The Importance of Concreteness in Marketing

Concreteness and specificity are one of the best things to remember when it comes to proper advertising. You’ll definitely good results if you properly advertise your product or services through concrete and straightforward information.

The thing about concreteness is that it makes people think that you’re very much capable of doing anything that leads to success. From your delivery to your content, we will make sure that you will have what it takes to build an advertisement that will carry your purest intentions to the public.

Examples of Concrete Marketing Advertisements:

Make a Solid Statement!

You have to incorporate two things to make this happen, first is Fixed Quantity, and the other one is Fixed Time. Always make sure that whenever you’re going to release a certain statement or advertisement to the public, always be ready to make a solid one. Be truthful to your words and statements, be concrete with your words and make an equivalent result with your actions.

  • One of the good examples in Fixed Quantity is the 100 Push-ups Program Advertisement. It’s a promising one since the ad is already giving you a hint of what you can achieve physically through a 100 daily Push-up grind.
  • While in Fixed Time, another good example is P90X’s solid statement, and that is “Transform your body in just 90 days”, which is definitely something that can definitely inspire you to work hard.
  • Also, here’s an ad from One Month – “Elevate your Career in just One Month.” Another perfect example that showcases the power of time stamping in an advertisement.
  • Another one is from 5-hour energy, with the motto “Made for Hardworking People.” It’s an energy boost drink that helps people get through the day with a 5-hour extreme energy boost.

Have Concrete Taglines!

Taglines are special for you can use it as a short yet creative description for your company. In terms of advertisement, it’s very helpful to have taglines for it helps your customers to remember your company easily. 

  • One of the best examples of concrete taglines that are made by big companies nowadays has gathered a lot of success throughout the decade, and one of which is the tagline from Apple, and that is to “Think Different”, a famous 2-liner that comes from a famous company.
  • To give you a more modern example for our category, take Simply Raw’s tagline, which is “Premium Organic Raw Superfood with a Focus on Quality, Flavour, and Nutrition.
    The tagline really suits the company well, because if we think about raw foods, the first thing that comes into our mind is organic and untainted foods that are free from chemical additives. Notice the choice of words in the tagline, it’s super concrete and it’s totally straightforward.
  • Another one is from Sugru, the tagline is “Mouldable Glue that Turns into Rubber.” It’s another great tagline because it redirects to the product’s efficiency and usage. It’s a pretty solid tagline too, as it shows the public of the capability of their product to do things that most of the competing products can’t.
  • How about this one, Knock – “Unlocking your iPhone by simply knocking.” It’s a very witty app that will help you unlock your phone just by knocking. It’s super convenient and it will definitely help you carry on with your phone tasks with ease. The point is, an ad tagline as straightforward as used in this application, people will definitely recognize your app without hesitation, and achieve something by acquiring tactile feedback, which is also really convenient.
  • Here comes another one, and this time, it comes from Oxygen Plus“Recreational Portable Canned Oxygen.” It’s definitely one of the most unusual products that have ever been sold on the market but still gets enough recognition because of its catchy and solid tagline.
  • Ever want to get fit in times where you feel that you’re getting fatter? Well, here’s a perfectly good example of an advertisement that will definitely catch you off-guard. Introducing, the Fit2Fat2Fit – “A man’s journey from being fit to being fat and then getting fit again.”
    As simple as this tagline can be, it’s still very pleasing to hear knowing that it faces the reality of everyday fitness, which can also be targeted to people who undergo daily diet.
  • Now, let’s talk about Kitchen Safe’s tagline, The Time Locking Container”, which is a perfect tagline for a kitchen food container. It’s simple, straightforward, and it will definitely capture the attention of viewers in an instant.
  • Here’s Bullet Journal’s tagline, “A journal system that organizes your stuff using bullets, etc.”, which is very pleasing and very effective too.
  • Ostrich Pillow – “The Revolutionary Power-Napping Device.” It’s simple, effective yet the power that the tagline has will certainly make a statement. This type of tagline is perfect for avid pillow enthusiasts. If you’re in a pillow business company, you should check this tagline out and maybe create your own with this idea.

  • Now let’s talk about The Undress, with its tagline, “Your Personal Portable Changing Room”, it’s a tagline that you should keep in mind since the company is using the daily necessity of people into their own advertisement. 
  • Aside from that, we’ll talk about LIFX’s tagline, “A color-changing light bulb that turns on by itself.” It’s a superbly catchy tagline that fits with the company really well. It’s a lightbulb that can be controlled with your smartphone, which is very convenient and smart at the same time. Your best audience for this tagline would be people who are interested in accessories techy for your phone.
  • The last one is Quad Lock’s tagline, which is “The Ultimate Smartphone Mount.” Another accessory for athletes and cyclists. It’s one of the best taglines to use out there if you’re aiming for athletic viewers. It’s straightforward, precise, and it really holds the point of being a successful ad tagline.

Basic Principles in Designing Effective Advertising Slogans

Concreteness in Marketing

1. Broaden your horizons

Brand strategy is when you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product, before making a slogan or tagline for it. Once you have the idea or enough information, and once you’re ready to create a tagline for the product, it’s best to broaden your horizons and be fully creative, while still making sense. This strategy will definitely help you capture your targeted audience, as well as people who are mutually interested in the same niche as your product.

2. Each company tagline is a tool for positioning a brand

So, it should be positioned in a brand carefully and clearly. Besides, there a lot of different methods for positioning a brand, which is mostly recognized according to the brand or company’s characteristics or benefits. A brand requires having an unclouded positioning in the market place which is really important, and the brand’s slogan should heavily accentuate the brand’s points of strength.

3. Yoke the Brand with Slogan

The degree of incorrect slogans’ recalling is a matter of important concern. Aside from this, it’s also important to know that the advertising slogan should prioritize in giving importance to the brand itself. Every brand manager or company holder should definitely give importance to the brand by simply making their advertisements very meaningful and precise to its purpose.

4. Repeat the Advertising Slogan

Despite the majority of advertising and its effects on the brand or company’s growth, it’s still really important to repeat the advertising slogan in your future projects. Why? Simply because it’s important to keep up the slogan that your customer’s used to love, while your company is still growing. 

The truth is, Concrete Ideas are easier to remember!


It’s true, concrete ideas are really easy to visualize and recall. It’s very realistic because we do this every time. People are generally better at remembering something that they only heard a few times, but has that super catchy feel to it. A concrete tagline is very different from taglines with abstract context. It’s better to have a short and simple tagline that has a strong and solid context rather than having a catchy tagline but has a very bad choice of wording.

It’s really easier to recall phrases that show an extreme value of importance, which is why we should definitely highlight our advertisements with concreteness in order to have many customers to root for your business or company.

By always ensuring that your idea can always be described by your actions, then making concrete statements can definitely help you out in carrying your tasks and services well. Always be clear with your choice of words, and always be creative. 

Never limit yourself, and explore more ways of creating solid and quality content within your advertisements. Be the marketer that you always strived to become by simply following these important steps every time.

8 Response to "The Importance of Concreteness in Marketing"

  1. Comment From Nate Ramos

    Being straightforward is one of the best things you can do as a marketer. You’ll take time to ensure that people know exactly what you’re talking about.

  2. Comment From Martha DiMarco

    I think the clearer you are about your intention, the more people can relate. Make a clear goal that people can get, such as “lose x amount of pounds in 30 days.”

  3. Comment From Evan Raymond

    I think the tag lines are equally important. It’s not enough to just have a logo, have a tagline that introduces your product and describes in a definitive manner.

  4. Comment From Francesca Folk

    A catchy slogan still works well with advertising. Not only is it catchy, but the message stays in your head and adds a more human quality to the business.

  5. Comment From Sue Timmons

    When you’re trying to position your brand to a higher degree, make sure the tagline suits the main theme of your brand. That great complement between business and content can inspire longevity.

  6. Comment From Dennis Rhodes

    One of the things you should do is identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once done that, it’ll be a lot easier to come up with a good description for your brand.

  7. Comment From Derrick Robinson

    Consistency is key. If a certain slogan garnered success, don’t change it. Make sure that people grow to love your catchy line so that it becomes timeless.

  8. Comment From Marshall Richards

    I found that a short and simple catchphrase made it easier to identify my brand. It also helped to create a hashtag for social media purposes.

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