21 Best eCommerce Facebook Groups To Join


1. Ecommerce Marketing Mastermind

The Ecommerce Marketing Mastermind group is an excellent group if you are looking to take your marketing knowledge to the next level.  This group shares the top marketing secrets and will let you know what is takes to be successful and take your store to the next level.  The Ecommerce Marketing Mastermind is one of the largest Facebook Marketing groups out there that can really rush you to the next level.

2. My Silent Team

Consisting of more than 39K members, this group called My Silent Team is one of the greatest when it comes to signing up for new courses and learning various tips and techniques from different successful, creative and talented business owners. This Facebook group was inaugurated by the famous author and successful podcaster Jim Cockrum. Jim’s aim was to create a platform that would help in connecting entrepreneurs to their respective areas. He has pretty much succeeded in his mission as this group is growing day by day. People post about the latest items in the market and communicate with their consumers in a more professional way.     

3. A Better Lemonade Stand

If you are looking to join a huge and successful Facebook group that will help you in connecting with the leading industrialists in the market then A Better Lemonade Stand is definitely the right option for you. Taking from SEO to CRM, this group is definitely the right one for you if you are passionate in the field of e-Commerce and feel like doing something about it. There are many discussions that go on in this group such as on the topics of CRM, analytics, content, SEO, SEM digital marketing, AdWords, suppliers, Shopify platform tips as well as product sourcing.

4. King Pinning

Welcome to the closed group of over 31k members known as King Pinning. The aim of creating this group was to form a platform that would connect like-minded entrepreneurs together in a friendlier environment. The fact that makes this group special and wanted amongst the rest is that they only accept members who are authentic and do so selectively. This means that at King Pinning you don’t have to worry about getting spammed. You can openly breathe in this accepting group sharing your ideas with other entrepreneurs. King Pinning is currently among one of the best Facebook groups that helps in collecting entrepreneurs in one place.

5. Ultimate Blog Challenge

If you are a beginner at blogging and don’t know what to do with your life, then this group known as the Ultimate Blog Challenge is the right place for you. We are often stuck in a situation where blogging seems like a great challenge and having someone to help us with a few things seems like a good idea. This group is specifically focused on helping these young bloggers so that they can achieve their blogging dreams in the best way possible. You can ask numerous blog-related questions on this group as well as share your unique content with other bloggers.  

6. Digital Marketing Questions

If you are someone who is experienced in digital marketing then this group called Digital Marketing Questions is definitely the right place for you. If you are a master of digital marketing or looking for some tips that will help you in improving your digital marketing career which includes various things like analytics, SEO, PPC and social media then this group is ideal for asking questions. This is due to the fact that the network of this group is focused on the relevant content of the industry. As the name of the group suggests, you can ask many questions that are related to digital marketing.

7. Shopify e-Commerce Group

This group is designed specifically for those people who are running their online e-commerce stores on Shopify. If you are hunting for a Facebook group that will help you in making a connection with the e-commerce industry as well as getting the latest tips and all-around motivation then this group is the ideal source for you to get all that information. This is a great resource of the community that will solve most of your hiccups that are revolving around e-commerce. This group will always help you in getting real feedback from similar people like you so that you can be more successful.

8. Screw The Nine to Five Community

As the name suggests, this group is designed for you if you need a break out of your 9-5 life and actually do something useful with your life. This is a very welcoming community that consists of members who actually pay attention to what you have to say about your specific business or services. Screw The Nine to Five Community will help you in connecting with similar budding entrepreneurs who will leave great feedback on your work, provide full support and information on a wide variety of topics that are related to your business so that you can have a great shot at being successful.

9. Selling on Shopify

Consisting of 36k group members, Selling on Shopify is a public group where you can share success stories, case studies, store progress as well as many other things such as asking questions from people who are doing similar work as you, seeking advice, following, liking and commenting. If you are a business owner on Shopify then this group is definitely the right place for you to learn everything you need to know as well as get all the tips you need that will help you in blooming your business on Shopify. Success is guaranteed once you are an active member.

10. Shopify Strategy

This is another Shopify group that is focused on owners of Shopify stores. The focus of this group is mostly on Facebook selling and sales strategies that will help in taking your business to the next level of success. This group has over 38k members and active all the time, you can share your activity or work with the other competent members as well as share with them too. You can also give advice to other people in the group as everyone that is added here belongs to the community of Shopify users. This is why getting great knowledge is a must in this group.

11. The e-Commerce Group

Founded by John Lawson who was the CEO of ColderICE Media. He formed this group with an aim to connect members so that they can discuss social strategy, SEO, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), eBay, e-commerce e-Commerce best practices and Amazon. Consisting of around 6k members, this group consists of all successful merchants, vendors and e-Commerce experts. There are numerous platforms that focus on connecting entrepreneurs with potential clients and this group is no exception. With the number of people who are available for discussion in this group, there is just no room for any doubt. Once you join this group there is no turning back.

12. Copy Monk

If you are looking for a group that is focused on AdWords Campaigns, social ads or blogs then Copy Monk is definitely the right place for you. Consisting of e-commerce veterans who are available on Facebook and ready to teach you some tips and tricks that will help in increasing the rate of conversions, you will definitely be compelled to do better at making new content, offering tricks, tips and various new ideas that will help you in getting your ad copy perform effectively and as soon as possible. This group is made for people who need inspiration in getting things done.

13. Advanced WooCommerce

This group called Advanced WooCommerce was created to support the store owners who are looking for help in certain functionalities and features that will improve the performance of their WooCommerce stores. Designed for more experienced WP online store owners, this store is ideal for WP developers as well as WooCommerce enthusiasts so that they can share their unique ideas and knowledge with the other members of the group. This group is ideal if you are an experienced WooCommerce entrepreneur but looking for improvements in your career as well as your store. This group is active most of the time.

14. The Facebook Ads Group

Consisting of over 38k members, the Facebook Ads Group was created for online store owners who are looking for a platform that will help them in improving their art of Facebook advertising as a community. So if you are a new business owner or are just a beginner, then you are welcome to come and join the fun along with learning potential ideas with the top advertising platform of the century. This group is made for people who are starting out a business and need some tips in improving their business. This group is definitely recommended if you are interested in Ads.

15. Video Marketing Group

If you are a business owner who is looking for ways to improve the traffic of a website or business through video marketing then this Facebook group is definitely the one for you. Focusing mainly on production, ranking and marketing along with the best marketing tools with video marketing, then this is a great resource for the owners of e-commerce stores. Video marketing is considered great if you want to improve the traffic of your website through videos. Google promotes videos in a better way this is why most marketers are adopting this technique too.  

16. Shopify Entrepreneurs

Consisting of a heavy number of members of around 53k, this Facebook group called Shopify Entrepreneurs was mainly created for store managers, expert service providers as well as Shopify store owners. This group deals with designers, marketers and developers and gives them an atmosphere that will make their small problems easier to deal with. The diversity of this group is what makes it so special as it contains valuable advice, tips and motivation from potential e-commerce store owners. Shopify is the new talk of the town with so many opportunities for business but for a person who needs some help in dealing with certain things, this group is perfect.

17. Amazon FBA Competitive Edge

Started by Greg, his group is was started with the aim of creating a goal to inspire, inform and unite the Amazon FBA private-label community. Like every other group, this group also consists of a guideline to be followed. All the members respect these rules and only post when and how they are supposed to. This group encourages positivity and you can share your experiences, your products, services, feedback and many other things with other Amazon sellers who are just like you. This group is the perfect platform that connects all potential parties with their respective firms and consumers.

18. Perry and Kim’s FBA Corner

If you are an expert of a beginner with FBA, then this group is the right place for you. Consisting of around 1k members, this group holds value and respect for its members. You can freely share your experiences, advice, tips or tricks with the rest of your entrepreneur family and get the best feedback ever. The Facebook group game is strong for a long time and these entrepreneurs are not coming slowly either. Having room for beginners and experts alike, this group is aiming towards prosperity in the field of FBA so that each and every member is well updated.

19. Mercari, eBay and More Sellers Group

This is another group that is working its way on connecting sellers online so that they can also expand their selling market in the industry. If you are a seller from e-bay, Mercari, Amazon or more, then this group is ideal for you to ask questions as well as share your ideas and quality advice with other members who may be in the need for it. There is an actually the Mercari USA Sellers Group that has an aim of uniting sellers from different regions.

20. Poshmark Talk

Consisting of around 5k members, the Poshmark Talk Facebook group is a great place to share your ideas and advice for the respective personalities in the business niche. Although there are some strict rules to follow such as no spamming, spreading of hate speech, bullying and a lot more, there is no doubt that the environment of this group is kept clean and fixed on the topic rather than covering anything else that may not be as important as sharing the experiences of sellers.

21. Amazon FBA Mastery

Created by a young student known as Garret Rozell who is a regular kid, the Amazon FBA Mastery is the perfect group to brainstorm your ideas so that you will feel pleased that others can be in the same situations as you are. Garret achieved his dreams and now is working on helping others to fulfil their dreams as well by creating this group so that they can share their ideas and queries with all the right people in this community. Consisting of around 4k members, this group is ideal for you if you want to share your ideas and advice with similar people. 


There goes Facebook groups that are worth checking out, another thing you should definitely look into is a woocommerce affiliate plugin, it definitely help businesses grow. 

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