How do you Find Influencers in Your Industry?

How do you Find Influencers in Your Industry?

If you’re asking every marketer who’s spearheading their influencer strategy, you’ll find that one of the most daunting and time-consuming aspects is finding out how to discover influencers that compliment your brand in your industry.

There are also more apparent challenges for paid followers, such as fake influencers.

But after this, you must do your work, so that influencer followers, whose lifestyles match well with your products and services, are genuinely interested and dedicated.

This could be a very daunting operation.

What keywords and hashtags do you know to use in your search? Where do you consider industrial practices such as where all the influencers of fashion, travel, and food hang online?

We’ll drill down into the top 5 influencer marketing industries (beauty, fashion, travel, health, and food), as well as send you some general search tips for Google so you can streamline and master the process of learning how to locate influencers in your industry.

Here’s the summary of what are we going to discuss:

  • Empowering your Search by Leveraging your Brand Identity
  • Google search Tips and Tricks for finding influencers
  • Keyword research and Hashtags Tools
  • Niche-specific hashtags and finding related online communities with the Top 5 niche to focus on Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Fitness, Food.

Let’s begin!

Empowering your Search by Leveraging your Brand Identity

Your very first priority is the influencer hunting!

Remember to begin in contemplating of what primary keywords and hashtags you will need to use. Make sure that it will reflect your brand identity. This may shock you, but this type of conventional processes may take uneasiness and a surprising feeling for some. 

Your branding mission must be your priority to define. Identify these things and find out:

  • Your Target Audience – the people who are keen and excited about something.
  • Your Brand’s Image – is your defining character and attitude as a brand.
  • Your Brand’s Core Values for your customers – is which separates you from competitors.

Have a selection of flowery words that describes your brand niche and customer base. Adjectives like:

  • Edgy, chic, trendy
  • Blue, fresh, pretty
  • Exotic, vibrant, amazing
  • Ecstatic, hype, happy
  • Playful, fun, enjoyable 

Tip: Create an objective summary or list of all you come up with, so you can access it easily and quickly.

Therefore, when looking for influencers on different channels and resources, you can use some of these terms as keywords and hashtags.

 For example, Google can start by searching for ‘ new ethical fashion influencers ‘ sustainably and ethically store. It produces a lot of great results.

Adjust the keywords to include various influencer styles, as well as different platforms that you’re available to promote your product. 

When you’ve got a whole list of these useful terms, be resourceful and enhance them through:

  • Advanced Google searches
  • Searches on different platforms like facebook for keywords and hashtags 
  • Searches using specific marketing tools and software  

Tip: Take an informative list of contact information, descriptions of social media and other stuff. 

Google search Tips and Tricks for influencer hunting

Find Influencers in Your Industry

It will take time to skillfully look for unique influencers who chart your products or services. One of the most important things to remember is that you don’t stop at first few searches.

You will probably spend several hours alone in the search process when your influencer strategy is carried out manually.

Thankfully, however, there are a few advanced search options integrated into Google that can make things faster and easier.

Dig a little sensible and make certain of the recommendations from Google

It is unlikely that on the primary results page, you can find everything you need. Skip the first page to discover small and individual influencers that are not that known. 

Search the search result suggestions that Google suggests when you type in your search as well as at the recommended ideas listed below the result tab for more suggested ideas. 

Leverage the power of Search Personnel

Not satisfied with the search result? 

Search personnel like in google are clever little ‘ shortcuts ‘ that enhances the searches more focused and precise and can literally provide you with specific results.

Operators & Meanings

“ ”   Make sure that each result includes the exact term within quotation marks – not just synonyms. For example, “genuine gold” rings

OR (all caps)    – Show results for one or the other search term (these two operators can be interchanged). For example, genuine gold OR diamond

( )    – Group different terms and monitor how the search is carried out by Google. For example, (genuine gold OR diamond) wedding rings  

     – If you don’t want to see results relevant to that phrase, exclude any terms with a dash before them. For example, genuine gold – Instagram

Site:  – Show only search results from web pages hosted on a particular website

Note: You can use more than one in a search. For example, (genuine gold OR diamond) wedding rings -fake Using built-in search settings from Google to get even better results. The two most recommended are:

  • Custom Date Range – using these settings may prevent you from getting obsolete results. Look and click ‘Tool’ button. There, you’ll find variety of options to play with. 
  • Change Location – Google can directly tracks your searches to a specific area or region in which you are currently living. Need an influencer from a specific area? Change this manually so that Google will give you the precise result. 

In doing this, go find and click the ‘setting’ button below the search tab. You will be directed to the setting page. Move your cursor down and go to your chosen region and save. 

Keyword research and Hashtags Tools

How do you Find Influencers

There are currently three popular tools for Keyword research and Hashtag Tools. These are the following: 

  • Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest – is a valuable tool from your core keywords to get keyword ideas. Only pop them into the search bar, and you will see lots of suggestions for keywords together with their traffic (how many people are searching for that keyword every month). It also shows you the top websites that appear in a Google search for those keywords so you can see what everyone is talking about. 
  • RiteTag – analyzes pictures and selected web text then recommends the appropriate hashtags. Sign in and install with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account or install the Chrome extension. Right-click on the image and pick “Get Hashtag Suggestions.” 
  • – has a free version that allows you to examine hashtag changes and some practical information such as the most influential hashtags, trends in popularity and other information.

Now, let’s take a look at how you will get influencers in your niche if you are in beauty, fashion, travel, fitness or food industry. We give you a list of common hashtags for each sector, as well as top online communities, where you can learn more about your niche and recognize potential influencers. 

  • Top 10 Beauty Influencers hashtags – #beauty #beautycare #beautyful #naturalbeauty #beautyaddict #gorgeous #skincare #hairgoals #makeup #glowingskin
  • Top 10 Fashion Influencers hashtags – #fashion #fashiongram #fashiondesign #instafashion #todaysoutfit #fashionlovers #clothing #mensfashion #fashiongirl #fashionaddict
  • Top 10 Fitness Influencers hashtags – #fitness #instafitness #fitnessgoals #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjunkie #fitnesslover #fitnessblogger #fitnesstips #fitfluential #fitlife #fitfam
  • Top 10 Travel Influencers hashtags – #travels #travel #traveler #traveller #travelling #travellife #travelblog #travelblogger #traveladdict #traveldiaries
  • Top 10 Food Influencers hashtags – #food #foods #foodporn #foodgasm #instafood #igfood #healthyfood #cooking #foodpic #foodpics


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  1. Comment From Josh Braithwaite

    When you’re using marketing on social media, one of the best assets to have is a quality influencer. People will go through with a call of action from someone they genuinely trust.

  2. Comment From Timothy Franklin

    I found more success by choosing an influencer that was like-minded. I provided the product and they were able to promote in a good fashion. Also, I loved the fact that they talk about it intelligently so that more people understood the message behind the media.

  3. Comment From Pete Wilson

    We wanted to cater the product to a younger audience. I think by having a younger influence who could speak the same language as our target demographic made things a lot easier to promote. As a result, we were able to keep our brand authenticity while being trendy in the market.

  4. Comment From Marc Denton

    One of the ways I found many eCommerce marketing influencers is by using hashtags. I narrowed down my list by the number of followers and the quality of comments/views. I got in contact with the top three on my list and the rest is history.

  5. Comment From Andre Adams

    I needed someone for some local
    SEO. I think having someone more relatable to the customer base I intend to serve holds a lot of value. Google location shifted my focus on gaining a powerful influencer right in my city.

  6. Comment From Francis Madio

    A Google search helped me find top-notch influencers. I was able to find their social media pages, websites, and YouTube channels.

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