Compare 50+ Affiliate Marketing Software Services and Companies

We are constantly researching the affiliate marketing software service niche. We decided to share the results with you, so you can make your own decision. Depending on if you have Shopify, Bigcommerce or Woocommerce, or a custom cart we have tried to make this a complete list of affiliate marketing services, affiliate tracking apps, and their free affiliate software to help you find the best solution check one of the most popular affiliate program software.

Affiliate Marketing helps companies to spread the word by getting customers and influencers to help spread the word and then rewarding those influencer and customers for sending you successful sales. Undergoing affiliate marketing training would help you make your affiliate program even better.

Here is our Epic List of Affiliate Marketing Software solutions

1. OSI Affiliate Software

OmniStar is very good because it offers professional referral marketing solutions. The dashboard is very easy to use, you have immediate access to all features and there are plenty of customizations that you can perform here. That alone makes OmniStar well worth it, not to mention it supports discount codes, auto signup, smart rewards for customers, it even has a contest manager and customizable thank you pages. All of these add up to create one of the best and most powerful referral marketing solutions that you can find on the market at this time.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here:Their Basic Starts at $47Their Professional is $97The premium plan is $297

Why We like this software: This software has good features such as social sharing and banners that are easy to set up. They also have a friendly interface and a helpful support team. With this software and their support you would definitely go viral.Feature page: Trial: 15 Days FreeCustomer Support: Phone support, In-app chat, and Email/Ticket SupportContact Page Link:

2. Referral Candy

ReferralCandy is an ecommerce store plugin that do a great job of getting more word of mouth sales for you. You can easily setup any program of your choice, customize rewards and change the user interface and graphics without the help of a developer on ReferralCandy. Here, your dashboard holds your campaigns, contacts, and analytics like; generated report on the impact your campaign is making and how to improve it, data on how to analyze your result with that of your competitors, details on who your affiliates are, who they are referring with and how to improve on it. Picking a channel when engaging your customers could leave quite a number of them to be excluded, hence reducing your chances of converting them into leads. But with ReferralCandy you can utilize various promotional techniques such as redirecting to landing pages, sending email blasts, and giving invitations during checkout, all to cover your bases promotion-wise. Their customer support is available round the clock to get your program up and running, and make sure it run smoothly.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here The Premium is $49 per month + Monthly commissionThe enterprise is $3999 Monthly fee billed annuallyWhy We like this software: This software has beautiful templates that can encourage referrals. They can integrate with a lot of platforms.Feature page: Free Trial: 30 DaysCustomer Support: Email Support and KnowledgebaseContact Page Link:

3. Peerfly

Unlike other software, peerfly affiliate network is custom built from the ground up so they can introduce features that you want and need. Peerfly is an affiliate platform that provides services for affiliates and advertisers alike. Aimed to improve affiliates income and your business sales, Peerfly only pays its team of professionals only when sale, lead or any other meaningful transaction occurs. Peerfly is unique from other affiliate network based on their cost-per-action pricing system. As a fast-growing independent network, Peerfly is able to reduce commission and pay affiliates and any other network a reasonable amount upfront. In addition, free training and learning tools are made available for affiliates and no minimums and monthly fee is attached to such plan. They provide extra resources to support their free provision of learning tools with tricks and various tips concerning your choice of marketing.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not listed

Why We like this software: They are a cost per action type of affiliate ad network. They accept publishers from all over the world. About them page: Trial: Not listedCustomer Support: Email onlyContact Page Link:

4. Avantlink

Avantlink is known for providing adequate data, transparency, report, and support for those looking for an affiliate marketing strategy. Without having to switch from one app to another, you can create ad campaigns, reports, plan paid placements, and create a custom tracking link easily. This software also gives well broken-down details on clicks, sales and impressions of your affiliates through reports in real-time. This cloud-hosted application accommodates small businesses, medium-sized companies, and large enterprises and offers a well-structured pricing plan. Distribution of commission payout is made quite easy and transparent by utilizing attribution data feature on avantlink, unlike other businesses that use last-click-wins model which fails to properly incentivize affiliates when there is a sales dispute. What makes avantlink also stand out is you can customize your system with widgets, powerful APIs, plugins and third-party applications from their app market, so it is easy for you to integrate it into your previously existing system.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not listed

Why We like this software: They follow the last click model. They include a lot of details such as the referral URLs, the items sold, and other reports.Feature page: Free Trial: No information listedCustomer Support: Support request and knowledgebaseContact Page Link:

5. Refersion

Entrepreneurs looking to utilize promotion network has found a place in Refersion, which is an integrated performance marketing solution. To set up and account and connect refersion to your online shop doesn’t take time at all. After the setup, expanding your business would take a whole new level as you work with promoters, brand ambassadors, social influencers and bloggers; and also monitor how many conversion and clicks occurs in real-time. Maintaining good relationships is a thing for Refersion, so payment schemes and commission is made visible to merchants and affiliates, and automation commission payout is introduced to ensure everyone gets paid as at when due. Transparency establishes trust in prospective promoters and partners and defines the terms of agreement explicitly to avoid any issues in the future. This platform also provides training sessions and support for startups that desires to use automations for their manual tasks.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is hereTheir Professional is $89 per monthThe premium plan is to be discussed once you contact themWhy We like this software:This software comes with a lot of features such as dashboard customization, and bonus rewards. They run on the Amazon web services cloud which brings speed and flexibility. Feature page: Trial: 14 DaysCustomer Support: EmailContact Page Link: 

6. Ambassador

This is a powerful and flexible platform for companies to run referral, influencer, advocate programs, affiliate, and partner all together. They deliver customization for your case use, user segmentation and enrollment, multi-program and multi-company functionality, success coaching with a properly managed service, and cross-department user permissions. Ambassador has an intuitive interface that gives marketers complete control and simplifies important processes from management to reporting and communications. It has automated workflows, easy-to-use visual editor, robust customer and affiliate portals, pre-built templates and designs and easy integrations. Ambassador enables your referral marketing programs to easily fit into your existing customer experience, use single sign-on (SSO), remain true to your style and brand guides, and leverage on their open REST API. It is perfect for businesses of any size.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is hereYou would need to schedule a demo with them in order to get their pricing plans. They have starter, professional, and enterprise plan.Why We like this software:They support multi currency, cash payouts, and ecommerce integrations. They also have email and phone support. Feature page: Trial: No available informationCustomer Support: Phone and EmailContact Page Link:

7. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate builds very flexible tools for creating and managing your affiliate programs. If you want a simple solution that integrates in seconds, or a completely automated and deeply integrated affiliate program stronghold, tapfiliate can give you that and more. They integrate those tools you are used to, and will fit it right into your marketing stack. They have a flexible commission structure and support multiple currencies, languages and include a dashboard in the program to allow affiliates keep track of how they are doing and find ways for improvement. With this platform, you can grant people you trust limited access to your account so they can operate it when you don’t have time to log into tapfiliate, this will afford you time to run other important tasks outside tapfiliate. This feature is however only for users with a Pro or Enterprise plan.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Essential Starts at $69 per monthTheir Professional is $149 per monthYou can contact them for their Enterprise planWhy We like this software:They allow you to add team members to let someone else help you in managing. Their features will help you go viralFeature page: Free Trial: 14 DaysCustomer Support: Email and KnowledgebaseContact Page Link:

8. AffiliateWP

This is a very easy and reliable WordPress plugin that gives you the affiliate marketing tools required to earn you more money as you see your business grow. As it is evident that affiliate marketing can make you boost traffic, improve your website‘s SEO, and increase sales, AffiliateWP takes care of the processes required to make them happen. With AffiliateWP you can effortlessly manage your affiliates as you view top-earning affiliates, edit affiliate accounts, set per-affiliate referral rates and more. Setting up an affiliate program is easy on AffiliateWP, and tracking affiliate referrals is reliable even on servers with aggressive caching. It also integrates fully with popular WordPress, eCommerce giants and membership plugins. You can also track affiliate-referred visits, earnings, referrals, and affiliate registrations in real-time on AffiliateWP. There are unlimited numbers of creative and affiliate on this platform. AffiliateWP is tailor-made for freelancers and businesses of all sizes.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Ultimate plan is $499 per yearTheir Professional is $249 per yearTheir Plus plan is $149 per yearTheir Personal plan is $99 per year

Why We like this software: Updates for plugins and the support via email is provided. They dont have a free trial but they offer a 30 day money back guarantee which is good enough. Feature page: Free Trial: They have a 30 day money back guaranteeCustomer Support: Knowledgebase or hire a consultantContact Page Link:

9. ClickMeter

ClickMeter is a tool for marketing agencies and professionals to create and manage their online campaign in an effective way. It makes you know which of your marketing channels, media and ads are producing good results, and which sources has the most value. With more than 20 years of web marketing experience, ClickMeter is made up of a team of dedicated engineers, standard research and development department, and utilization of great tools and services to make them a force to be reckoned-with in the performance marketing industry. The platform encapsulates agencies, affiliates, advertisers and publishers alike, any category you fall in there is a place for you to do more on ClickMeter. Great features are at your disposal when you utilize ClickMeter to help your business pick up where the traffic originates and suggests how you can use such data to your advantage. ClickMeter does more than just tracking, monitoring, or sharing information. They also redirect links, analyze data, collaborate, and integrate with amazing apps like safari, Shopify, WordPress and the likes.  

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Medium plan Starts at $29 per monthTheir Large plan is $99 per monthThe X-Large plan is $349 per monthWhy We like this software: You can request a custom plan depending on what you need. There’s no need to install any software.Feature page: Free Trial: They have a 30 day money back guaranteeCustomer Support:Email and book a voice callContact Page Link: On the footer of any of their page. 

10. Everflow

This is one of the best performance marketing management platforms today. Everflow provides its users with excellent cloud infrastructure that allows for mobile affiliate management on any scale. The software also consolidates data on various offers and publishers in a single interface and hence making it easy for you to get an accurate breakdown of conversions. It works fine on desktop and mobile devices, and also comes with customizable visualization, data analytics and reporting tools so you have total transparency over your marketing data. This great product has a built-in fraud system that can detect instances of fraud and notify you instantly so you can find a solution to the issue as soon as you can. Blocking of duplicate proxy IPs and conversions is also done by the system to prevent manipulated measurements. Information on click delivered is broken down in details, as well as other important information you need, due to Everflow’s robust reporting system.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Starter Plan is $200 per month Their Enterprise is $750 per monthThey also have a custom planWhy We like this software: They have weekly webinars, and their website is fast. They also have comprehensive APIs. Feature page: Free Trial: 30 DaysCustomer Support: Live chat, webinars, fast response time for EMEA, Americas, and APAC.Contact Page Link:

11. Ingenious Enterprise

Get more sales out of your marketing partnerships with Ingenious enterprise. It is where you manage your channels, brands and affiliates to work together and succeed. They also connect and integrate data from all your marketing channels to get a joint overview. It provides a 1st party technology to minimize lost marketing activities, and be future-proof. Comprehensive reports are easily made by running your data with various reports to distinguish growth areas in your marketing. Proper financial management is made possible by customizing and generating auditable credit and invoice notes that are GAAP and GoB complaint. Ingenious enterprise provides your marketing partners with their own personal user interface, thus giving them access to all the necessary data they require and easily make contact with you.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not availableWhy We like this software: They are cloud based, they have really good problem solving strategies, and they are good in maintaining long term businesses.Feature page: Free Trial: No information availableCustomer Support: Knowledgbase and EmailContact Page Link:

12. ShareASale

This is one of the leading providers in the growing industry of performance marketing solution for almost 20 years now. This software is known for its speed, accuracy, and efficiency, and their record as a fair and honest business is well-known within the industry. They offer all you need from structuring campaigns to developing ads, and data feed. They make use state of the art technologies to build your businesses and grow your affiliate program. To help you clearly observe a buyer’s behavior, ShareASale makes available a timestamp data for you to reward your affiliate as they perform. ShareASale also provides tracking of your affiliate activities and statistics. They provide means for you to invest in one account and separate reports on each store, especially for those who have chains of store all over a country or region; you can easily run the campaigns you are planning for multiple shops with one account.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan isn’t available on their siteWhy We like this software: They have been in the business for a long time, and they come with an advertiser, affiliate, and merchant program.Feature page: Free Trial: No information availableCustomer Support:EmailContact Page Link: 

13. HasOffers

With HasOffers you can improve your profit margins and campaigns with adequate targeting and measurement technology that is designed to give you the best results out of your digital and mobile performance marketing. They have a well distributed cloud-based infrastructure and 99.9% system uptime to help you grow your partnership at ease. There is no limit to how far you can scale your business with HasOffers, and you will not have issues worrying about downtime along the way. The number of affiliate allowed on this platform is unlimited, and all levels include SEO friendly tracking links. They integrate with Payoneer, PayPal, Quickbooks, and PayQuicker. And they also auto-generate invoices. HasOffers provides an easy-to-use intuitive user interface to help executives properly manage their affiliate marketing campaigns. You can get in touch with their customer care representative via chat, email, or phone at any time of the day, their staff are ever ready to give you necessary information on the usage of their software.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here No details on prices but they have 3 pricing plans and you can start with a free trial.Why We like this software: It’s easy to use, easy to start and their support is easy to reach. They have a tool for analytics too. Feature page: Free Trial: 30 DaysCustomer Support: TicketContact Page Link:

14. vNative

This affiliate marketing tool is built on the need to provide organization with total control over their marketing campaigns. Through the use of this software campaigns can be built, assessed, automated and optimized from a single dashboard. Tweaking any areas of your marketing campaign is totally accepted on vNative. vNative also allows users to put together all their marketing resources in a central point and link them to standard marketing tech for improved campaign impact. A real time view of all necessary statistics can be viewed on vNative, to allow for proper decision making. This marketing tool comes with native API that allows the system to integrate with numerous applications. This solution can also be configured to monitor all creative assets, payouts, digital marketing campaign areas, among others. To meet a particular traffic need, the software can be scaled automatically to make your site available most especially during traffic spikes.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Pro Starts at $299 per monthTheir Agency is $499 per monthTheir Enterprise depends on what you needWhy We like this software:They have anti ad fraud detection feature, they have a great infrastructure too. Their stats are real time. Feature page: Free Trial: 30 daysCustomer Support:Call, Schedule a phone call, and EmailContact Page Link: 

15. ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the leading online retailers that have a package for small, medium sized and large organization to grow their business. It is trusted by over 200 million users nationwide today. Available for access through desktop, this cloud-hosted software is also mobile-optimized, so it can be accessed on-the-go. ClickBank host quite a large number of digital products and marketers. They offer a streamlined affiliate finder tool that allows you locate marketers in a particular age bracket, geographical area, and other factors that are needed for your business to expand. In addition, affiliates can find products to market as well through a search system on ClickBank. One peculiar thing about ClickBank is they put together different aspects of marketing into one convenient system. Aside from helping businesses track their affiliate program success and commission payments, the software lets you plan content marketing and manage lead conversions through an array of powerful in-app tools. This software also allows you to check your performance on the market through 3rd Party reporting tools integration. This allows you to better understand your customers’ behavior and modify your campaign based on your observations.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Basic Starts atTheir Professional isThe premium plan isWhy We like this software:They have a very wide business from product creators, digital marketers and they even have products. They have a different way to reach customer support from Technical support. Feature page: Free Trial: No information on their websiteCustomer Support:You can send a requestContact Page Link:

16. CJ Affliliate

CJ Affiliate is a cloud-hosted software that can be accessed across various platforms. They were voted the Industry Network of the year in the 2017 International Performance Marketing Awards, which speaks volumes about them. They are well-known for providing unprecedented cross-device solutions that gives way for pay-for-performance options. It offers various features such as real-time transaction monitoring, widgets and deep link automation to assist you in reaching untapped markets, and also streamlining your process and optimizing your affiliate program. If you are implementing a flat rate commission system or revenue share system, strengthening equitable network with publishers is paramount if you desire to make your affiliate marketing campaign work. With a ViewThrough tracking feature on this software, you can adequately incentivize publishers through an array of reporting tool. Apart from providing marketplace placements and pay-per-call solutions to promote products in a stream of distribution channels, CJ Affiliate also has lead generation options. This is to allow publishers generate better revenue by connecting with advertisers who have interest in going beyond traditional affiliate sales to boost their business.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not mentioned in their websiteWhy We like this software: It’s easy to use and they have a dedicated team that would help you find the answers you are looking for. Feature page: Free Trial: There was none mentioned.Customer Support:They have offices around the world and you can call themContact Page Link:

17. VigLink

VigLink delivers high revenue to publishers through content-driven commerce with insight, leverage and automation. With VigLink, you can create a better web by making every link valuable and intelligent. This monetization tool creates competition amongst advertisers for your traffic, thereby producing better deals. It also allows you understand what content is performing most and which advertisers and product fetch you money the most, and makes it quite easy to locate your weak spots. The hassle of spending long hours creating nice content, not creating tracking documents for retailers who fall back on commissions or change networks has been solved through automation on this platform, to allow you focus on other important tasks. The VigLink dashboard allows you to view performance metrics that are useful to your content strategy and provides information that can help you grow profits. Whether you are looking to put together a visual experience, or attempting to get data from the whole click-to-purchase funnel, VigLink has you covered.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not on their websiteWhy We like this software:Their software is built to help you increase ROI while you are driving more clicks and sales into your business. Feature page: Free Trial: Not Indicated in their websiteCustomer Support:Email and KnowledgebaseContact Page Link:

18. AffTrack

AffTrack makes readily available the necessary tools required to grow and manage your affiliate network. They are a solution provider in the performance marketing industry that does real-time tracking to invoice and all other important process involved in your affiliate business. They boost your clicks and conversions, and have packages spelled out for you to choose from. They also provide a one month free trial for you to see how efficient their software is. More than just tracking AffTrack makes your business relationship easy by using API integrations and other tools to effectively manage your clients. They also offer access control and block low quality traffic from getting through your merchants with powerful fraud prevention features.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is $499 per month with unlimited everything.Why We like this software: It’s easy to manage affiliates and the advertisers. They also have reliable tracking. Feature page: Free Trial: None mentionedCustomer Support: Phone and EmailContact Page Link:

19. Voluum

Are you looking to analyze data for actionable insights, track your advertising campaigns, scale your affiliate business and optimize ad performance? Voluum is hence recommended for you. With Voluum, you can detect suspicious visits and clicks, identify unrealistic conversion times, and get undeniable evidence for payback procedures against fraudulent publishers. You can find, compare and apply the best offers from the top affiliate networks in your voluum account through an advanced filtering method. With this software you can easily share your live data safely inside and outside your team and grant access to specific parts of your campaign data. Creating manageable working groups and granting specific access to your associates has never been easy with voluum.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is hereTheir entry plan is $69 per monthWhy We like this software: They have a partnership program, a referral program, and they also make sure they track your affiliate campaign right. Feature page: Free Trial: No information listedCustomer Support:Non listedContact Page Link:

20. Post Affiliate

This is one of the most reviewed and top rated affiliate software today. It can link more than 180 CMS and also payment gateways. Post Affiliate software has amazing features such as direct tracking of links, customizable interface, forced matrix, customizable themes, multilingual support, fraud protection, affiliate link styles, trends reports, flash and text link banners etc. They have a pro, ultimate, and network packages pricing. All their plans do come with free setup, automated installation, and periodical upgrades and backups by their support team.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Professional is $97 per monthTheir Ultimate plan is $197 per monthTheir Network plan is $477 per monthWhy We like this software: They have different type of tracking methods. They have different type of promotional materialsFeature page: Free Trial: 14 DaysCustomer Support: Performance Stats, Change Log, Knowledgebase, forums, members area.Contact Page Link:

21. Affise

With Affise affiliate, you can take your performance marketing to a greater level. This software is made for affiliate marketers by affiliate marketers. Affise is a platform that allows you to develop, launch and manage your affiliate network in a very efficient manner. It is easier to manage and analyze affiliates and advertisers, offers and payment, creatives’ and conversions, any other key aspect with the Affise affiliate platform. With Affise, you can predict your budget and keep it within an approved limit with a Pay-Per conversion system applied to your affiliate network, to give you total budget control. To make their affiliate platform and your custom solutions work hand-in-hand, they provide seamless integration, as well as managed API integration service. They have nice features such as; AI-based smart-links that chooses offers itself to maximize profit for you on certain traffic, providing fresh data with real-time statistics to base your decision on, enabling your clients to leverage on scalable and customized system that removes human error to maximize your KPIs, and they enable you to evaluate fraud activities in real time and protect your campaigns from fraudulent traffic with their excellent one-of-a-kind fraud detection and protection services.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Professional is $299 per monthThe Enterprise plan is $499 per monthThey also have a custom plan per monthWhy We like this software: It’s very easy to get started and start getting more revenues. They have a dedicated onboard specialist.Feature page: Free Trial: None indicatedCustomer Support: Tech Support 24/7 via email and callContact Page Link:

22. Referral Rock

This great referral program software allows you to launch campaigns in a nick of time. With it, you get to build your own personal referral program and integrate it into your website; multiple integration like JavaScript tracking scripts, API, Zapier is also possible. The entire tools that are needed for your referral program to utilize your website, email marketing, invoices, and more is provided. This referral management software also includes referral-tracking statistics from your affiliates, and tools to manage the new leads that frequently comes in. They make it an easy task for customers to refer and stay engaged while making the referral tracking for your business an automated process. Their sharing pages have been fashioned to be simple enough for members to share with Twitter, Facebook, and other important social network.  They also introduce “refer a friend” software, to assign each member their own unique URL/link to share however they want, to make it easy to for members to track and share.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Starter Starts at $200 per monthTheir Growth is $400 per monthEstablished is $800 per monthWhy We like this software:Automation is good, and it helps in increasing word of mouth marketing.Feature page: Free Trial: None IndicatedCustomer Support: Customer Success Package $400 or free when you subscribe for 6 monthsContact Page Link:

23. Addshoppers

Addshoppers technology is based on the idea that brands need o partner to truly create personalized customer experience. Their software technology is built on a co-op of proprietary audience data from over 5000 brands and over 150 million shoppers around the world to enable real-time personalized marketing across various channels. Once you can identify who your visitor is, they maintain the integrations into your ESP, DMP, CRM, and Call Center so you can activate campaigns directly inside your current workflows or use their engagement suite if you wish to. Addshoppers robust campaign manager enables you to easily import templates and engage your customers in real-time to start up campaigns that would have required deep data integration and engineering resources. Without a people-based attribution system, you may have to spend more and have no standard view of what really increases, but using Addshoppers algorithms will highlight where your customers are in your conversion data so you can focus on the most important part.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not indicated in their siteWhy We like this software: Their are insights available to help you do what is right. You can integrate your data with any other systemFeature page: Free Trial: None MentionedCustomer Support:Request a meetingContact Page Link:

24. Advocately

Because generating customer reviews is the most effective way to boost sales, advocately stands out as the top review management platform. This platform was designed to automate the process of telling your happiest customers to write reviews. Review generation campaigns is automated through print and email, multiple review volume on G2 Crowd, Google, Facebook, Capterra and any specific review site of relevance to your business. A process to catch unhappy customers before they review your product is made possible by advocately to help build your reputation. With advocately, you can evaluate the ROI of reviews for your business, by estimating review velocity across different listings and analyzing trends in the content of your customer reviews. You can also gather reviews from all your listings into a central dashboard and notify your team via email or sms. Posting customers reviews in a SEO-friendly way on your website to increase search visibility has never been easy, advocately can easily perform this task for you.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Why We like this software: their pricing is customized to match your needs. They seem easy to reachFeature page: Free Trial: 14 DaysCustomer Support: Facebook, Twitter, and EmailContact Page Link:

25. Amplifinity

This awesome referral software can grow your revenue from customers and partners. Enterprise companies trust amplifinity referral software to automate sales-enabled referrals. From partner registration through to incentive calculations and fulfillment, amplifinity has you covered. In addition, they give you total managerial control to rate incentives at the partner and deal level. They remove the stress of referral tracking by making it automated and provide you data analytics to make your program grow. It also provides a fully branded experience for your customers and partners with automated communications and complete transparency in referral tracking data. You can immensely generate leads at scale with this customer referral software and watch them turn into opportunities.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Why We like this software: The referral tracking is automated. You get a chance to empower your sales team.Feature page: Free Trial: None indicatedCustomer Support: Live chat and EmailContact Page Link:

26. Extole

This is one of the leading enterprise advocacy platform in the world today. Their technology creates programs that scale for even the biggest brands with amazing features such as fraud protection, AB Testing, easy implementation, built-in advocate segments, rewards engine, and on-branding sharing. They put powerful, effortless referral marketing tools at your fingertips. How extole really works; first you can use your media including your social media properties, website traffic, and emails to let your customers know that they can refer anyone. Your customers can then share with friends using the social media and personal share codes, and this referral program would offer referred friends an incentive to purchase. An authentic recommendation from a current customer together with a reward will encourage referee to respond then click and land back on your site. Such a friend purchase triggers rewards for the friend and the advocate, then you have a new customer due to your advocates’ input. You can also identify your leading advocate who help to bring in more customers. Then you optimize your strongest channel. Nice and easy. In brief, extole identifies, activates and engage your advocates to boost sales and traffic for you.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not indicated on their site.Why We like this software: Their onboard and sharing feature is good. Your advocates can create their profileFeature page: Free Trial: None indicatedCustomer Support: Email, and Phone.Contact Page Link:   

27. ForewardsApp

Using forewardsapps’ referral marketing software can; grow your business by asking every customer to tell his or her friends about you automatically, turn every sale into new customers and repeat customers, and increase traffic by rewarding loyal customers with coupons that they can share with their friends. Setting up your referral program is easy here. Deciding whom you want to reach, and not how with the easy to follow customer templates is available on forewardsapp. You can also test different campaign offers and messages and let the data advice you which ones is most preferable. Triggering referral messages at the most impactful period in the customers’ journey is also a technique forewardsapp use to maximize your word of mouth. Resources to help you grow your online store abound here.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their pricing is 5 cents for every $1 they generate.Why We like this software:Feature page: Free Trial: Your first $200 for freeCustomer Support: EmailContact Page Link: On the footer of their pages

28. Friendbuy

Since referral are your best channel for fast business growth by leveraging the power of word of mouth referrals to scale your business, friendbuy then help with their refer-a-friend program that offers unsurpassed ROI, to expand your reach and convert customers into dedicated and engaged brand advocates. It is one of the referral platform loved by marketers and product teams alike. Using its event-based triggers and flexible APIs your referral campaigns will integrate easily with your most-used user experiences.  It has a detailed reporting and analytics suite that reveals metrics that is useful, and identifies what would work for your referral marketing strategy and adapt for robust growth. They collaborate with various startups and also billion dollar brands around the world to give you the best service. Friendbuy also equips you with email templates to make the most-use out of an automated program, and the flexibility to design custom communications. Friendbuy is built for growth marketers, developers and customer support.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their starter is $249 per monthTheir deluxe is $749 per monthWhy We like this software:It comes with email opt ins. They also make customer acquisition software more savvy for the marketersFeature page: Free Trial: None indicatedCustomer Support:None indicatedContact Page Link: 

29. Genius Referrals

Referral programs is easy with Genius Referral, it helps you acquire more customers using the power of word of mouth. How it works; you get the most value from your advocates by delivering better experiences and manage your entire referral program from an easy to operate integrated platform, after your products and services has been shared by advocates with friends and family new conversions are then automatically tracked. Keeping in mind the fact that referred customers have higher value and retention rate over time would ultimately set your company up for success. Genius referrals offers a massive set of tools that scale to the needs of your growing business. Your referral program is created within few minutes, and their structured pricing model makes it profitable for you to scale. Advocates gets their own dashboard, easy sharing channels, instant payouts, double-sided rewards, quick notification, real-time monitoring, multiple reward options, reliable technology, deep insights and much more when using Genius referral platform. They are a trusted global brand.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Bronze Starts at $49 per monthTheir Silver is $129 per monthThe Gold plan is $249 per monthWhy We like this software:You can generate automatic bonuses to advocates. They have a lot of features and they also have lead generation. Feature page: Trial: They have but not indicated how longCustomer Support:EmailContact Page Link:

30. Hello Referrals

Hello referral is a thoughtful, unobtrusive software that is centralized and always available. Whether you are part of an existing business network or you want to start your own, Hello referrals makes it easy to manage your referrals and exchanged sales leads in a structured, well-designed piece of software. It provides reporting and tracking tools and gives you a place to organize your partners in business. Centralized communication with your referral group keeps your networking activity together and up-to-date, and general communication with partners throughout the sales cycle is important, Hello Referral can achieve both for you. You can also measure the effect of your network efforts after a campaign here. Lead or referral is hard to slip through the cracks with instant email notification, weekly summary emails and other cool stuffs this platform provides. Expanding and administrating your referral network is a thing of ease with Hello Referrals.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Lite Starts at $25 per monthTheir standard is $50 per monthThe deluxe plan is $75 per monthWhy We like this software: It has a simple interface. It tracks the referrals you get and manage the leads.Feature page: Free Trial: 30 DaysCustomer Support: None IndicatedContact Page Link: 

31. Incentivefox

This is your all-in-one rewarding platform that can help to develop loyal customers and employee. Referrals are more likely to purchase and add a 25% lifetime value on your product; hence, Incentivefox assists you in refocusing on generating referral leads to improve the quality of your business through a streamlined referral-marketing program. You can increase your employee and customer retention with Incentivefox by engaging your customer and employee base via reputation management, reward and loyalty programs, event promotions and much more. Their dashboard gives you real-time overview of all your retention offers and programs. Find out your most loyal customers and those who need a bit of extra attention on the dashboard. Incentivefox campaigns drives real results and an average return on investment for an incentivefox client is 84.3%.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here You have to schedule a demo to know their pricesWhy We like this software: It’s loaded with features such as a service loyalty, web panels, text alerts and a lot more. Its features make it flexible. Feature page: Trial: They offer a $25 gift cardCustomer Support: Live demo, Booked demo, phone callContact Page Link:

32. Influitive

Thanks to Influitive you can learn the right way to boost product design, inspire customers and provide everyone with a much better set of results no matter the situation. The company has marketing, sales, customer success and product features, which is exactly what you really need. The experience is great from them because they are vetted professionals with a lot of experience in the industry. And that helps you harness the power of advocate marketing and generate more leads. They also have a test drive system that you can use before you commit.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not posted on their website Why We like this software: They make sure that experiences of customers are customized through cookies. They have great features that would help you reach your goals. Feature page: Free Trial: None posted on their websiteCustomer Support: Phone and EmailContact Page Link: On the footer of their website

33. InviteReferrals

InviteReferrals is one of the best and most reliable referral marketing software solutions out there. They provide support for multiple platforms, not to mention you can access complete analytics to see where people come from, what features you might expect and you can even customize every campaign or export data. Gaining referrals and managing them has never been easier and that’s all thanks to InviteReferrals. Which is why this is a solution you do not want to miss, especially if you want to better promote your company!

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Basic Starts at $79 per monthTheir Standard plan is $199 per monthThe Enterprise plan is customizableWhy We like this software: They have the ability to support multiple platformsFeature page: Free Trial: They have free trial but the days aren’t indicatedCustomer Support: They have phone numbers for USA, UK, Australia, and India and they also have Email. Contact Page Link: They have it on their website footer

34. InviteBox

InviteBox makes it easy to use social media as a great way to generate referrals. It offers you all the tools you need to achieve that, all while bringing in the necessary information you have to collect and acquire to fulfill all those things on your own. You just have to copy and paste the widget code on your page, then InviteBox will do the rest for you. It’s a hands-off, but very convenient and professional solution for you to use and explore. And that’s exactly why you need to give this a shot.

35. Lead Dyno

Lead Dyno is an affiliate marketing and social media sharing tool. It’s designed to help you generate more sales fast and easy and it comes with a very intuitive interface that you can customize at your own pace. The system can be used on any device, you have a comprehensive dashboard and all the information is shared right in front of you, intuitively and with all the content you need to make business decisions. It’s definitely easier to be an affiliate marketer if you use this tool, so you should totally check it out and you will be more than fine.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Starter Starts at $49Their Biz Builder is $59The Accelerator plan is $79Why We like this software: They have an affiliate network that can make it easier to start getting affiliates onboard.Feature page: Free Trial: 30 DaysCustomer Support:Scheduled call, Live chat. Contact Page Link:

36. Mention Me

Mention Me brings in a stellar way for you to generate referrals. Its focus on visuals is astonishing and it’s definitely one of the reasons why you will get lots of sales this way. You can tailor the entire experience to your brand and focus on what customers like the most. It’s basically digital word of mouth where people can access all the features and benefits they want without having to worry about anything. It’s also offering you comprehensive insights into your business, something that will bring in front astounding results and benefits, as well as a simple way to improve your business naturally.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not available on their websiteWhy We like this software:You can easily supercharge your customer growth. They have a good client success team.Feature page: Free Trial: None mentionedCustomer Support: They have a fill up form and a phone number you can contact.Contact Page Link:

37. Referral SaaSquatch

This software is suitable for optimizing both our web based and mobile refer a friend program. Integrating this type of solution is a lot simpler and more efficient this way, not to mention you will have immediate access to all the necessary features and benefits in no time. It’s convenient, professional and reliable. Plus, you get to acquire more members naturally and you can help track who referred clients to your business and when. It’s extremely professional, reliable and super easy to use as well.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Growth Starts at $699 per monthTheir Professional is $999 per monthThe Enterprise plan is $3499Why We like this software: There’s a possibility of going live in one day. Feature page: Free Trial: None mentionedCustomer Support: Office, Email, and Call.Contact Page Link:

38. Buyapowa

Once you use this platform you will have access to a very comprehensive and professional interface. It’s very easy to use, reliable and professional, you can adjust and adapt it to your needs and you will have no problem accessing all those features as you see fit. All you need is to customize your referral process with this tool and you will find that you can integrate some amazing solutions like gamification, smart rewards and a plethora of other helpful tools like that. Rest assured that this has the potential to do wonders and the return on investment can be extremely impressive. You just have to ensure that you understand and customize the system adequately.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not posted on their websiteWhy We like this software: They offer a smart way of customer acquisition. They also allow you to share with context. Feature page: Trial: Not mentioned on their websiteCustomer Support: Live chatContact Page Link:

39. Rocket Referrals

Thanks to this platform you can find and also inspire promoters to acquire some great benefits all while making it easy for you to gain customers. Since customer acquisition costs can be very high, this is a platform that helps make this process simple and more interesting. You can grow your online reputation a lot easier and with amazing results. You can even have handwritten cards done for you, not to mention you can improve retention and cross-sales naturally every time. Every feature can be modified according to your requirements and the results will be second to none. Just consider giving it a shot!

40. ShareSomeFriends

Simplicity is at the backbone of this app and you can get more customers to refer friends using their phone. Accessing the mobile referral approach is a stroke of genius here and it does have the potential to provide you with resounding results. After all, getting new customers is expensive, so having referrals from current customers does help quite a bit and it makes sense financially too. While customization is still required, the outcome can be amazing and you should totally use this system to acquire new leads fast!

Feature page:


41. Social Seeder

Employer branding is smart and easy with social seeder. Building a corporate relevant reputation on social media via your employees is a good way to help your company grow. Social seeder assures you of building a highly successful employer program through the optimization of the interaction between your ambassadors and their social network. Solutions are available here on social seeder to turn your employees and fans into loyal ambassadors. Through the word of mouth of your ambassadors, you can spread your content and increase your brand reach. Social seeder gives you relevant data and creates benchmarks that is required to improve your outlook. They also increase social selling, as your commercial team receives solutions to generate more leads and become experts. They also engage in social recruitment, as they leverage on your company’s core values to retain and attract suitable talent to fit into your system. Quite a large number of businesses from all over the world have been growing with social seeder. It works!

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not available on their website. Why We like this software:They are an all in one employer branding company that can help in amplifying the reach of your brand. Feature page: Free Trial: None postedCustomer Support:They have demo, live chat, and ticketContact Page Link:

42. Talkable

Talkable referral program has been proven to generate up to a massive 50x ROI for their customers. They offers extension for easy integrations with the commonly used ecommerce platforms today, and other shopping carts can integrate via a lightweight JS tag. You have the choice to pick from any proven performance templates that would be improved by their campaign managers to your required specifications. They have an easy editor for you to change your copy and design with ease, or if you are an expert, you can improve on the HTML and CSS, this feature is to make real-time editing possible. Talkable helps you get better referral marketing results; with talkable you will get more influx of customers and generate more revenue to your business. The flexibility that Talkable offers is next to none, you can lay your hands on almost every aspect of the program and analyze and test every aspect of your campaigns with ease. Talkable’s fraud protection technology scrutinizes every referral via a multi-check verification to reduce false claims.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is not available, they will redirect you to a contact form. Why We like this software:It’s a basic software with basic capabilities. If you need something easy to use and has zero learning curve this one is okay.Feature page: Trial: None mentioned on their websiteCustomer Support:They have emailContact Page Link:

43. Untorch

This is a fully automated referral program for email signups. Getting signups is a done deal with untorch, because they believe that large amount of signups is one of the most efficient way to get your product off the ground. Untorch makes this possible by creating an email capture form, providing each signup with a unique url to share, sending you emails and referral info regularly, and follow-up through emails as users are notified each time someone signs up with their link. No monthly fees is required here, you only pay once for a full year. They do not charge set up fees or maintenance fees also. You can go viral with Untorch by collecting as many emails as you wish to, and you do not have to pay per email, as their plan is very flexible.

44. Viral Loops

With viral loop, you can run your referral campaigns with already prepared campaign templates inspired by big companies like MailChimp, Airbnb, Dropbox and the likes. Viral loops makes use of powerful technology to run your referral programs, pre-launch campaigns and viral giveaways in a single platform. Something that was once an expensive, complex and painful process has been made pretty easy with viral loop, without any technical skills whatsoever you can create and run an efficient viral and referral campaigns in just a few clicks. Viral loop gives you a track overall activity so you can have a clear overview of your campaigns, as well as checking the total number of participants and the expiration period of your campaigns. To edit, view and manage the progress of your live campaigns has been simplified with viral loop. You can easily integrate viral loop with Google Analytics to track your incoming traffic and leads from your referral campaigns. With the powerful API provided by viral loop, you can create Dropbox-style referral campaigns and reward your loyal users for the input they add to your app.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here They will ask you to book a demo.Why We like this software: They build it for you so you won’t have to add new tasks on your hands. It’s very easy to use and maneuver. Feature page: Free Trial: 14 DaysCustomer Support: Email and live chatContact Page Link: On the footer of their website

45. Growsurf

This referral marketing software allows you create refer-a-friend programs, pre-launch waitlists, and leaderboard contests. The stress of setting up and running your own referral-marketing program can be avoided with growsurf, and it is compatible for business of all sizes. Features on growsurf includes; unlimited campaigns, unlimited contacts for each campaigns, customizable design, everyone who signs up on your website gets a unique referral links to share with friends, no coding is required as it works on any site and integration is fast and easy, and you can select a number of winners and rewards for each campaign. The popup window here is highly responsive and fits into any screen size especially mobile devices. Automatic synchronization of new Growsurf contact to your Mailchimp lists is also possible. In addition, growsurf has a toggle switch to battle spammers, a simple to use JavaScript API, total control over your data and option to share is likewise included. To cap it up, a view of all website traffic each contact sends your way and number of referrals you make on the contacts dashboard is made available on this platform.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Basic Starts FreeThe premium plan is $49 per monthWhy We like this software: They have a free plan. That is unusual but at least you can try it out for as long as you want for freeFeature page: Free Trial: Free forever planCustomer Support: None found on their siteContact Page Link: None found on their site

46. LinkTrust

This is one of the trusted names in the performance marketing industry. With their standard customer support and class attribution accuracy, they have enabled retailers, marketing agencies, ad networks, and advertisers to easily and accurately track, manage, and attribute performance-marketing campaigns for millions of customers round the world. LinkTrust is a sure solution for you whether you are executing referral marketing, affiliate marketing, lead-gen programs, influencer marketing, or partner marketing. They give you the power to influence, inspire and accurately attribute real-time results across various channels, engagements and methods. Their easy to use interface allows you create the perfect customer experience that matches your brand. It also provides the platform, tracking and tools needed to report and attribute every click, lead or sale.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Starter Starts at $299 per monthTheir Professional is $499 per monthThe Enterprise plan is $799 per monthWhy We like this software:You can create custom vanity links. You also have API access.Feature page: Free Trial: 14 DaysCustomer Support: Speak to sales buttonContact Page Link:

47. Queue

Amplify your brand awareness by gaining more users, leads, customers and fans with Queue. This platform is perfect for crowdfunding, presales, apps, events and the likes. You can increase leads with viral giveaways as users earn multiple entries by engaging and at the same time referring. Queue is one of the most advanced marketing platform today with cool features such as; advanced referral tracking with custom links, superior campaign reporting and analytics, conversion tools and greeting bar, interactive social community leaderboard, optimized social and email contacts, shares, refers, views, feedback option, etc. How queue operates is to setup your campaigns by embedding their JavaScript into your website, then identify and import advocates from your contacts, next is to incentivize advocates with rewards for sharing and engaging actions, and also keep them engaged with website notification, email triggers, friend filter and the likes. They have helped many companies improve with their powerful software solution.

48. iRefer

Since referrals delivers the most qualified leads to grow your business, iRefer helps to build a referral channels that is effective. You can create referral campaigns and monitor the progress with intuitive dashboard that iRefer provides so your sales team can work on the most qualified leads. Create and send custom email invites with iRefer to your customers to ask them for referrals and see how fast they send quality leads your way. iRefer easily integrates into your SaaS dashboard to make it convenient and easy for your customers to send you referrals in just one click. They also provide actionable analytics, quick launch, and API integrations. Stay on top of it all, as you monitor results, track new customers added, confirm invites sent and ultimately see your ROI increase.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Sprout Plan Starts at $49 per monthTheir Grow plan is $249 per monthThe Blossom plan is $495 per monthWhy We like this software: They have good editing tools available. You get to monitor everything. Feature page: Free Trial: None Mentioned on their websiteCustomer Support: None mentioned on their websiteContact Page Link:

49. Ambassify

This brand advocacy platform identifies, activates and rewards your true brand advocates. You can foster an overall positive brand sentiment by boosting engagement on your various social media channels with ambassify. The system in which this program operates is to import your existing contacts and set up simple brand advocacy campaigns to identify your most engaged contacts. Then use a fully integrated messaging service to communicate better and ultimately foster relationships with your advocates. Lastly, to analyze and monitor results of your brand advocacy program, and reward points to those advocates who are doing well. Their system has been tested and trusted to convert employees and customers into loyal brand advocate.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here They have 3 different plans but your would need to contact them to know the prices. Why We like this software: It helps you identify the best advocates in the industry. They make it easy for ambassadors to share your content.Feature page: Free Trial: None mentionedCustomer Support: Call or emailContact Page Link:

50. SalesCamp

Referral marketing with SalesCamp can go a long way to transform your business. With the power of referrals, you can strategically increase sales and acquire more of the type of customers you want. From gift cards to cash to custom rewards, salescamp got you covered. You can set up a one time or recurring rewards for your referral campaigns here. They give you a custom code snippet to place on your website and you are good to go, no coding is required during set up, and they are always available to answer any question in case of any issue while using their platform. Referrers has information about how many referrals they have added and the rewards they are due for, this feature is included in this platform majorly for transparency. With salescamp, you can also put your referral program on autopilot to save you stress of sending payments to referrers and affiliates monthly.  Go ahead to find a perfect plan for your business from the list of their available plans.

Pricing: Their Pricing plan is here Their Starter Starts at $39 per monthTheir Growth plan is $79 per monthThe Pro plan is $149 per monthTheir Enterprise plan is $299 per monthWhy We like this software: You can create dual sided rewards. Recurring commissions is possible.Feature page: Free Trial: There is but number of days not indicatedCustomer Support: Email and live chatContact Page Link: 

Why do affiliate marketing?

An affiliate marketing can be an extremely cost-effective way to boost conversions through tapping into previously undiscovered stream of viable leads. This will give your brand awareness, give you a good SEO value, interpret customer data, and boost your sales.

It is a good idea to use affiliate marketing;

  • When you have a good reputation with your audience: One way affiliate marketing can thrive if there is trust between the affiliate and the visitor. When you are a well-respected figure in your niche, you can do better as an affiliate marketer.
  • When you want to provide extra value for your customers: You can add many offers to your mix of services without creating a new product. It can be a discount on such product, or a bonus on a product you already use or recommend.
  • When you have a good relationship with a merchant: Lot of companies really value their affiliate marketers. Take for example, Amazon works with various affiliate marketer, and they have many products for which you can get affiliate links. It would be profitable for you to have trust in the company you are working with.
  • When you have a strong connection to the product: You do not want to become an affiliate marketer if you do not believe in the product you are selling. It can be glaring when people are marketing a product they do not believe in. The same is true if you do love a product, and people will easily respond to you.

Are you ready for affiliate marketing?

Do not be in a haste to think anyone who can get an affiliate link has gotten a tool to build a successful business. Making use of affiliate marketing to build your brand entails a lot more than that. It requires strategy, time, and a lot of work to see excellent results. The bitter truth is most people do not see the results they actually anticipated, there are some times when it just overshoot your expectations, and other times it would not really yield desired results.

You should know that affiliate marketing would not get you rich. You require quite a large audience that loves clicking on your content. You also need patience to promote that content over a long period.

Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for you who believe in the value of a particular product you are using. The fact is you can make money off something you would most likely recommend.

As good as affiliate marketing is, it takes time to initial set it up and make it implemented successfully. In addition, having a fully developed program through creative designs and sales materials for your affiliates, writing guidelines and tip sheets to help those who are not really tech literate, alerting affiliates to new products and promotions, and the likes will consume so many resources.

There is a likeliness for you to lose some faction of control over your products and your brand when you decide to take on affiliates. It is possible that they promote your product in several ways that might not necessarily fit into your brands values or image. The way out of this though, is to set up stringent guidelines and rules for your program right from the start. Such as linking protocols, whether or not affiliates can setup content or website that mimics your own, and other necessary dealings.

Having all these in mind is necessary if you want to start your affiliate marketing.

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