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Evolution Of Chrome Web Push

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world with a market share of 55% and more on both mobile and desktop. It has always been tweaking and innovating to make Chrome one of the best browsers in the world. Without a doubt, in the past years it has been prefered over other browsers. Chrome strives to bring out the best in them in every update that they bring. When Chrome became the first browser to support web push notifications, it revolutionized the way the marketing world functioned.


Web Push Notifications are interactive messages that work seamlessly in desktop, mobile and tablet. It is only once a user has filled a form, submitted a request, does the process of lead user engagement start. Push notifications with their personalised push notification features, help in targeting the right audience and also send out local time based notifications. This modern way of communication, boosts user engagement and retention which in turn encourages repeat visit. Website push notifications for ecommerce websites play an important role as they need to be swift, to encourage people to make a purchase. Push notifications is the ultimate solution to leverage geographical targeting. With web push it becomes easy to segment users based on their behavior and location and send them relevant notifications.

Chrome initiated push notifications from Chrome v42. From Chrome 42 to Chrome 53, the improvement and transformation that has taken place is tremendous. Push notifications have changed the way marketers function and has evolved the concept of marketing in a way no one ever imagined. Now it sends more than 18 billion Chrome web push notifications everyday!

This infographic illustrates how Google has put in its efforts to make push notifications as we now know today. It shows the important milestones in the development of Chrome web push notifications from the day of initiation to the present.

Evolution Of Chrome Web Push Notification

Over 50K website use web push notification as of now!  Not yet using web push for your website? Want to give it a try? Visit to start sending web push notifications for FREE!

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13 Response to "Evolution Of Chrome Web Push"

  1. Comment From Ben Steinmen

    I just found out about the chrome web push notifications early this year when I started getting Facebook notifications. This is indeed a great way to notify app users through the browser.

  2. Comment From Lisa Vickers

    Using the browser as a platform for notifications is genius. This bypasses all of the hoops required to get integrated into an OS.

  3. Comment From Paul Solorov

    Its really easy to see how Google Chrome now has 55% of the market share. To me it is the fastest and most reliable browser out there. I would rank Chrome #1, Then Firefox, then Safari and IE last. Who in their right mind still uses IE anyway?

  4. Comment From Gill Hamburg

    I never realized Google sent so many push notifications on a daily basis. My only concern is that all of these pushes are eating up Internet bandwidth. I’m sure they have worked it all out though. Google does have unlimited cash these days.

  5. Comment From Nancy Fineman

    It really is amazing how in such a short amount of time, these Google push notifications have taken off so well. These days there are not too many things that aren’t pushing you notifications. I’m just not sure if thats good or bad.

  6. Comment From Vincent Taylor

    I just recently started getting Google push notifications for a newsletter that I subscribe to and I can say it does push me to read it quicker than email notifications. I feel when I see them, its a good time for me to take a break from what I’m doing and take a quick peak.

  7. Comment From Vivek

    @Vincent – Agreed. The efficacy of communication is much better with web push as compared to email. Still won’t say that it’s an email killer but nevertheless, it’s great alternate in some of the cases like newsletter

  8. Comment From Pravya Pravin

    @Ben Steinmen Yes, it definitely is ! With web push you can receive notifications on desktop, mobile and tablet, making it easier for the users to get notified in a jiffy.

  9. Comment From Pravya Pravin

    @Lisa Vickers It sure is! Chrome web push has now made it easier for marketers around the globe.

  10. Comment From Pravya Pravin

    @Paul Solorov Chrome has always been one step ahead of others, pushing its limits to provide the best. No wonder why it is preferred the most !

  11. Comment From Pravya Pravin

    @Gill Hamburg Yes! 18 Billion website push notifications sent everyday! Unbelievably true! Web push, the newbie, sees a bright future ahead.

  12. Comment From Pravya Pravin

    @NancyFineman Over a short span of time web push has made its mark. Over 50K websites use web push notifications to notify their users! In the coming years we are going to see a drastic increase in this number.

  13. Comment From Pravya Pravin

    @Vincent Taylor Web push has the capability to grab the attention of the users, encouraging people to engage with it. Glad that you love it!

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