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One of the best ways to promote your products is through Youtube marketing. This is not only because of your access to the audience but also because it demonstrates your products before your prospects decide to buy it. Videos offer a brand new way to experience your product. More than the picture, your prospective buyers will be able to see how your products are actually used.

There are several ways to promote your ecommerce products on Youtube. In this article, I will show you the different methods on how you can do this.

METHOD 1: Create Engaging Video Product Reviews

The first way to fully utilize Youtube for marketing your ecommerce website is to create product reviews. These are the videos that demonstrates how the product looks like and how it is actually used. This is great because your potential customers can get to see a peek of your products before they actually buy them.

However, creating product reviews takes some effort. In fact, there are multiple steps that you have to consider before you can create a decent product video for your customers. Here are the steps.

STEP 1: Get the Requirements Ready

There are some things that you will need to successfully record videos of your products.

First, you’ll need a camera. This can be your phone camera or it can be a DSLR camera if you plan to make high quality product review videos in the long haul.

Next, you’ll need an editing program. For Mac users, they will already have iMovie. For others, they need to learn how to use softwares like Adobe and others. As for me, I love to use Movavi Video Editor and Filmora. There are other options for Windows users. Just try to find what works best for you.

Other optional tools you’ll need is a tripod and some lights. Some even go to the extent of having a lightbox for the product. That is okay. But please note that these are optional. You can eventually buy these as you make more money from your ecommerce website.

STEP 2: Learn How to Shoot and Edit Videos

Next, you’ll need to learn how to shoot your video and use softwares to actually edit your video. You’ll find that it may not be easy in the beginning. You’ll need to make several footages of your products before you get it right. You’ll need to cut pieces of the video and incorporate some music. All these can be quite overwhelming if you are just starting out.

NOTE: Just make sure that you are using Royalty free music. This way, you will not be tagged for copyright infringement in case you want upload it on Youtube.

STEP 3: Create a Video Concept

One of the ways that helped me shoot my product videos is to start with a video concept. This is how I imagined the video will look like. I will look at other product review videos and take inspiration from them. Then, I create an overall video concept for my product review.

STEP 4: List Your Scenes

Once I have the concept sorted out, I now have an idea on how I want the video to look like. This time, I am going to list the scenes or footages that I have to take to complete the video. This will act as my guide for designing the background of the video as well as act as my footage checklist before I actually sit down to edit it.

STEP 5: Shoot Your Scenes

Once I have my list, I start shooting. Then, I review my footage to see if it is to my liking. If I like it, I proceed with the next footage until I am done with my footage checklist.

STEP 6: Edit Your Video

Once all of my scenes are successfully captured, I start editing. I found that this process can be quite hard in the beginning but you get better at it as you move along. It takes practice as in other softwares. But once you know where the buttons are and what they do, you can easily edit videos in just a few minutes.

BONUS: Ask an Influencer to Do Product Reviews for You

If you find that shooting your own product reviews to be too daunting, there’s another option for you. You can ask an influencer to do product reviews for you. This is more than just asking for an influencer’s feedback on your products. It is also about leveraging the influencer’s follower base to increase your reach. This is the reason why influencer marketing is recommended for ecommerce marketing. It allows you to reach more people at a shorter period of time.

METHOD 2: Create Memorable Commercials

Another trend that I am noticing is the use of commercials. This can either have a story or a moral lesson. Sometimes, the story may not be directly related to the product. But it is so memorable that people just want to share it.

What makes these videos special is their potential to go viral. They get shared all across social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. This allows you to get more reach and eventually more sales for your products.

STEP 1: Look for a Professional Videographer

However, I believe that commercials cannot be done alone. It has to be done by a team with a professional videographer at least. The videographer will be able to guide you on how the commercial will be shot and how it will pan out.

STEP 2: Brainstorm a Unique Commercial Concept

Hiring a videographer doesn’t mean that he should have complete control on your video concept. You can always brainstorm. Share your ideas with your videographer and let him bounce off your ideas.

STEP 3: Execute it in Collaboration with Your Videographer

This is easier said than done. But it can be done. This is where you hit the road to actually record your commercial. You may need to hire other people to do the acting in your mini commercial but it all works in the end.

NOTE: What I like about hiring a videographer is that you don’t have to worry so much about shooting and editing. Your videographer will usually have all of that covered for you.

METHOD 3: Compile Other People’s Videos into One

Another trend I found when it comes to making videos is the ability to take parts in other videos and mesh it into one. I found this in inspirational videos where they take excerpts from the talks of popular personalities, mesh it with some inspirational music and create a completely unique video. I think that this is a wonderful idea and it goes well if your products are in line with this. So if you are selling inspirational shirts, this is a great way to promote your products.

But it is not limited to the inspirational niche. If you are selling pet products, you can combine funny pet videos into one. If you are selling technological products, you can combine product reviews. The possibilities are only up to your creativity.

Here are the steps that I follow to create compiled videos.

STEP 1: Think of a Concept That Fits Your Online Store

As I have mentioned, the concept has to fit your store. The more creative it is, the better. These videos work because it just doesn’t promote products. It aims to entertain as well. In some cases, it can also go viral. The goal is to capture your prospect’s attention so that they eventually visit your site.

STEP 2: Get the Requirements Ready

Unlike video product reviews that need a camera, tripod and even some lights, this only needs an editing software. Of course, you need to know how to use your software. This can be iMovie, Adobe and others. As I have said, it may be difficult to learn it in the beginning. But you’ll get used to it as you use it.

STEP 3: Create Your Videos

This is the fun part. This is where you actually create your videos. For this, the concept is very important for that’s how you’ll look for the videos that will fit your theme. The time that you’ll take to watch videos may be more than the actual editing. But it is necessary as you’ll be getting excerpts from multiple videos to actually create your video.

Once you have your excerpts, it is all a matter of combining them through splitting the videos and merging them together. Combine them by seamlessly adding some royalty free inspirational music and you’re ready to go.

METHOD 4: Advertise on Other People’s Videos

The idea of ecommerce Youtube marketing will not be complete without paid advertising. This is where you go on Youtube and actually promote your videos. When people hear paid advertising, they usually hit the ground running. They think that it is too hard and it will rob them off their money. But that’s not true if you know what you are doing. In this method, you’ll learn how easy it is to promote your videos on Youtube.

STEP 1: Gather Information

The first step is to gather information. In this process, you’ll look for videos with viewers that are relevant to your products. This can be direct or indirect. If you are selling pet products, you can promote your product on existing video reviews. Or you can go to existing compiled videos. See how powerful it is? This means that you no longer have to worry about your video’s reach because you’ll be promoting it on top of videos with pre-existing videos. I am not even sure why Youtube allows this. But I guess it helps them make more money.

STEP 2: Get Your Video and Budget Ready

A video is necessary for this to work. While you can promote on top of existing video reviews and compiled videos, you cannot promote anything if you don’t have a video. This is the reason why I put the other methods before this method. You should have a video to promote before you can do this.

Next, you need a budget. This doesn’t need to be big. It should just be enough for you to make that conversion. If your budget is low, you can always set a limit. This way, the ad doesn’t run when you are already out of budget.

BONUS METHOD: Promote Other Things

Ecommerce Youtube marketing doesn’t need to be about your products. You can also promote other parts of your website.

Take your referral program for example. You can create a video showcasing your referral incentive and this can encourage more people to join your program. This is also a nice video for advertising. This is because it captures a viewer’s attention easily.

Or you may want to host a contest or a giveaway. The great thing about doing this is you can do this in collaboration with influencers or other brands. This means that you’ll already have some people waiting to promote your video for you. This will save you some money on advertising fees while still getting the same reach.

There are so many ways to promote your ecommerce products on Youtube. It all boils down to your creativity. Remember, that promoting your online store in Youtube is hardly about the views. It is about the conversions. You’ll want to get as many people into your site so that you’ll have more chances of closing that sale.

Youtube is a great place to promote your products. It is not because video is a good platform for promotion. It is because buyers are now flocking to Youtube searching for products before they buy them. Modern buyers are wise. They don’t just buy a product blindly. They do their own research. And one of the places where they search these reviews is on Youtube. This shows how important it is for your brand to be there right when they need them. When your product shows up when they search for it, you have a significantly higher chance of converting that prospect into a customer.

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