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If you want to grow your business, it’s important to understand what your competition does while also making sure that you keep track of all the other brands in the industry too. Every minor detail matters, and that’s why it can be a very good idea to tackle and adapt the business world in ways that really matter for you. Here you have a great set of tools that will help push things to the next level. And they will assist in no time.

1. Semrush

SEMrush is amazing because it can be used to acquire new keywords, not to mention it enables you to drive more traffic and sales naturally without a major hassle. It’s the value and convenience that really matters here, and with help from this tool you really get to push things to the next level and new heights. It’s a complete tool for marketing experts and it has SEO, paid traffic, social media and content features too.

2. Ahrefs

Since you want to know more about your competitors, Ahrefs can help you a lot. It allows you to figure out where the competition acquires all of its traffic and you will find it easier to generate more leads and customers the right way without a ton of effort. Convenience is key here, and you do have an amazing dashboard and great tools designed specifically for studying the competition. It really works and you will enjoy it all the same, just make sure that you start using it today. You will have a quick trial to check it out.

App Annie is mostly focused on mobile performance, but it works amazingly well and the great thing is that you can always make it work for you and adapt it at your own pace. App Annie is very impressive since it has a plethora of competitor comparisons and other cool tools that really make a difference for this type of situation. Check it out today and you will enjoy it quite a bit just because it’s the ultimate competitive intelligence tool for mobile users.

4. Syfu

SpyFu shows you exactly what your competitors are doing and you can learn from them and improve on their approach if you can. What you will, like about it is that you can boost the website traffic, you can make better connections and you can also track the keywords that your competitors are using. The more info you have, the better the results will be. And in this case SpyFu certainly delivers one of the better and more rewarding services out there.

5. Alexa

Alexa has been around for a very long time. They help you track your competitors, see what they are doing and then you can adapt and adjust based on the entire process. Nothing is more important than bringing in good value and support, and with the help from Alexa you really get to do that. They also have comprehensive dashboard features focused specifically on competitive intelligence, so you can access all the features you are interested in within a single and great package.

This tool makes it easy for you to identify the current information you have in your analytics and use it to ensure that you harness the power of social media in a great manner. Adaptability is key when it comes to learning more about social media and how to use it, and this tool certainly helps you with that. It just makes things better and more convenient while also bringing in the right assistance and support that you may need.

Intutel has competition insights, decisions analytics, cross-channel monitoring and all the features you need to make your business grow and evolve. Being able to learn more about competitors will indeed pay off, and it will offer you a more comprehensive approach. It’s a great tool because you get all the info within the dashboard and you can pick the desired channel, then move onward and learn more about it all the time. It’s comprehensive as it is professional, and the tool certainly deliver the experience and outcome you need in no time.

Being able to see who mentions your brand and whether it’s good or bad really pays off a lot. The idea here is that you will need to use such a tool in order to identify how people talk about you, and then you can adapt your marketing and business approach to the matter at hand. It’s actually a very good and comprehensive process that will bring in front some impressive results especially if you are willing to tackle this adequately and with a correct style and manner.

Stillio is a bit different because it allows you to manage your brand, track SEO ranks and competitors, monitor the website compliance and also verify your content in a meaningful way. The tool can be fully customized and optimized to suit your needs and it’s certainly going to be worth it. All this wealth of information will make your experience enjoyable and you are bound to find a great set of toolkits and features that you can adapt to your needs here.

10. Notify

Notify’s powerful system is designed to just make it easy for you to figure out where your brand is mentioned and how favorable or not those mentions really are. The idea with Notify is that this tool helps you identify your social exposure. And it even makes it easy to eliminate issues and challenges, all while making sure that you reach amazing results and a great experience no matter what. As a tool, this is very helpful, comprehensive and full of info. It really is something you want to reuse again and again, and you will have many situations where you want to use it.

Mining company data is never easy, in fact it can be very time-consuming and challenging. And that’s why Marketing Miner takes all the challenge in its hand while offering you a pretty impressive set of solutions that you can enjoy using all the time. You can acquire data for web audits, you can analyze the competition and you will also be able to save time as you figure out what works and what doesn’t within your business. It really is an astonishing tool you want to use today.

It’s extremely hard to figure out who is mentioning your business and how does that happen actually. But with Mediatoolkit you have all the access you need and all the necessary resources at your disposal. Google can only do so much, with Mediatoolkit you really have all the access and features you need and you can enjoy it and have fun with the process all the time. This really is a monumental tool and one that you will want to reuse and enjoy all the time. It’s distinctive, different and if you do want to access more company info and mentions it can really get the job done super fast with amazing results.

Conductor’s main focus is to help you optimize and create content that helps customers solve problems and find solutions. You can use this tool to acquire insights from the customers and also figure out what your competition is doing at this time. You can even track keywords and then you can handle the market share on device, result types and so on. Conductor also enables you to optimize content and measure performance adequately with great statistics and tools right at your fingertips without any problem. All in all, it’s the perfect tool for competitive intelligence and it comes with great prices.

Mobile Action is, as the name suggests, a tool focused on optimizing your app and also learning from how other people are working on their apps. Similar apps are super important here and you really have to find a very creative, unique and distinctive system that works for you all the time. You will notice that you have comprehensive information and a stellar dashboard with tons of helpful info for you to use. If you are looking for professional and reliable insights, then Mobile Action really helps and you should totally check it out.

15. Klear

Klear also has a very distinctive approach to marketing. In this case you will have the ability to find influencer, analyze their approach, you can also manage them and monitor how your campaigns are doing at this time. This really helps a lot because you get to focus on value and quality and you will be more than impressed with how fast you can grow your business. It’s a really good system and one that you will want to use and enjoy again and again. Try it out today and you are bound to appreciate the value and quality brought to the table by this tool.

Thanks to Sensor Tower you finally have the unique opportunity to identify the best ways to increase your app’s exposure and generating more leads/downloads will be a whole lot easier. The platform is all about app intelligence, it delivers a resounding attention to detail and it certainly offers the true quality and consistency that you need without any issues. It’s reliable, it works great and it’s adaptable to the system as you see fit. Plus, the best thing is that you can track your competitors too, see how they rank and then you can improve on their process to make things easier and more consistent for your business approach.

17. Klue

Klue is one of the best competitive intelligence tools that you can find in the entire online world. What makes it great is the fact that it was fully focused on bringing you competitor information, as well as all the content needed to help your business improve. All the info is very accurate, reliable and it delivers all the info and stuff you need while also making it easy to devise strategies that will eventually boost sales performance the right way. It’s consistent and comprehensive, and you should totally give it a shot just because it’s so amazing and unique in the first place.

AppTweak is focused mostly on mobile apps. It’s an ASO tool designed to bring you comprehensive insights and data that you need in order to fully grow your business and take it to the next level all the time. You will also find it really easy to boost the organic app downloads and app visibility a lot faster. The prices are quite affordable and the tool is designed to offer you a comprehensive set of tools whenever you see fit. You do need to test it out, as it works great and you will enjoy using it quite a bit in the long run.

19. Phizzle

Phizzle has a whole lot of great competitive intelligence solutions that really work for any type of business. You get to use identity resolution, SMS marketing, social data visualization, data aggregation and many other tools that you can enjoy all the same. It works great, it certainly delivers all the stuff you need and it’s also super easy to adjust and adapt to the process at your own pace. All you have to do is to give this great tool a try and you will enjoy it a lot.

Contify has a plethora of market intelligence solutions. The focus is to track industry trends, competitors, customers and so on in a very simple and easy to use manner. All the content is extremely easy to access and you have dashboards as well as reports that are super easy to read at your own pace. It might take a little bit of time to achieve the results you expect, but you will not have to worry about anything here. The enterprise solutions provided by Contify are reliable, comprehensive and also some of the best in the world at this time!

If you need a great competitive intelligence tool, any of these 20 tools will do the trick. You can use only one or more of these amazing tools right away, and you will be very happy with the customizability and numerous features presented here. Check it out today and you will not be disappointed with the results! If you need to learn how to increase online sales fast, we have an article for that too.

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