The Top Black Friday and Cyber Monday SaaS Software Deals of 2019

This year Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to be bigger than ever. With all these deals, out their, it’s hard to find out who has the best deals. Well if you are looking for ecommerce SAAS software, we have got you covered. Check out this list of some of the best deals that we have come across below and see which ones would be best for your business.

Omnistar Affiliate Software

Looking to start the new year off by getting your customers and affiliates / influencers to promote your brand? Well, look no further. Omnistar Affiliate software is the perfect platform for setting up and managing your own affiliate program. With this powerful software you can empower your affiliates to promote your brand through social media, email or from their own websites?

Take advantage of this awesome Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal and get a 20% lifetime discount on any plan.


Harmonizely is a CalDAV-powered scheduling tool which provides a reliable, very simple to use and fast solution to schedule meetings with your customers.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal:

50% off your first monthly or annual Pro plan subscription. 

Use coupon: BLACKFRIDAY19 at the checkout. Valid until Dec 6, 2019.


Get VYPER pro for $499 one-time (10k leads / month) with an optional $299 upgrade for double limits (20k leads / month).

  • Run viral giveaways & contests
  • Create referral, reward, and loyalty programs
  • Track up to $10k in revenue every month with VYPER
  • Gain up to 10k leads / month
  • Connect directly to Shopify

PLUS: Get the Brand Building Blueprint ($499 value) for FREE with your purchase. This 5+ hour course will show you how to use referral marketing & giveaways to 10x your brand.

$5,000 value, get it for only $499! (90% off)

AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale for 2019.

The deal: Get this premium Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for only $47/year ($20 off) for a Blogger plan or only $97/year ($100 off) for a Premium plan! This is the ONLY sale we will run all year where you get to keep the discounted sale price for your yearly renewal rate. Sale valid November 29th thru December 2nd, 2019. No coupon code required.

Content Snare

Using email to collect files and documents from clients wastes time and kills profitability. Content Snare is a client portal where your clients can upload everything in one place to avoid email and messy shared drives. Even better, it automatically reminds them until they complete everything you need.  

Code: BF19

Discount: 20% off any plan

Valid till: 2 December

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO software suite for businesses of all sizes that hope to establish and maintain a strong online presence. Expand your semantic core, track real-time keyword rankings, spy on competitors, audit your website, find and monitor backlinks, and do so much more with SE Ranking.

This Black Friday, you can lock in now at the lowest price of the year (30% OFF) and get a chance to 2X your subscription for free! Just use the BLACKFRIDAY2019 coupon code at checkout and 3 lucky winners will be randomly selected! The offer ends on December 2 at midnight EST.


Rethink connects with all of the apps you use so you can find, organize, and store all of your files in one place.  

Whether a file is sent in an email or slack, stored in Dropbox or Google Drive, or used in another app like Trello or Docusign, you can find it on Rethink. 


Rethink is offering 20GB free for everyone with the code:



Omnisend is a marketing automation platform for ecommerce, that brings several channels into your automation workflows at once. With more channels at your disposal, you’ll have even more opportunities to earn revenue and build a better relationship with your customers. Omnisend doesn’t stop stop there: from contact capture forms, to smart segmentation for precise targeting, this platform has it all. 

And until Dec 2nd, you can get 30% off any Omnisend annual plan using the code YEARLYXBFCM.


Encharge is a marketing automation tool for SaaS companies to increase conversions, retention, and revenue. Encharge brings in customer data from your marketing apps and sends automated messages to the right people. With deep native integrations with HubSpot, Intercom, Segment, Facebook Ads and other tools, you can create super personalized customer experiences and convert more.

50% off all Annual Plans

Get 50% off for the first year with any Annual plan. No code needed. Valid through the 30th of November.

8 Response to "The Top Black Friday and Cyber Monday SaaS Software Deals of 2019"

  1. Comment From Roger Taylor

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to be a pivotal time to create more income in the 4th quarter of the year. I try to find ways to increase my sales and visibility to a wider audience.

  2. Comment From Donna Flores

    I found that having an affiliate program worked wonders in order to increase my visibility during this time period. Omnistar Affiliate helped me gain not only a better marketing strategy, but sent me on a pathway to create more year-round sales.

  3. Comment From Jen Austin

    I wanted to increase the level of participation in my program for the holiday season. Creating a contest helped me get my products outside of my target zone, and I found a new audience.

  4. Comment From Ford Wilkerson

    Content Snare helped me big-time when it came to organizing everything during the hectic Black Friday period. When I needed a rollout of content, it sent me reminders to keep things in good working order.

  5. Comment From Doreen Tanner

    I wanted to track certain keywords before the holiday season to make my Black Friday have a bigger impact. Through implementing some semantics from SE Ranking, I could target things better for my product line.

  6. Comment From Thomas Rockwell

    I think having a plan of action for Black Friday could help your business transcend to another level before the new year. It can be a great lead to help you also prosper in the first quarter of the next year.

  7. Comment From Kevin Franks

    For any business person, it’s important to have an incredible holiday sale season. Why? This can be the bulk of your sales and help tide you over into the first quarter of the new season.

  8. Comment From Joan Black

    The extra sales gained from the Black Friday season can help me not only see the future of my brand, but find a new audience. I take extra care to promote my business in an orderly fashion around this time period.

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