How To Download and Save Youtube Videos

Youtube is a popular website for a reason. Not only does it provide endless entertainment. It can also give its audience access to engaging, visual content. However, there is a limit to what it can provide - You need to be connected to the Internet. In those days when you just don’t have the means to connect, you’ll want your favorite videos saved into your devices. For that, you’ll need a strategy on how to download and save Youtube videos.

Don’t let the fun of watching online videos stop when the Internet drops. By saving your favorite videos, you’ll have access to them every time you need them. Also, you’ll still have access to them in case the video creator decided to take it down. Plus, you get to watch them from start to finish without the buffering of intermittent data connections.

Is This Legal?

Before you go into the download of videos, you need to first consider if it is legal.

Downloading is highly discouraged by Youtube. In fact, they explicitly express in their Terms of Service that downloading a video from their site is not allowed unless you see a ‘download’ button. This means that you cannot use the video for commercial use without a written content from Youtube.

Well, it is not if it is for personal use. This means that while you can recommend the video to your family and friends, you will not claim that it is yours and you will not use it to sell anything. Similarly, you should not display it in a commercial establishment. But if you are only downloading a video just so you can view it anytime. That’s okay.

Now, there are different ways on how you can download a Youtube video. All of that will be covered in this article.

Downloading Videos Through Youtube Premium

One way of downloading that is highly encouraged by Youtube is the use of Youtube Premium. Using a premium account, you can save videos directly from the Youtube platform for offline viewing.

However, it is important to note that this service is not free. Youtube Premium (previously called Youtube Red) has a monthly subscription. But this subscription allows you to not only download the videos but also watch them ad-free with background playback. You can also choose the best quality that fits your device.  And that’s not all. You will also have access to Youtube Music with the service.

How long can you watch videos with Youtube premium? Unfortunately, all downloaded videos are only viewable while your subscription is active in 30 days. After that, you will need to subscribe again. 

The best part about using Youtube Premium is it is 100% legal. It is a service provided by Youtube itself so you cannot be sued for any copy of video in your device. It is $11.99 a month. It may not seem a big deal but it can add up to around $120 per year. That’s a high price to pay for something that can be freely accessed by everyone.  

Also, there’s a catch. You cannot download the video files. You can only watch them offline using the Youtube app. This means that you cannot transfer video files into your computer and other devices. Also, you will need to refresh your downloads for they will be deleted in 30 days.

Now if you are looking for another way to save or download Youtube videos to your computer, I got you covered. Here are other ways to download and save Youtube videos without Youtube Premium.

Download Videos for Offline Viewing

The Youtube app is powerful. It allows you to download videos easily with a click of the Download button. You don’t even have to be premium to do this. You’ll notice that there is a download button on some videos on Youtube and you can use this.

STEP 1: Download the Youtube App

To do this, you will need the Youtube App. Download one in your mobile device.

STEP 2: Search for the Video Your Like to Download

Then, you can use the search feature in Youtube to find your favorite videos.

NOTE: Not all videos will have the Download button activated. You can only download videos in where this is turned on.

STEP 3: Click on Download

From here, downloading is easy. Just download and wait for it to finish.

STEP 4: Look for Your Saved Videos

You can now view the videos any time in your Saved Videos library.

Using a Youtube Downloader for PC (Windows and Mac)

Downloading Videos Using VLC

One of the quickest ways to download a Youtube video is to have a VLC Media Player workaround. VLC is a popular media player online. This is because it is able to play various video formats without corrupting it. Unlike its competitors that often find some problems in video compression, VLC is able to play any media file with ease granted that the file is not corrupted.

Here is a quick way to download a Youtube video using VLC Media Player.

STEP 1: Download VLC, or another open-source media player

First, download VLC Media Player from the Videolan Website. There is a different version for Windows and Mac OS. For that, you can click on the down arrow and choose the version that is most compatible with your device.

STEP 2: Open VLC and click "Media"

You can find this in the top left corner of the VLC Media Player window.

STEP 3: Open URL through the Network Stream

Click ‘Open Network Stream’ and paste your Youtube URL.

STEP 4: Look for the Original Location of the Video

Once the video loads, look for their media or codec information.

For Mac, you’ll need to select "Window" and then choose "Media Information". For Windows, you can choose ‘Tools’ and then ‘Codec Information’

You can see the original location in the ‘Location’ bar below.

STEP 6: Save the File from the Browser

Once you have the original URL. You can now paste that into the browser. From here, you can right click on the video or go to ‘Save As’ in your browser’s menu and save the video file into your system.

NOTE: The process is the same for Windows and Mac and it is a surefire way to download the video without using other external softwares.

Using a Youtube Downloader for Mac

If you are more comfortable downloading videos using a software, you may want to use Downie. This is an application for downloading videos that is exclusive to Mac OS. It is effective but you have to pay a small fee in order to download and use it.

Downloading Videos Using Downie

STEP 1: Drag the Video to the Downie Interface and Download All

Downloading videos in Downie is easy. You can simply drag and drop your favorite videos in the Downie interface and Downie will download them all for you. The best part is that you can have all the videos downloading all at the same time.

NOTE: Downie is so easy that you can use it in one step. Plus, it can save you the trouble of dragging and dropping videos into the interface if you choose to use its search feature. In here, all you have to do is search for your desired videos in the Downie interface and download them all from there.

Using an online Youtube video downloader

An easier way to download videos is to use an online Youtube downloader. This will not require the download and installation of software in your computer. Instead, you can download videos by simply copying and pasting the URL of your desired videos to the website.

Downloading Videos Using Online Video Converter

STEP 1: Copy the URL of the Video You Like to Download

Once you are in Online Video Converter, choose ‘Convert a Video Link’. This will allow you to paste the Youtube URL of your target video. Once you do that, all you need to do is to wait for the website to do its magic and convert the URL into a video you can download.

STEP 2: Download

There will be a download button that will allow you to do this. From here, the website will ask you if you want to convert another video.

NOTE: Online Video Converter can also record screencasts and convert video files into other formats. It is quite useful if you want to convert videos into MP3s and others.

Downloading a Youtube video in your Android phone

Downloading a Youtube video in your Android phone will require an app. You cannot use the softwares that you used to download videos using PC. You will need an app that is compatible with your device and download your Youtube video there.

Downloading Youtube Videos to Android Using Tubemate

One of the recommended apps for downloading videos is Tubemate. This is one of highest ranked apps for downloading videos into your Android phone. You can find the app in Google Play Store.

STEP 1: Open the app and visit the video-sharing site

Once you have the app. All you need to do is visit Youtube through a mobile browser.

STEP 2: Pick your Video

Once you have selected the video that you like to download, the app will ask you about the quality of the video. Select the one that you want and proceed with the download.

STEP 3: Download the Video

From here, everything is easy. You can now download the video to your Android phone.

NOTE: You can also use the Youtube app instead of the mobile browser. Simply share your desired videos to Tubemate and you will be able to download it.

Downloading a Youtube video in your iOS phone

You may also want to know how to download videos into your iOS phone or device. It is not as complicated as that of Android. You can do it straight from the app.

Downloading Videos Straight from Youtube

STEP 1: Add the Download Youtube Shortcut

You will need to install a Download Youtube shortcut into your device. This cannot be found in the Gallery and you have to create this yourself. Here is the link on how to create one from Reddit.

STEP 2: Save Videos

Once you have it, it is time to access it through the Youtube App. This is because the shortcut will only be activated once you are already watching a video. To do this, simply click the share button below and look for Shortcuts. If you cannot find it, you will have to click More. Just be sure that it is activated. Then, you can choose the Download Youtube Shortcut.

From here, it will get the original URL of the video. It is similar to that of VLC only that you are doing it within your iOS device instead of your PC. From here, all you need to do is to save it to your Photo Album.

STEP 3: View Your Videos

Viewing your videos is easy. You can view it in the same way that you can view your Photos. You can see them in your Camera Roll.

What is the Best Youtube Downloader?

So what should you choose? Well, that will depend on you. It depends on the device that you want to use and how you want to store your videos. It is all about finding the process that works well for you.

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