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Holiday Marketing Strategies For Your Store

It does not matter if you have Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento or WooCommerce these holiday marketing tips will drive more traffic to your store. There’s nothing like the holidays especially when it comes to eCommerce. This is a pivotal time in the year where you get that big push to have a stellar 4th quarter. It’s much bigger than just gaining a new sale or lead, it’s a buyer’s market. You’ll Read More >>

4 Ways to Use Your Shopify E-Commerce Store to Grow Your Customer Base

Growing a successful e-commerce business can be seriously complex. Regardless of how much time it takes you to go from your first sale to your hundredth, sooner or later you’ll need to consider things like promotional strategies, fulfillment partners, and conversion optimization tools.But in the early days of your new store, you’re likely focused on one key thing: how to I get more customers?Maybe you began by sharing your Shopify Read More >>

How to Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Acquiring a new customer is more costly than selling to an existing one. For one, you need to introduce your products to a new customer. This is someone who have not heard of your name so you have to tell them about your products and what you can do before you can get them to buy from you. But selling to an existing customer is easier. Since they have bought Read More >>

Create Youtube Channel

Youtube experiences a 50% increase in views per year. Almost 50% of these views come from mobile phones. In the United States alone, more than 40% of the population is constantly on Youtube. This is not to mention the 77% of millennial women who love to use Youtube on a weekly basis.So what does all these statistics have to do with you? If you are not yet using Youtube as Read More >>

Find the best BigCommerce Developers. List of 18 of the best BigCommerce developers.

Is it your first time using BigCommerce and don’t know how to set it up? Do you want to launch your online shop as soon as possible and get some design and marketing assistance? Or do you just need someone who can assist you in the design and implementation process?BigCommerce Partners is the answer to your problem. BigCommerce is one of the biggest online marketing platforms available online. It provides Read More >>

How To Do Ecommerce Landing Page Optimization

Having a decent ecommerce website is not enough to close sales. If you don’t have a complete understanding on how your visitors are using your online store, you are missing the point of online selling. Unless you can convert visitors into buyers, your online store will remain ineffective. Here’s how you can fully optimize your landing pages.Focus on the ProductThe typical ecommerce page has a product page as a part Read More >>

10 Best Traffic Building Tools

A website without traffic is a dead website. Without traffic, no one will know that your site exists. In effect, you will not make any sales.Traffic building should be a priority for you. But it is not enough to just wish it, you need to take action.Now, old school link building entails submitting your website to thousands of directories or spamming your way to get backlinks. However, that strategy will Read More >>

Ecommerce Marketing Plan

Learn how to do a eCommerce marketing plan. Learn everything you need to do.You cannot expect to do effective marketing without a plan. Planning will help you set the right direction for your ecommerce website as well as implement the particular steps needed to drive traffic to it. And not only that, it can also help you craft and implement an effective strategy in marketing your business. Today, you’ll learn Read More >>

Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Thinking about marketing your own business? Then, you should learn from the best brands. These brands not only know what they are doing, they also know how to constantly break the rhythm of their marketing so that they don’t remain stagnant. By doing this, they always get the attention of their target market and eventually attract more customers.However, you can only learn about this if you take a closer look Read More >>

Target Market vs Target Audience

A business without a target is doomed. You can’t just set up a business wishing that people buy your stuff. You need to define the type of audience that you want to attract and the type of person that want to buy. This is where the concept of target audience and target market comes in. You’ll often see these terms used interchangeably in Marketing articles online. But they don’t refer Read More >>

60 Influencer Marketing Platforms

If you have not used influencer marketing to promote your site, you are clearly missing out. Not only can this help you leverage the market of influencers, you can also get more traffic and sales than if you used another marketing method. Don’t get me wrong. Influencer marketing is not easy. Some people claim that it is as easy as approaching an influencer and then asking them to promote your Read More >>

7 Things to Do to Start Your Ecommerce Store

In 2017, e-commerce represented 13% of total retail sales in the United States and 49% of the total growth. Consumers spent $453.46 billion online in 2017, up 16% from 2016, which was the highest growth rate since 2011 when online sales grew 17.5% as the United States was emerging from the recession. This sounds like an area to make some money.Luckily, there’s a way you can capitalize on this from Read More >>