eCommerce Marketing Weekly Round-up #2: 25 Best Articles

A while back we shared our first eCommerce Marketing Weekly Round-up. Because you have enjoyed the suggestions we made, we decided to create a second round-up of articles that will prove useful for entrepreneurs, internet marketers, business owners and tech savvy individuals. We strongly believe that eCommerce Marketing has a lot to do with listening to what others have to say. Also, it is only by listening to thought-leaders in your industry, that you can pick-up vital skills that will propel your business online.

So without further ado, we give to you the best eCommerce Marketing and SEO articles of the week, in our Weekly round-up. Let’s see what the experts have prepared for us this time.

1. The Top 200 Content Marketing Brands and Influencers

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Michael Brennerknows exactly how important it is to receive validation and valuable insights from thought leaders in the industry. According to him, one of the biggest questions asked by buyers is ‘who is influential?’ Although every person has a select few influencers that he follows, there are a few globally renowned authoritative individuals that every marketer should follow.

In Michael’s article you will be able to see the 50 most influential content marketing influencers and content marketing brands. The interesting thing about this article is the facts that he organized the list with the help of mind-maps, in order to help readers better visualize the authority of each influencer.

2. 7 Ways to Find a Topical Market that Will Fuel Your Digital Commerce Business

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I have to start by saying that I have always been a huge fan of podcasts. Being able to sit back and listen to what experts have to say about a topic of interest is a lot more enjoyable than reading it. I’ve been listening to Robert and Brian for a while now, but they always surprise me with the unique topics that they tackle.

In this episode, they talk about what is needed to be ‘be the market’ that you are serving, how to achieve niche positioning, how to conduct good audience surveys, how to implement viable membership website strategies and many more. There is also a transcript for the episode, but if you have time, I strongly suggest listening to it on Rainmaker.

3. Why You’re Killing Your Agency’s Profit Margins (and How to Make it Stop)

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Running a business, coordinating sales and meeting sales goals can be extremely stressful, but this doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to meet financial goals. According to Karl Sakas, there are several major mistakes that many agencies do which result in bad profit margins. He says that, at the end of the year, it is the smaller decisions that greatly influence financial statements.

In this article you will be presented with 5 Mistakes that most agencies make on various projects and are eating away at their profit margins. Knowing them should help you make sensible decisions in the future.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Techniques: The Complete List

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This article will help every person in the online medium, regardless of their status and specialization. The biggest problem with learning online is the fact that most resources are scattered across the internet and it is difficult to find and organize them. Brian Dean, with the help of Devesh Khanal, has put together a comprehensive list of conversion rate optimization techniques. The great thing about this list is the fact that you can view specific techniques based on your individual conversion goals. At the beginning of the list you have the option to sort techniques according to the following criteria:

–          “I want techniques that help…” (List Building/ eCommerce/ Saas and Web apps)

–          “I want to optimize…”  (Copy/ Design/ Call-to-Action/ Pricing/ Funnels)

–          “Also show me CRO Best Practices…” (YES/NO)

Based on your query, you will be presented with the best resources for a desired CRO technique. This resource list is definitely worth a bookmark.

5. How to Create Conversational Content that Captivates your Community

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Whether you’re a food blogger, a business person, an entrepreneur or simply a stay-at-home mom with a talent for writing, content should be the most important aspect of your strategy. Have you ever wondered how many people are actually interested in what you are trying to say? We are not referring to internet users who simply skim through a text but fail to capture its essence. We are referring to readers who are interested in every detail of your article.

Andrew M. Warner takes an interesting approach on content creation: he tells us to forget about what we learned in school and concentrate on creating conversational content that will engage readers. Find out more about this in his article.

6. How to Judge The Value of Keywords for Your Business

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Keywords have always been important for search engine and content optimization. This statement remains true in 2014. The problem is that most professionals conduct keyword research at a superficial level. They think that arranging them with the Keyword planner is enough. Moosa Hemani, of Semrush, knows that keyword research represents a real challenge.

For this purpose he has created a comprehensive guide suited for beginners and professionals alike. In his article he tackles topics such as analyzing competitors’ keywords, testing PPC campaigns and making sense of Google analytics data. You should definitely check the article out.

7. 10 Things Master Salespeople do to Sweep Away Skepticism and Close Sales

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The goal of Every Ecommerce business is to attract prospects and drive sales. In order to generate conversion, a prospect must commit to a purchase. But how exactly can you convince a prospect to become a customers? The Canada Blog shares 10 essential principles that will increase chances of closing a sale.

They include laying on details, explaining reasons for a purchase, acknowledging objections, providing expert opinions, offering testimonials and many more. This is an extremely detailed guide that will help you understand more about the sales process. The article also has a very nice infographic to go along with it.

8. Top 7 Doubts that Clients Need to Answer to a Web Designer

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Ecommerce marketers should definitely consider hiring a web designer to help them with the construction of their website. The key to a successful website design is understanding what the audience wants and delivering the best solution in terms of usability and appearance.

According to Kirsty, from WebDesignXperts, the difference between an average and a successful designer is his ability to communicate with clients in order to provide good results. She suggests a list of 7 questions that will help a designer understand what exactly it is that the clients wants.

9. Helping Users Find Mobile-Friendly Pages

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For internet marketers, SEO specialists, bloggers and business owners, it is absolutely imperative that they read the latest news on the official Google Webmaster Central Blog. Google may not be creating the most comprehensive guides on the internet, but it shares vital information about search engine updates and strategies that will help you improve the performance of your website.

In its latest post, Google talks about the importance of mobile-friendly pages . According to their latest statement, the search engine will be adding a ‚mobile-friendly’ label to its mobile search results. You can find more details about the new update on their post.

10. 7 Hacks to Improve the Credibility, Reach and Stickiness of your Content

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Do you know how to create content that makes your audience gasp in amazement? Let’s face it, it is very difficult to create an article that manages to generate a lot of feedback. This doesn’t mean that your content isn’t good. Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile to ensure that it stands out.

Krystian Szastok, a long-time reader of TripleSEO, has shared with us some very practical advice that will help us create content with extra „oomph”. Strategies suggested include, but are not limited to lazy quotes, slightly less lazy quotes, telling a story etc.

11. How to Structure a Marketing Team of Any Size

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Many businesses are struggling to organize their teams in an efficient way. If you are a business owners, you probably already know how difficult it is to do this. In general, leaders want to know who to hire, how to hire them, and in what order this should be done. Mike Volpe, of Hubspot, offers a very clear picture on the correct process of how a team should be structured.

He mentions that there are three major categories of workers: those who attract (content writers, designers, social media managers, SEO experts), those who convert (experts for landing pages, conversion optimization, lead scoring etc.), and those who close (sales enablement marketers etc.). Are you having trouble organizing your team? This article should help!

12. Personalization

Personalization doesn’t always mean the ‚personal’. As Marketoonist proves, many companies are terribly failing at making their marketing plan personalized (examples: Pinterest and Starbucks). In this short, yet amusing illustrated article, Marketoonist discusses several negative marketing examples, mentions that no personalization is better than bad personalization, and ponders on the future of personalized marketing.

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13. 16 Reasons Why User Generated Content is King

Content marketing is without a doubt one of the most effective ways of increasing brand awareness and connecting to your audience. The basic concept of this practice is to rely on User Generate Content (UCG), as a basis for future strategies. But do you know just how important UCG is?

GoodBlogs shares 16 reasons including opportunity to connect more closely with users, making content memorable & trustworthy, transcending one’s brand, reducing time spent on content and many more. If you are still unsure whether or not UCG is a lucrative investment, you should take a peek at Peter Awad’s post.

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14. How to Become a WordPres List Building Superhero and Double Your Conversions Today

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This monster of a post (roughly 5000 words long), contains all you need to know about opt-in forms & list building techniques for WordPress. It even has a table of content for fast access to specific information. Using the techniques shared by Drazen Prastalo you can quickly grow your email list fast and easy. This is another example of article that is well-worth a bookmark.

15. Where Your Most valuable Website Visitors Come From

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A wise marketer once said that you don’t need millions of prospects to generate sales. Understanding your target audience, even if it is a smaller audience, will help you generate more conversions.  

John Bonini has put together an excellent post that will actually help you understand more about your visitors, and where they are coming from. Of course, he mentions that nothing he says is universally applicable. Each reader must test channels for himself.

16. Why Private Blog Networks & Microsites are Dangerous

This is a short, simple and effective video article that highlights the dangers of blog networks and microsites. Among other things discussed, Eric reminds viewers that Google is currently taking action against Private Blog Networks. Find out more about this in the video.

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17.  Google’s New Auto-Caption Algorithm Could Forever Change Image SEO

Image 17

Basic SEO practices also extend to proper attribution of descriptions for images. Did you know that Google is planning on adding an image ranking algorithm? It seems that a new technology, which can auto-caption complex images, has been invented.

This means that websites which have not been correctly utilizing tags and descriptions for their images might be penalized. Find out more about the new algorithm on Figmints.

18. Buying Facebook Likes Suck, Here’s the Data to Prove it!

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You might not have known this by now, but fake likes are very bad for your social media presence. First of all, there is a thing called EdgeRank which uses user engagement to understand how people are interacting with a page. Ultimately, the EdgeRank determines how often you will pop-up in peoples’ newsfeeds.

If likes are purchased, the answers is probably never. Massimo Chieruzzi takes an example of page with purchased and natural likes to prove the dangers of buying Facebook likes.

19. 10 Things that Expose Good Sites to Google Panda

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Panda’s goal is to improve the strength of search engine results. In order to do this, it penalizes low-quality content pages with high traffic, among other things. The problem is that many high-quality websites are getting caught in the cross-fire. Adam Sherk wants to help us understand the factors that might be exposing good websites to Google’s Panda algorithm.

He talks about viewability, syndicated and overlapping content, empty pages and more. In conclusion, the article contains several tips that will help with Panda Recovery. This is a definite must-read.

20. Beyond Followers: How to Achieve True Engagement With Social Media

This week we have two excellent articles from the Canada Blog. The second one tackles the topic of Social Media engagement. Erica McGillivray has put together a comprehensive guide for achieving true engagement. I really enjoyed her mentioning the fact that huge numbers of followers aren’t all that important. She actually added that lower followerships will enable businesses to have more meaningful conversations with their community.

Image 20

That is absolutely true. She also talks about the Engagement Rate Equation, How to Start and Maintain a Conversation, Amplification, Sales, Conversions and monitoring, among other topics. You should definitely check out this incredibly useful, detailed, and beautifully illustrated post.

This concludes our weekly round-up. What do you think about our selection? We hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more!

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