Best Cross Channel Marketing Automation Software

Cross channel marketing automation is used to engage with your prospects or customers across all digital platforms and devices. It is a modern marketer’s tactic used to transform ecommerce and marketing in general into a growth machine. With cross channel marketing automation, you can stir up interactions and automated feedback together with contents on your customers’ behavior. This makes your communications have better meaning and relevance.  

Here are some marketing automation platforms you need to know;

1. Marketo

They are the future of sales engagement, and the world’s leading engagement platform today for modern marketers. They build brands, drive revenue, and prove impact. With unmatched insights and accurate decisions from marketo you can connect marketing to impact like never before. Marketo has you covered from analytics to commerce and lead management, and managing end-to-end customer experiences with Adobe experience cloud. They provide account profiling so your target accounts are revealed in good time. They also offer consumer marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, revenue attribution, and customer base marketing on their platform. Marketo is more like a playbook for digital marketing success; it is one of the best software you can ever use.

2. Oracle

Oracle Eloqua equips marketers with standard campaign management and lead tools to help marketers interact with the right audience and at the right time in the buyer’s journey as well as providing insights and real-time reporting. With Oracle, you can intrigue audiences with accurately personalized campaigns across various channels including search, display, email, video, mobile, and web. Successful demand generation, lead management engagement, and email marketing rests on a modern platform and method that will align to buyer needs across all channels and phases of the buying process. Oracle is the platform which can help marketers and businesses alike to drive efficiency, and expose real-time insights to increase your ROI. They are quite different from other marketing automation platforms as they offer you a large network of over 500 partners that represents over 700 integrations. This empowers you to align existing enterprise apps to marketing automation for extension and scalability.

Professionals around the world trust SocialPilot to schedule social media posts, manage social media, improve engagement and analyze results at a very reasonable price. For professionals and small business, you can use socialpilot to post through mobile, web and browser extensions, and content suggestion that never let your queue empty is also possible. For agency and teams, collaboration with team members is made easy with in-built workflows from social pilot. You can also manage client profiles without even asking for social media credentials, and have access to white label PDF reports to share and present without any edits. For enterprises, social pilot offers posts and profiles configured to cater to all your clients need.

Sitecore XP enables you to brighten your visitors’ experience by composing personalized content for them or including them in an automation campaign to communicate better with them. With this software you get one connected platform to support all your marketing activities, and across all channels. You can easily orchestrate any digital marketing activity across any channel on this platform. They give you a 360 customer view and analytics to make sure you do not miss any important information. Combining content with commerce is the method sitecore uses to make sales grow.

WebEngage enables you craft personalized and contextual campaigns to engage your users through SMS, In-app Messages, Web Push, emails, push notifications and more. In addition. the effectiveness of products and campaigns metrics to have effective marketing strategies is one of the many things WebEngage does for you. Visual workflows that can be used to create cross channel campaigns which adapts to user behavior in real-time is made easy on this platform. They also help you create hyper-personalized campaigns by fetching real-time data from any source like your recommendation engine, your CRM system, catalog, etc.

Salesmanago is trusted by thousands of customers all over the world. It has a special customer intelligence that can explore your database with real 360 customer view. It also has simple personalized and interactive emails to reach your customers with the right content at the right time. Salesmanago also helps you convert anonymous traffic into well profile leads, and display popups and useful forms based on your customers’ interest. Engaging your contact whenever they are online, and staying on top with your message to be sure they will notice it is another feature available on salemanago. Marketing automation, omnichannel communication, behavioral profiling, customer value management, product recommendations, real-time data processing, analytics and optimization, and seamless integration are some perks that comes with Salesmanago.

7. Mailup

This is a scalable and simple solution to compose, send and automate marketing campaigns through Email, Messaging Apps and SMS. From the development of integration to strategic delivery and support, from the putting together of creative concepts to the optimization of results, they put their best people at your service to meet your needs. With their dedicated tools you can speed up teamwork and continuously keep track of feedback on any pre-submission issues, messages and campaign performance reports all in just a few clicks. You can shape your marketing stack by integrating MailUp with CRM, external database, ERP, ecommerce, business intelligence systems, CMS and much more.  

This platform guarantees transformation of your business as fast as possible. On their bot platform you can leverage the power of highly performing NLP technology capable of creating human-like AI in any language of your choosing. You can actually launch your bot in few hours through their efficient bot building process and a complete integration to the SAP software suite. Developers have created more than a hundred thousand bots on their collaborative platform, SAP Conversational truly deliver excellent service as they have been tested and trusted.

This app has been used by smart local businesses to discover their future deals and customers. Competitive market research is important for investors, and many local businesses do well to identify active investors as their best customer. Growing your business at a reasonable cost and as fast as possible is what propertyradar can do for you. They avail tools that one can use to shorten the gap between the search of new customers, and having very happy customers.

With their AI enabled online business management software you can automate all your business process. It is the smartest way to manage your business. Your small and medium scale businesses are properly managed at any stage from lead management to reporting of financials and marketing. Marketfox has an encrypted network to keep all your data secured and safe in the cloud. Your business metrics will certainly increase significantly with their AI enabled systems, as they always look for data patterns to step up your sales and production.  Marketfox has different modules that integrates together to automate your sales, leads, marketing and finance.

This is an integrated marketing platform that enables marketers, agencies and businesses alike to boost their marketing efforts through well-structured campaign, campaign recipes and attribution reporting while integrating with many other businesses, sales and marketing applications. With activedemand, tools like call tracking, appointment scheduling, email marketing, exit intent popups, dynamic website content, and auto responders are at your fingertips. In addition, dashboards & reports, drip campaigns, event marketing, call forensics, behavioral segmentation, multivariate testing, web forms and lead scoring are within your reach. Activedemand removes the guesswork when you want to send email campaigns. They give you more than average result on your campaigns.?

You can unify your customer data and simplify partner integrations with the enterprise class security and reliability that Mparticle provides. They are the most efficient and fastest way to keep your customer data in sync everywhere. mParticle engages different teams to execute their KPIs independently and simultaneously understand customers holistically. They provide you data that can turn your visitors into customers, and customers into advocates. You can connect with their experts to show you how to integrate and make use of customer data the correct way to give your business a boost.


With Owoxbi attribution you get the real value of your advertising campaigns. It also evaluates the probability that a customer moves to a certain stage of a sales pyramid. You can also evaluate your ads based on the full information about online and offline customer touch points. Tools that show your online marketing contribution to sales even in offline stores are available here on owoxbi. You can manage bids with accurate data about your advertising performance with the owoxbi software. OWOX is an official Google Cloud platform technology partner.

14. Near

From nears’ software you can get better returns on your marketing expenses by enticing audiences using various datasets and targeting them. This platform enables you to set up powerful integrated datasets by leveraging location data for a comprehensive idea of the consumer behavior. With this software, you gain more customers, and develop engaging products as well as building effective strategies through working with diverse datasets. Near also provides advanced intelligence and machine learning models, and their SaaS product provides diverse data from over one billion users which is actionable for you.

Dialoginsight offer state-of-the-art tools for your marketing campaigns. With their responsive templates and ready-to-use marketing automation scenarios you can easily create your own email marketing campaigns. Dialoginsight allows you to automatically trigger real-time personalized mails based on personas, behaviors or purchase history and other demographics. They can help you increase lead generation and customer loyalty. Dialoginsight software also offers advanced personalization, useful analytics, omnichannel strategy, and customer insight. Thousands of businesses around the world trust Dialoginsight, they deliver on their promises! 


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