Facebook Cover Photo Size: Everything a business needs to know

Before posting on Facebook, we tend to think about it first. But for a lot of businesses, and as we read from a lot of ecommerce guides, the cover photo on Facebook shouldn’t be an afterthought. We are in the time when creativity is valued highly and having a Facebook cover photo which is uninspired will make your users stop giving your business attention.

Now, we have a quick guide to help your business navigate the world of Facebook cover photos as well as videos. But, remember that this is something ever changing.

The Size of the Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo presents your business, it’s like a storefront window to a physical shop. It’s a tiny peek into your business and it’s a smart way to engage your casual visitors. There could be many reasons for you to use Facebook, you could use it to generate leads, build a community of customers, sell products, and the first step to reach your goal is through your cover photo.

The Size of Your Cover Photo on Your Desktop

The specification of FB’s cover photo seems to change from time to time without notifying business owners beforehand so make sure you always check for updates or specs changed. The desktop cover photo size as of writing is: 820 x 312 pixels. So, no matter what your picture’s size is, FB will crop it and make sure the focus is on the center of the picture.

The Size of Your Cover Photo on Mobile

For mobile cover photos the size is 640 x 360 pixels. You can narrow in the width and make the image fit. You can only add a single photo so make sure you have posted in important parts.

The cover photo on the mobile would look narrower compared to the one on the desktop. If you have a good image and it has a wide edge you could crop that would be the best for this.

Facebook Cover Photo Template

A good trick to check if an image would look good as a cover photo would be by imagining two boxes overlaid on top of it. The same image is used for desktop and mobile Facebook photos and it’s important that no matter where the image is being viewed from the subject is still in the center. A 640 x 360 tall box is how it would be viewed from mobile, and an 820 x 312 wide box is how it would be seen in desktop view. An image that has a subject towards the middle of the frame is what works best. When you use an image with an overlaying text, remember to keep the text in the center of the frame. It should display full on the desktop or mobile page.

Remember that you should also aim for a cover photo that would load quickly and not appear blurry. Here’s the specs you should follow to achieve that:

File Size: 100kb

File Type: sRGB JPG File

There are a lot of handy image resizing tools you can use to achieve this size.

Design a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Page

So, now we understand how FB crops their cover photos and how to deal with that, the next question is how do we prepare an image for it? How do we prepare a photo, so it would still look good after FB’s cropping? Let’s start by understanding what could make an image better than another.

Images that have patterns and textures is a good one because they could be cropped into different sizes without having to lose its style. These are the types of images more adaptable to the different frames because the focus is in the whole picture. It’s also easy to overlay this photo to advertise promos, sales, or even events. When you add texts to this, make sure you keep it within your overlaid frames so once FB crops it, it would still be visible.

Facebook Cover Photo Inspiration:

There are a lot of brands who have found the perfect balance of copping between dimensions, inspiring designs, and cover size. The specification don’t limit the ability of a lot of brands to design an eye-catching inspiring cover photo. Here are some brands:

  • Atlassian- They use patterns on their logo to showcase their brand.
  • Birchbox- They use flat lay cover photos and they highlight the packaging of their products.
  • Andy Westface- They prove that a minimalist and simple cover photo could go a long way.

The Specs of a Facebook Cover video

Facebook has changed from just a cover photo to allowing users to add cinemagraphs, gifs, or even a cover video. This is a different level that allow businesses to engage their visitors and make use of their creativity to market their brand.

To make sure your video showcases your brand effectively and professionally make sure that your video is optimized and ready to be uploaded on Facebook's specifications. Uploading it is the same way you would upload your cover photo.

Your video dimensions would be 820 x 312 pixels tall as Facebook crops it but we recommend you upload a 820 x 462 pixels tall video. When you have the right size before uploading, you get to avoid a pixelated video. Now, when a user visits your page, your video plays automatically but it would be muted, make sure you don’t add important details on the audio because users are more likely to not turn on the volume. The video could be from 20 to 90 seconds.

Cover Video Examples for Facebook

Facebook video covers are still somehow new so this could make your page stand out. There are a lot of pros who are already doing it and it would be best to get inspiration from them. Here are some of the best brands using it:

  • Dollar Shave Club- They use cinemagraph for their cover video. They have a flat lay and the added flair of animation. They have their products bouncing around which makes their video mesmerizing. These are great ways to catch the attention of people who come across your page.
  • National Geographic- They use a colorful video cover to make visitors know what to expect from their content. They have one of the most visually stunning content which includes high definition shots of bioluminescent sea creatures that are set against a pitch black background which would seem like an endless deep deep sea. The bright colors are what catch your attention.
  • Buffer- What Buffer does is they use the cover photos and videos to showcase the culture of the company and humanize their brand. They show a behind the scenes look into their day to day life. They use a drone to shoot over candid employees who are talking in a circle. They show the human side of their company and this is a good way to drive customer loyalty.  
  • Wave- they integrate their text as clearly as can be. They communicate the value of proposition through an effective but simple CTA. They are used by people to create marketing videos from stock footage, video editing tools, and even text overlays. They combine a intuitive user interface with video clips. They’re a video app to create marketing videos so it’s not a surprise that their video is an amazing marketing video. It also works really good because they get to show their visitors what they exactly do.

Facebook Cover Video and Photos Ideas for your Business:

Before you look for inspirations, make sure that you already have a clear goal in mind. What is the goal of your Facebook page? What is it for? Are you building your brand character? Are you encouraging users to purchase? Or are you just aiming to increase your social media following? Every goal has different approaches when it comes to cover video or photos. So, make sure that your end goal defines your cover.

Aesthetic Introduction

Your cover photo is an effective way to get people know your brand’s aesthetic. If you’re an artist, your cover photo is a good way to let people know. For that type of cover photo, it’s ideal to sue a minimalist design and use your brands color scheme. These type pf covers thrive on creativity, if you aren’t artsy, you could hire a graphic designer.

Show Off Your Products

You can use your cover as a product catalogue or a place to showcase your delectable treats. You can use it to showcase your latest products as well.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scene snapshots is a great way to get your visitors interested. People like getting a glimpse of the real thing. Photographs of your employees while they’re working, or a cover video showing what’s happening behind the scene of something relevant to your business will catch the attention of your visitors.

Advertise Your Latest Sale

Topman makes use of their cover photo to advertise and list important details of their latest sales such as the black Friday sale. You can do that with your cover photo as well because this could drive conversations and bring customers into your online store.


Facebook cover photos are a great way to drive more people to your online store, let people know about your events, and give them a sneak peak of your products and behind the scenes so make sure you optimize it. Optimizing it is not really difficult but it makes a huge difference. What do you think about this article? Let us know through the comments below.

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