Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a very effective marketing strategy, especially when your services and products are good. Affiliate marketing uses word of mouth which is a very effective marketing strategy to influence a buyer’s decision. Members of the affiliate program would be getting incentives for every successful sale they contribute to your company. Motivation and word of mouth is what makes this marketing strategy very effective. A lot of people might get intimidated with affiliate marketing because some think it’s costly, but the truth is, it’s one of the most cost-effective and low priced strategy. It’s also low risk because the only time you would be paying your affiliates is when they have given your company a successful sale.

Why should you use affiliate marketing?

There are so many reasons to use affiliate marketing such as it’s priced lower than other marketing strategies, you only pay when you are already given results, it increases your website traffic, you don’t have to employ a lot of staffs, the whole system is under your control, there are more chances for customers to find your products, it makes your website rank higher, and a whole lot more. The bottom line is there are a lot of reasons why you should be using affiliate marketing but the best reason to use it is the fact that at a low price it gives you better results than other strategies and there are a lot of software available to make managing and creating it easy and automated (but we will get to that later).

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The answer to this is a big YES. Affiliate marketing works because most of the time your affiliates are your customers and when recommendations come from people who actually use the products it becomes more trustworthy. Aside from that, when recommendations come from your family or friends you are more likely to listen and let them influence your buying decisions. Essentially, with affiliate marketing, you are also paying people to promote your products for you, and when this is done correctly it would allow you to scale your business massively.

How to set up an affiliate program?

Pick the right technology- every business have different needs, so make sure that you choose a program that would be able to cater to your business needs.  Every software has different capabilities, some could only cater to small businesses, some to large businesses but there are some like OSI Affiliate Software who can cater to both startups and large companies. When it comes to choosing a software to help you out, make sure to choose wisely.

Let people notice you- the internet is filled with millions of people and products from all over the world. You have to make sure that you stand out. This is the most difficult part of affiliate marketing, to be noticed by people and to bring traffic to your businesses website. One way to achieve this is by making sure your affiliates have great resources.

Ask your affiliates for feedbacks- every affiliate program will have to learn from their mistakes at the beginning, nobody starts perfectly. Communicating with your affiliates on a regular basis doesn’t just build rapport it also gives you important insights which you could use to make your affiliate campaign better.

Experiment with your affiliate campaign and improve- every affiliate program has their own formula, what worked for others may or may not work for you. At first it would be trial and error, so it’s important to talk to your affiliates and listen to what they think because they are the ones who would be using it. There are different ways to reward, different discounts, formats, ads, promotional strategies, as you experiment with them make sure to listen to your affiliates and improve until you find what works best for your business.

Why is OSI Affiliate software the best site to set up an affiliate software?

OSI Affiliate software is built for affiliate marketing. This software aims to make affiliate marketing easier for everyone in the program. There are a lot of perks when you use OSI Affiliate Software, but the largest is that they provide the resources any business would need (large or small, newbie or expert) without having to pay too much. They offer different plans such as a $27/ month plan. Their program is the basic affiliate marketing but with a lot of features that many affiliate software doesn’t offer. They offer different automations to make your job in managing and paying out easier and you can automate recurring tasks. Their software has gained popularity because of its rich features and ease of use. They even have shopping cart integration covered to make sure you won’t have to worry about that anymore. There are also other affiliate programs like Squarespace Affiliate Program, but OSI Affiliate program still remains to be my top choice because of their years of service and achievements.

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