Content Marketing Examples for Affiliate Marketers that Will Blow your Mind

Most organizations are making content marketing a top priority for their business. The majority of those organizations (60%) are planning on increasing their budgets. Content marketing is delivering information that is educational, informative and at times entertaining to your customers with the objective of driving profitable action from them.

Here are a few examples of some mind blowing Content Marketing examples:

The Conflict Kitchen’s Food wrappers

Company: Conflict Kitchen

A take-out restaurant in Pittsburg that serves food from countries that the U.S is in conflict with. The restaurant changes its theme depending on the chosen conflict. They serve their food in wrappers that contain educational information about the conflict. They even change the signage and the menu to match the theme.

Here is an example of the food wrapper×590.jpg

“City One” Simulation

Company: IBM

“City One” is a business simulation game created by IBM. Players are required to solve problems in four key areas, namely banking, energy, water and retail. IBM used a Sim City style simulation to create scenarios that offer players an opportunity to understand real world implications of business decision making.

You can play along here:

“The Message is a Messenger” Infographic

Company: Eloqua and JESS3

This Infographic shows how media transitioned from traditional to new media. It captures the continually growing list of personal brands, the new media figureheads that make up the marketing conversation.

See the Infographic here:

Nike Better World Microsite

Company: Nike

Nike created an attention grabbing “Better World” video 100% recycled advertising for their microsite. The content is presented in a story-board style that tells all the goodness of Nike brand. The information is delivered in a unusual scrolling format.

Visit the Nike microsite here:

LEGO Club Magazine

Company: LEGO

The LEGO Club Magazine is customized for its subscribers. It is customized by local markets and age. LEGO used a fun and portable format for kids of any age to receive content that is targeted and relevant to them.  LEGO Club, which is one of the world’s most popular children’s member clubs, added more cartoon stories of the LEGO bricks in action in order to improve its magazine product. They also improved the integration of customer photos.

You can see the LEGO Club Magazine here:

Youtique- French Connection’s YouTube Channel

Company: French Connection

This is every woman’s dream. Youtique is a snack-sized personal shopping video that is based on occasion. French Connection created a YouTube channel that answers women’s burning question of what to wear. It is a combination of Youtube mini video format and the Home Shopping Network.

Browse the Youtique here:

The Future of Mobility Video Series

Company: BMW

BMW produce a four-film documentary about the future of mobility. Leading academics, pioneers and entrepreneurs were called on by BMW to share the insights of the past, present and future of technology, cities and automobile. Breaking up the documentary into a four easy-to-digest format allows viewers to stay engaged and interested in the documentary.

You can watch the documentary here:

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