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The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Hashtags

Did you know that over 1 billion people use Instagram every month? And it is not that just. According to Hootsuite, Over 500 million of them love to use the platform everyday. And this market is super targeted with most of them comprising of users under the age of 35. This is a good market to sell products to. Put this:  WooCommerce affiliate plugin has been growing popularity in Instagram too.Because Read More >>

What is Starbucks Marketing Strategy?

As a brand, you know that you have achieved greatness when your brand is now identified with your industry product. It’s how most kitchen wipes are called Kleenex and searching for a term on the internet is called “Google.” One of the most iconic brands in the world is Starbucks and they did not just happen to become a great brand overnight. Starbucks has over the years invested a lot Read More >>

21 Best eCommerce Facebook Groups To Join

1. Ecommerce Marketing MastermindThe Ecommerce Marketing Mastermind group is an excellent group if you are looking to take your marketing knowledge to the next level.  This group shares the top marketing secrets and will let you know what is takes to be successful and take your store to the next level.  The Ecommerce Marketing Mastermind is one of the largest Facebook Marketing groups out there that can really rush you Read More >>

How to Automatically Sign up Affiliate Users Through Bigcommerce

One of the things you should setup for your business is a great referral cause to help expand your brand. This could give your small or large business the edge it needs to smooth out different competitors. It takes a lot of creativity and personal interaction these days to really push your brand to another level. One of the best ways to do this is by using Bigcommerce. Bigcommerce is Read More >>

How The IoT Is Slated To Impact Digital Marketing

The top app development companies are already well aware of the benefits of the Internet of Things. Digital marketing is another area of heightened awareness for the top app development companies. Now, these two elements can be combined to create enhanced digital marketing for clients all over the world. Now that every business process is governed by devices powered by the IoT, it is time for businesses to take proactive Read More >>

15 Best WooCommerce Courses to Get More Sales

Are you trying to get into more WooCommerce marketing? Do you need help gaining more sales or traffic? One of the things you can do to help you in this endeavor is by using WooCommerce Affiliate Software. Here we’ll breakdown a list of some of the best Woocommerce courses to help you get your store to another level and understand the value of WooCommerce Affiliate Software. This would definitely help Read More >>

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition – 2019

A business starts and ends with the customer. Without customers, you cannot do business for you will not have anyone to buy your products or services. Acquiring customers is a continuous problem for businesses for they are always looking to sell more and make more profits. Don’t you think it’s about time to start affiliate program planning?Today, you’ll learn the strategies used to easily acquire customers online.Strategy #1: Search Engine Read More >>

How To Download and Save Youtube Videos

Youtube is a popular website for a reason. Not only does it provide endless entertainment. It can also give its audience access to engaging, visual content. However, there is a limit to what it can provide – You need to be connected to the Internet. In those days when you just don’t have the means to connect, you’ll want your favorite videos saved into your devices. For that, you’ll need Read More >>

Examples of Company Culture

If your company is a real person, he will exhibit a particular personality. This personality is seen not only on how he handles his customers but also about how he interacts internally and externally. On an internal level, it is how he interacts with other employees. While on the external level, it is how he interacts with other businesses and stakeholders. The summed up the personality of a company is Read More >>

How To Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Did you know that customer acquisition costs 7x more than customer retention? Try it and compare. Try advertising to your existing customers and to new customers and you’ll find that the advertising fees are significantly lower if you advertise to your existing customers. The reason for this is the absence of friction. When a new customer visits your website, this person doesn’t have a relationship with you. He doesn’t know Read More >>

Best Ecommerce Startups in 2019

In 2019, it is not enough to just sell something. You should also be innovative as well. If you are planning to create a business and you are just planning to imitate another business, then it will not be as successful. Customers are often looking for something that they have not seen before. Today, it is all about invention and innovation.However, creating an innovative ecommerce website is not that hard. Read More >>

Best Drop Shipping Courses 2019

Is it possible to make thousands of dollars with little to no investment? Yes. you can do that with dropshipping.Dropshipping is a system where the supplier allows you to promote their products for them. In return, they will remove their brand on the products and send it to your buyers with your name on it. They will allow you to sell their products in whatever price you want provided that Read More >>