Examples of Emotional Marketing

Examples of Emotional Marketing

Almost all of us know that emotional marketing is one way to strike down your target market. It’s difficult to do, but when done right, everything’s going to work in place.

According to certain research from PsychologyToday, people respond to the emotional part of advertisements, rather than the text itself. Which is quite interesting to know about!

In addition, ads that convey very powerful emotions would often go viral and produce awesome results. The study that was done from HubSpot revealed that the most-shared and liked advertisements relied on strong emotions, including happiness, inspiration, friendship, and love.

The Power of Advertising Itself

Advertising helps your customers to know your brand, your company, and what you are offering. With advertising, you’ll be able to showcase your products and services in the market, where many people will see. 

In addition, if used properly, Advertising can definitely help you in increasing sales. Advertising can also help you identify your competitors, which will help you plan accordingly to meet up with the level of competition.

More importantly, if any company in the same niche as yours, will try to create, introduce, or launch a new product in the market, advertising will make a ground for the product. 

That’s why with proper advertising, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing the interest of potential customers and buyers, because you’ll be confident enough that you’ll get their attention in a much more exciting way. 

So, How do we create an emotionally powerful ad?

Here’s how it goes. Most PPC specialists are using the standard formula while they’re creating their own ad copy. These include three points: Keywords, CTA, and a unique selling point.

But don’t worry, Google gives more space for creating these expanded text advertisements that you can make as your reference, so you can share powerful connections with your potential clients. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into our topic today. 

Powerful Tips on making Emotional Ads 

Emotional Marketing

1.   Instant Gratification

Many people have often thought that instant gratification can be something to be expected in many aspects of their lives, which is quite true, even if they turn out to be negative. The sense of urgency in your message will always make people believe that they really need instant gratification.

 The key to making this method right is by including important words to your phrases, such as “now, today, within 24 hours, A.S.A.P, instantaneously, and etc.”

Here’s a very good example made by Lavent Law, who persuades people into calling them to get their money if they are somehow involved in an accident. Instant insurance is guaranteed. 

2.   Happiness

Many brands wanted their customers to associate their brand-names with a positive touch. Well, based on this specific study, many of the most liked and shared articles from the New York Times were positive and had a strong, emotional appeal to the people. 

The thing about positive advertising is that it captures the hearts of the people, making them feel that unity and happiness can bring together a positive relationship with one another. For example, Coca Cola’s “Choose Happiness” Promotion in 2015, it’s definitely one of the best positive advertisements out there. 

3.   Fear

Another good marketing example is by incorporating “Fear” into your advertisements. Why? It’s because fear makes people think about the possibilities of danger if they don’t take instant measures. Sometimes, fear can be a positive thing, for it reminds us to do what we need to do in order to be safe.

One good example of this method is by World Wildlife Fund, which uses fear in advertising to increase awareness about the harmful effects of global warming on the planet, and to us, human beings. 

4.   Trust

Most of these days, trust is one of the most effective triggers in emotional marketing, and many brands will try to jump on the trust board too, just to make sure that they get the recognition that they want from their customers. But before that would happen, you should always think about the ways on how to persuade your customers in doing so.

Take a look here at “The Law Offices of John Rapillo” as an example. They promote trust in their clients, which you can definitely use in your ads as well. 

5.   Sadness

Sometimes, using negative emotions such as sadness can help you deliver a sense of empathy or compassion towards your target audience. Many brands have already noticed this type of approach and some have used it in order to advertise their services. A lot of examples that circulate around this method are contents that tackle social issues such as violence, gender equality, poverty reduction, love for one another and love for all human beings as equals.

Take the Children of the World as an example, it’s a campaign that improves child literacy in Delhi, which turned out to be very positive as a result.

Ways to Optimize your Company Ads

1. Create a strategy to advertise your products or services! 

When you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product, you’re already making an important step towards proper advertising. First thing’s first, you have to make a slogan or tagline for your product. 

Once you have the idea or enough information, and once you’re ready to create a tagline for the product, it’s best to broaden your horizons and be fully creative, while still making sense. This strategy will definitely help you capture your targeted audience, as well as people who are mutually interested in the same niche as your product.

2. It should be positioned in a brand carefully and clearly. 

Besides, there are a lot of different methods for positioning a brand, which is mostly recognized according to the brand or company’s characteristics or benefits. A brand requires having an unclouded positioning in the market place which is really important, and the brand’s slogan should heavily accentuate the brand’s points of strength.

3. The degree of brand importance must be emphasized in your brand slogan.

Aside from this, it’s also important to know that the advertising slogan should prioritize in giving importance to the brand itself. Every brand manager or company holder should definitely give importance to the brand by simply making their advertisements very meaningful and precise to its purpose.

Despite the majority of advertising and its effects on the brand or company’s growth, it’s still really important to repeat the advertising slogan in your future projects. Why? Simply because it’s important to keep up the slogan that your customers used to love, while your company is still growing. 

Creativity is Key

Creativity is key, and it’s one of the best things to remember when it comes to proper emotional advertising. You’ll definitely good results if you properly advertise your product or services through concrete and straightforward information.

In terms of emotional power on your advertisements, always strive for creative taglines by not limiting yourself with what you already know.

Take other Emotional Advertisements to your Advantage

One of best things to do in order to keep up with the competition, is to use other emotional advertisements, the existing ones, to your advantage.

Use their ideas, but don’t copy, just use whatever you can and incorporate it with your own. Be limitless, and try to think about new and exciting approaches to capture the attention of your viewers and potential customers.

Be progressive, and also be knowledgeable about the new trends, which will keep you updated on what to do and how to make your advertisements catchier and trendier.

Straightforward Taglines can Appeal Better with Potential Customers


What makes a straightforward advertisement special is that it makes people think that you’re very much capable of doing anything that leads to success. From your delivery to your content, we will make sure that you will have what it takes to build an advertisement that will carry your purest intentions to the public.

Straight to the point ideas and statements are really easy to visualize and recall. It’s very realistic because we do this every time. People are generally better at remembering something that they only heard a few times, but has that super catchy feel to it. A concrete tagline is very different from taglines with abstract context. It’s better to have a short and simple tagline that has a strong and solid context rather than having a catchy tagline but has a very bad choice of wording.

Simpler Taglines or Slogans is Easier for your Customers to Recall

It’s really easier to recall phrases that show an extreme value of importance, which is why we should definitely highlight our advertisements with preciseness in order to have many customers to root for your business or company. 

Start by ensuring that your idea can always be described by your actions, then making concrete statements can definitely help you out in carrying your tasks and services well. 

Always be clear with your choice of words, and always be creative. Never limit yourself, and explore more ways of creating solid and quality content within your advertisements. Be the marketer that you always strived to become by simply following these important steps every time.

9 Response to "Examples of Emotional Marketing"

  1. Comment From Denzel Jones

    Emotions are powerful because they often guide important decisions. This can be a great asset in marketing

  2. Comment From Robert Shaw

    Advertising alone invokes a certain feeling. Also, it provides a preview of what’s to come for your potential of sales and how you measure against your competition.

  3. Comment From Grayson Holmes

    Instant gratification helps you draw in the customer by taking a “catch more flies with honey than vinegar” approach.

  4. Comment From Dale Wright

    When selecting a product, there’s an emotional attachment. Maybe when you buy something, some of the proceeds go to a cause, like protecting wildlife or research towards curing autism. It’s a certain conscious capitalism that makes more people empathize with the situation.

  5. Comment From Aris Mock

    Being able to trust a brand is very valuable. When you’re able to increase your brand integrity, it makes you more trustworthy with your target audience.

  6. Comment From Ken Towers

    Creativity is key. When you’re able to create a unique tagline that stands out from the rest, it makes you more marketable. You’ll carve out your own niche that people will want to search.

  7. Comment From Gregory Dawson

    For some people, they don’t have time to get into all of the glitz and glamor. Taking a straightforward strategy can show you mean what you say. Also, there are no surprises when it comes to convincing people when they go to purchase your products.

  8. Comment From Sal Roberts

    A catchy slogan is not only fun to say, but it’s easy to remember. Having a connect to a nice slogan brings an emotional tie and a mental note to all people that enjoy the message. It’ll be stored in their memories for a long time.

  9. Comment From Chloe Moore

    Even a sad message in video, can breed some type of compassion. Being compassionate shows that you care more about the product and actually value the relationship you have with your clientele.

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