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Disney’s Marketing Strategy

It’s very common for marketers in this industry to hear that one of the best key to branding is storytelling. They say, your brand would need a story so that your products would have emotion and meaning. Concept marketing always get into this conversation because it is one good way to make storytelling work. Some marketers go for it, but there are still some who won’t. But take a look at Disney, a brand that comes from years and years ago but is still as strong as ever. They are proof that if your brand has a compelling story, your revenue will increase. Disney works by telling stories, developing it, then sell them as products.

I’m pretty sure you have read about how Disney’s CEO Robert Iger decided to focus on its main movie franchises. They have different business groups, and each focus on different franchises. Like, Star Wars, Marvel, and even Frozen. These business groups are exerting effort into merchandising and other opportunities in order to maximize their revenue. They have a lot of things from merchandises, clothes, and theme parks.

4 Strategies Disney Use in Marketing

Deep Involvement

Believe it or not but the fact, is not every loyal Disney customer show up to the theme parks for the rides they offer. They don’t go for the procedure either. If you go around the theme parks minus the theme, there are far more amazing places nearby, some that costs cheaper. But their customers keep coming back. Why? They come back because in every Disney theme park, there’s always a lot more to see. Hello, don’t forget the motto of Disney, “The Happiest Place on Earth”, it’s not just about the rides, it’s a lot more than that. And that is how Disney works its magic, they make sure that there is always more things that you would notice to keep people always interested.

How can you apply this strategy?

I’m sure you want your customers to always come back, because that would be one of the best ways to make money. So make sure that you are providing more that you regularly would. Think about Disneyland, it’s so much more than just being harnessed into ride and moved around; your company must be more, it shouldn’t be basic. Let’s say your business is about wedding cakes. Make sure that your website isn’t the basic type, instead make it fun and exciting to choose the cake. Use an auto-responder that would keep your customers engaged in the flow of how their cakes would be created. Find more strategies to be exciting, be more than a wedding cake maker.

Tell a Story, Resonate, and Inspire

Disney isn’t just an effective storyteller because they’re an entertainment company; they are the most effective even in the modern era because they are so much more than that. Let’s use inside out as an example, this cartoon is so much more than you think. It teaches us how to accept emotions. As they were marketing the movie, they used memes to show different events and seasons. And these memes looked fun and entertaining at first, but the strategy is in it. They have created a brand that doesn’t scream promotions/advertisements. Most films by Disney is relevant to being a snowflake, special and unique one, and no matter how many people visit their theme parks each day, the Disney staffs still make sure their guests feel like unique snowflakes.

Their cast members randomly give children balloons and badges, the princesses would stop and greet all the little girls that are dressed like a princess while other visitors could “captain” Mark Twain Riverboat or Jungle Cruise. They have also grown known for being extra considerate to their guests with disabilities, whether it be autism or claustrophobia they try their best to make all of their guests feel special.

How can you apply this strategy?

This may seem obvious but in this world today, customer service has grown to be a rare occurrence. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try to call your internet provider, you’d understand what I mean. Customer service play a very important role in a business, in reality, it isn’t really that difficult to achieve but many seem to fail. And I swear, and Disney could back me up in this, when you have great customer service it will lead you to more loyal customers.

Using Your Theme All The Time

Disney without the theme? Well, there isn’t really anything special. You can find far more better rides from those around it. The theme is what makes the magic work, it isn’t just about putting a few cartoon animals on the gates of the rides. Disney’s theming is immersive, it’s complete in a classy yet cheesy way. Their fantasyland casts don’t wander through Frontierland in the wrong themed costumes. Scents for each rides are pumped out to make it more real, honey is for Winnie-the-Pooh, Brine is for Pirates of the Caribbean, even their parking lot is called the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, Pumba Parking, etc.

Even their actors autographs for characters are exactly themed, it’s a must for their actors to learn the signature of their character, the signature of Belle in Disneyland, should look identical to Belle’s signature in Disney Tokyo. Their cutlery and doorknobs are also the shape of Mickey’s head. Everything is themed in a way you feel like you’re in a whole different world the moment you get to Disney.

How can you apply this strategy?

Every business have their voice, and you have to make sure that your voice could be heard all throughout your business. Your typography, about page, and even your 404 messages should have your persona. When a person goes into your site they should feel your persona. Whatever your tone is, don’t switch it up, make sure it’s always consistent. Give your audiences more ways to get familiar with your persona and know it’s you the moment they read your content.

Making Things Nostalgic to Maintain Customer Loyalty and Win New Customers

Disney was founded in 1923, and since then they have been leaving emotional imprints on every person’s live they come across. They have harnessed this emotion as a technique in marketing and has mastered that they can use nostalgia when they revive the old classics. As they revived The Jungle Book, they grossed as much as 900 Million Dollars last 2016. And when they remade beauty and the Beast, it featured the same story, the same songs, and made it as similar as it could be it established a strong nostalgia between parents and encouraged them to bring their kids to watch it with them.

How can you apply this strategy?

Today, it’s basically in with the old. Choker Necklace, Harry Potter, the games we play, the food we eat, and even the clothes we wear would bring us back in those old times. Tapping into memories could be a very good marketing strategy, and that makes nostalgia-centric campaigns very effective for millenials or even those who aren’t.


Over the years, Disney has learned more and more strategies that could be used in order to become more better. It wouldn’t hurt to learn from companies that has made it through time and years of experience. 

6 Response to "Disney’s Marketing Strategy"

  1. Comment From Jorge Rodriguez

    Disney has been growing more and more over the years, I agree that their marketing strategy is good. If it wasn’t then they wouldn’t be making billions today.

  2. Comment From Ivan Graham

    Yes, you should definitely put in effort to make sure that the theme of your brand is consistent. It should be present everywhere you are. It shouldn’t be a one time thing.

  3. Comment From Jonas Rivera

    Yes nostalgia is a smart and good way to get more people interested. Whether young or old, both could relate to it. It could be a good memory, or something parents would want their kids to experience.

  4. Comment From Mansi Desai

    Consistency is very important for any type of business. It’s important to make your customers know that it’s you in the way you write your content too.

  5. Comment From Gerry Tanner

    Disney is also the epitome of evolution. They are one good company to watch as they evolve from movies, to merchandises and more! Every business should aim to be more and provide more.

  6. Comment From Hera Lopez

    Your brand should not just be different, it should also have meaning, a story to tell to keep more people interested. It should also grow and not be stuck in being one thing, I better get started with trying the strategies of Disney, maybe one day I’ll be as successful as they are.

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