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ConvertFox Review – Pros and Cons for Marketing Automation Software

Convertfox is advertised as an all-in-one tool and as of this posting it has email marketing, chat, and marketing automation. In their near roadmap they also have knowledge base and chatbots planned.

Getting on board with ConvertFox

Getting on board with this system wasn’t hard at all, all you had to do was go through a short sign up process which includes filling up the domain name and project name.

  1. Type in the name of your project and domain. When you click on create, you will then be redirected to step # 2.
  2. Manually install the Java Script code.

These two steps are very easy and won’t even take two minutes. When you get to your dashboard, you would see the navigation which is neatly arranged on the left side of your screen.

A lot of other people shared that they had to click twice on the items from the menu so the action would be performed, but as of writing this, it only needs one click for the action to be performed. Their interface also responds at a good pace but not really fast.

Let’s get started with setting up

ConvertFox has a setup guide to make sure that you have set everything in place before even starting your marketing automation journey. The setup guide button could be found on the bottom part of the navigate menu.

Start by clicking on the setup guide, the icon that looks like a book.

When you click on it, this screen would appear:

This time let’s go through each step, one by one.

Install ConvertFox on Your Website

By this time, you must make sure that you have already installed the JavaScript code in your website. If you haven’t yet, then make sure to do it now. Because if you don’t the next steps won’t work for you.

1- Make sure that you already have a ConvertFox account

2- Make sure to create your project

3- Install the ConvertFox JavaScript code on your website/product

Here’s the JavaScript code snippet you’d need to paste on website code:

4- Replace the “PROJECT_ID” with your own project ID.

After all of this, you’d be able to create segments which are based on interests or actions, deliver as well as create relevant email campaigns, you could then also talk to live users and trigger proactive messages.

Customize LiveChat appearance

You can setup the background color for your chat window and also setup pre-filled greetings here.

Create your first chat prompt

When you’ve set up your live chat you can set up messages that could be triggered by reactions of your users. They are useful to start conversations and prompt your visitors to take specific actions. But let me show you how to trigger a chat prompt on ConvertFox to make you understand it more.

Setting up a chat prompt is easy and won’t take much time.

  1. Click on the “Chat Prompts” bottom in the setting page, under the messenger.
  2. Create a relevant, friendly, and at the same time engaging, but still with a conversational tome message to encourage your visitors to take the action you want them to.  
  1. Pick when the chat should pop out and choose the right conditions that would trigger the prompt.     
  1. When you’re done, click on save and ConvertFox would trigger it automatically based on whatever conditions you have set.    

Invite Teammates

Here you have the ability to add your teammates or your agents, but remember the amount of members you could add depends on the limit of the plan you have.

To add a teammate, just go to settings and under general select on team. Then on the text box you could add their email and choose the permission you want them to have and then click on invite.

Import Your Existing Subscribers/ Users

When you are transferring from a different marketing provider to ConvertFox, importing you subscribers in CSV format is possible. You can find how to do it in the help docs. When importing, double check that the top row in your CSV file is on lower case, and the names in your top row shouldn’t have any spaces. When it comes to the dates, make sure that they are in unix timestamp format.

Identify your logged-in users and send custom properties

This feature allows you to track your users that are logged in. This feature is really great for membership website owners to know what paying members are doing when they are within their site. This is another way to target visitors, do you remember when Amazon did this? It goes something like this “You viewed this earlier…you might also be interested in…”.

Define a critical event with Event Visualizer

This feature allows you to define events that are happening like scroll depth, pages that were viewed, button clicks, and others.

When you reach this part, you have finally setup your ConvertFox with a basic setup, this would now start collecting data from people who visits your store.

Let’s explore the items under your navigation menu


This is where you would see all your site visitors as well as the subscribers that you’ve imported.

On “People”, you’d also see data that would be helpful when you decide to use segments for users.


Well, it works just the way you think it should. It shows you a thread of conversations from today and the past ones.

Agent View

This one is for your agents. With ConvertFox, they have features that saves the replies and notes. So when there are frequently asked questions they could use their saved replies or notes to quickly answer. ConvertFox could make their chat more snappy, but none the less they do an excellent job in this. Aside from that, the agent could also check the whole history of the visitor when a user initiates a second chat. So from the interface of the user, they could see that it’s a new visitor or a returning one. This also is readily accessible on the right side of the screen so there’s no need to look for the saved replies.

Visitor View

There’s an email lead tool for when a customer has gone away and want to continue the chat when they get back. During a chat session, the visitors have the ability to upload files and use emojies.


This is where things get more interesting. This is when you get to have the marketing automation features that were once only available on tools that cost thousands of dollars. With convertFox, you can create Auto Messages, Campaigns, and even Broadcast Messages. And in addition, you can target your visitors based on the actions that they take. You can even add rules to segment users.

They have a very nice Email compose editor, where you can easily see the preview on the right side. The email sent from them looks amazing on the desktop and works responsively on the smartphone. They even have a “pre-header”. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a short summary of your email following the subject line.


Here you can create event based emails and behavior driven auto messages. So when a person landed on your sales page, you can send them an email. When a person clicked on the signup button, you could send them an email. When they didn’t buy from you, you could send them an email. You can send emails for several cases, the sky’s the limit . You could use this to get feedback, or even send onboarding messages.


Most of them have this but what make theirs stand out is you can re-send emails to those who weren’t able to open your first email. That’s a really good marketing strategy if you come to think of it.


Just like with others, this is where you can create a series of emails and deliver them on intervals to let your subscribers know more about you and for you to build a relationship with them.


This is when you have the ability to set an “IF this, THEN that” type of rules.

Left is where the triggers are, and the left is where the actions would be found.


Are you thinking about micro-automations where you can target all the button, every page, or every link found on your website? This is where you can do all of that.  


Well, most of what you would see here is self-explanatory since their interface is really easy. But they have one thing worth talking about, the messenger setting.

With other marketing automation tools and the like, you would have to hack together an if-then PHP script in the header. Now with ConvertFox, all you have to do is enter a relative URL and you’re good to go. But remember that the CF messenger would only be seen on the pages listed above and the path accepts regular expressions.


For a 10,000 subscriber plan, ConvertFox charges $149 per month, there are others that offer lower per month but lacks a lot of good features like the messenger. Mind you, intercom charges $563 per month and they’re a very good alternative.


This was a very interesting software to review because it was loaded with interesting features. The tool was made in good premises, that’s un-debatable. With ConvertFox, you get to access five tools and they are all integrated with each other, obviously. According to them, they are looking to get more integrated with others, so that’s one more thing to look forward to. Some cons that I have read from other recent reviews were fixed within a month, that’s a very fast action being taken by ConvertFox. 

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  1. Comment From Gill Ballad

    I have tried using convertfos and it’s pretty good. It has nice features that are modern too.

  2. Comment From Bert Larson

    The features of ConvertFox is superb. It has everything you would need.

  3. Comment From Angela Dane

    So that is how you set it up! Didn’t realize it was actually easy to do until now.

  4. Comment From Chris Pratt

    There navigation menu makes it really very easy to go from one place to another. It would be so great if every tool has a navigation tool similar to this.

  5. Comment From Arthur Cruz

    Really? That much amazing features? I guess this is worth the try then! I can’t wait until they widen their integration.

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