicks that can increase your traffic and sales, go on and retarget those who didn’t sign up or get a subscription, maybe they were just in a rush they forgot? Since you have a retargeting pixel all set up, those shoppers who just tried your shop can end up being the customers you’d be advertising to all year round.


The best way to succeed as an eCommerce store is to be on top of it all. Making sure that you have everything in control no matter what happens, make things push through no matter what. Especially on busy days, a lot of things can happen, most are usually out of our hands, but if you have set up the time to think of ways to be able to run your business no matter what, there will be a way to push through with your plans. By now, you know all the basic things you have to know to survive Black Friday Cyber Monday, so go on and start making your sale better than ever before.

3 Response to "Black Friday Cyber Monday Check List"

  1. Comment From Jill Frankel

    If you do not have analytics in place to see how your promotion is doing, there is no sense in having it. That should be item #1.

  2. Comment From George Luka

    If you start your email campaign weeks before the big day, that is a great way to drum up excitement and traffic to your site.

  3. Comment From Helen Neilan

    To keep your momentum after the big day having a loyalty program works great. That can encourage people to come back for future purchases.

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