Best 14 Free Shopify Apps You Need To Install

There are hundreds of apps you can install in your Shopify store and make a huge difference. Most of these apps can be pretty expensive, but they extend the functionality of your store and also adds value. In order to get the most out of your store, here are 14 free Shopify apps that you need to install.

Your business model doesn’t matter. Whether you’re into dropshipping or perhaps, a standard eCommerce business model, the fact is, you can grow your business to a great height. In order to achieve that, you don’t need to break the bank. It is cost-effective and yet, very useful in terms of business growth.

Although few of these apps need to be purchased, others are free for use. The premium apps have some unique features that you cannot get anywhere for free. No matter how lean your budget is, you can use these apps, and it will revolutionize how you do business. So, on this page, the top 14 Shopify apps you can install will be made known. After that, your success depends on the actions you take.

1. Oberlo

Here is a dropshipping importer app that helps a great deal in bringing back your products in just a single click. If you sign up today, you can begin selling products on your store immediately you install this app. With this unique app, you don’t need to worry about buck inventory or designing your products. It will cut down your budget. In other words, this app is cost-effective and reduces stress.

If you’re still with your 9 to 5 job, you can again run your online store without hurdles. Since Oberlo ensures that the processes are fully automated and smooth, all you need to focus on is the marketing of your products and nothing more.

This app is quite indispensable. That’s if you want to make it big in the eCommerce business. If you want a fully automated online store, then this app is your best deal.

2. Sales Notification

Every online store aims to double sales and make money. With this fantastic app, you will be able to do much more than that. It is the best Shopify apps that will efficiently turn your store around. The app gives you the ability to encourage conversion to a great extent through its sales notification. As an add-on, it comes with social proof, which goes further to convince potential customers to take action.

With this unique app, you can offer private and free products to most of your esteemed customers, based on their product preference or choice.

3. Facebook Chat

Almost 98 percent of your potential customers are on Facebook. By integrating this app into your online store, you will be able to open the channel of communication. This app proves to be useful in the long run, and guess what, it is entirely free. Having this app on your store ensures that you communicate with your customers quickly, thereby helping them decide on what to do.

One of the fantastic features is the messenger chat, which works alongside your Facebook profile. Apart from communication, you also build a social media presence without hassles. If you have a Shopify store and you’re yet to incorporate this great app, then you’re losing a lot of potential. You can check best live chat software.

4. Thank You Email

Customers want to feel special, to be appreciated. If you need an app that does that, then you’re in luck. After a purchase from a customer, sending a personalized gratitude email is the right trick to keep them coming back. Auto Kitting is one of the apps that helps you to send a Thank You email to customers who have made a purchase.

Personalized emails sound better to customers. Please, try to avoid sending the mail immediately since that special feeling will be lost if it’s automated. Allow for some minutes before sending mail. First, introduce yourself as the founder of the store and how happy you are to serve.

By trying to create a relationship with your customers, they will have another reason to return and make more orders.

5. Instagram Shop

If you’re on Instagram, you will find this app pretty amazing. Your big audiences aren’t there to fill up your followers’ list. They have needs, and you can provide that need with the right Instagram marketing app. It is a great app; even Instagram agrees and has approved its use on the platform.

With this app, your customers’ shopping experience gets improved. They don’t need to browse through your store anymore. All they need is their Instagram account to shop for whatever product they desire. As an eCommerce person, this saves you stress — no need, including links in your bio for potential customers to click.

6. Countdown Timer App

The human brain is wired to sense urgency whenever there is a countdown, and this strategy works awesomely well. You probably have watched a few movies where adrenaline starts pumping at the start of a countdown. This same tactic can be used in your online store to drive sales. If you have used this timer before and suddenly stopped, you must have noticed a decline in sales.

Countdowns help convince buyers that they need to take action now or lose the opportunity forever. When coupled with a scarcity tactic like; few products remaining, the results become mind-blowing. With this app, you can customize it to suit your store theme or design. You can also alter the start and end dates. If you can pull the required traffic to your store, these timers will prove useful to you.

7. Product Reviews

Another great app you must not overlook in your eCommerce journey is the product review app. Every successful online store has it; you need to have it too. Although it is not a free app, it has proven to be beneficial to potential customers. With this app, you will be able to improve your store’s SEO. It allows you to add your product score review on Google. It’s only of the factors that will improve your click-through rate (CTR).

However, low scores get flagged and thus, helps you review the issues with your customers without incurring damages. It also comes with more features that will no doubt prove useful to your online business.

8. Free Persistent Cart App

Most at times, customers are fond of browsing through products on mobile only to make the order via desktop. With this app, you will be able to seamlessly add these products to their carts irrespective of the device they are on.

If you want to boost sales, reminding them that there is a product in their carts will prove useful. With such constant reminders, they will be able to take action.

This unique app is free to use. You don’t need to pay a dime to use its fantastic feature and as thus, a must-have app.

9. Free Shipping Bar

Once a customer finds a product he or she needs, the next thing to check is often the shipping details. They want to know if you offer free shipping on all purchases, or perhaps a free shipping threshold. When you are clear about the method of shipping and fees, it will help your customers make a quick decision.

Furthermore, it goes a great length to ease them into making a purchase. With a glaring shipping bar, your customers will be able to access all the information as regards to shipping without necessarily having to reach the checkout page. With this tactic, you will see fewer incidents of abandoned carts. 

10. Points, VIP, Referral Program

Store owners who use this app have testified experiencing a 20 percent increase in sales. This app is much better in causing customers to repeat purchases since it’s harder to convince new potential customers. With this app, you can reward customers with reward points, which they can use to redeem special offers, discounts, or perhaps free shipping.

Another way this app is useful is through special offer surprises on a birthday. This step will create a lasting impression of your brand in their minds at all times.

Most of these royalty apps can be free, with premium features that you can access by paying. The fact remains that this excellent app is excellent at boosting sales and creating a lasting relationship with loyal customers.

11. Plug-in SEO

When it comes to your sources of traffic, organic traffic is the best and will ensure orders consistently roll in without having to do an extra job. All you need to do is to fully automate your store and watch orders roll in from search engines like Google.

Having this app helps you optimize your web pages better through suggestions and tricks that work. You don’t need to hire an SEO consultant. If you’re on a lean budget, you can master SEO with this simple and straightforward app.

With this app, you will be able to optimize your product images fully. That works by ensuring the alt-tags are correct and labeled appropriately. Another fantastic feature is the ability to check your website speed and more. If you want some premium features, you might need to pay for the premium version. This app is one that you can’t do without in the eCommerce business. The success of your online business could depend on it!

12. Web Push Notifications

Another great app you need to install in your Shopify store is the web push notification. Each time you add a new product or make changes to existing ones, the app will send a notification to all subscribed customers through their notification bar.

With this app, customers also get notified whenever there is a new promotion. In the long run, you end up making more sales and driving in more traffic to your site. One fantastic feature this app has is in terms of an abandoned cart. You can choose to send notifications to bring them back. Who knows, they might have forgotten or got distracted.

13. Exit Intent Popups

When using this app, you have to tread with caution. The reason is that pop-ups are annoying and spammy. To use this app efficiently, ensure you don’t have any other pop-ups on your site. Also, evaluate this feature by accessing your store through a mobile. You have to make sure that it works well on the mobile version of your website to avoid lowering conversion.

Pop-upsPopups are used to grow your email list, and one of the effective strategies used is to offer something else in return. It could be a discount on a product or a freebie. With this unique feature, you will be able to lower the rate of abandoned carts in your store.

14. Kit

Managing a store is not always rosy. Most of the time, store owners forget to keep their social handles updated with new products or development. But with this app, you get reminded to post new content on your social media handles. Another great feature is being able to create unique discounts or promo codes to help encourage sales. An add-on feature is the ability to evaluate your sales performance through the apps reports.

BONUS: SaleSource

SaleSource is a marketing tool designed to help e-commerce businesses grow faster and more securely via the use of things like product analysis, trend evaluations, and competitor comparison.  The tool is an AI-based application which is compatible with Shopify and supports all e-commerce platforms. If you’re sourcing from AliExpress, for example, it’s one of the most efficient tools available. SaleSource is completely free for the first 7 days, after which, the standard subscription is $29/month (on a yearly plan).

BONUS: Firepush: Convert Traffic into Sales

Where do Shopify stores spend most of their marketing money? The answer is on ads. But if the customers these ads bring don’t buy anything, that money is wasted.

Firepush gives Shopify stores of all sizes a cost-effective and simple way to turn their hard-earned traffic into sales. With Firepush you can send your store visitors SMS, Push Notifications and emails to encourage them to make a purchase. These can be promo campaigns offering discounts or automations that drive sales on autopilot. Shopify stores using Firepush enjoy returns on investment of up to $10 for every $1 spent. And because Firepush is an omnichannel platform, your messaging on different channels is all beautifully synchronized for a great customer experience. 

BONUS: Sixads

What if the right tool is enough to have sales qualified traffic? That’s how a compelling idea turned into a technological solution available for any merchant now. Sixads app takes the stress out of Shopify store marketing processes and drives you high-quality traffic. 

Backed by advanced AI algorithms, it simplifies marketing activities in a few clicks. Sixads turns a partnership network into a blueprint for your increasing sales. There is no need to create spreadsheets and manually set up campaigns – Sixads execute them automatically. A prominent tool for merchants who want to have more sales with less effort.

BONUS: Tada, Elegant & Interactive Pop-ups

Tada offers funny interactive and elegant full-screen pop-ups, choose between the two. Does your website need a little bit of magic? 

We all know that today a good marketing strategy should be customer-oriented!

Gamified pop-ups are powerful e-commerce tools, as it strengthen the connection between your brand and your audience. By playing games, your potential customers change their behaviors and are more likely to buy! Tada pop-ups are 100% customizable! 

However gamified pop-ups aren’t for everyone, which is the reason why Tada also does full-screen pop-ups that look elegant and will enhance your brand image.

The Shopify app is compatible with Klaviyo and Mailchimp, which are the two biggest e-mail platforms. More than just an email pop-ups app, Tada allows you to analyze your website’s data and to control your customer journey with its user-friendly dashboard. Its free plan offers email validation, which is very important for your email marketing strategy!

BONUS: Truepush Shopify plugin

Truepush Shopify plugin is a perfect solution for sending push notifications to engage customers, build brand credibility and increase revenue.

It will simplify the process of pushing notifications about cart abandonments, in-stock alerts, shipping updates, and welcome notifications. The analytics dashboard provides all stats of campaigns.

Pricing: All the features are available for free plan.


This great app goes a long way to enhance the functionality of your Shopify store. They help ensure that every process is fully automated and smooth. However, too many installs of these apps can slow the load time of your site, increase site noise, and, most times, can be non-compatible with your website. The trick is to discover an app that is useful and stick to them. Avoid the urge to install unnecessary apps that does more harm than good.

Apart from the already mentioned apps, there are enormous free Shopify Apps that have been known to bring a great result. Install only the apps that serve your needs. When you play the ball well, you will hit success in no time.

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    Shopify has work wonders for how I develop my brand going forward. I encourage anyone that has an eCommerce site to integrate it with Shopify’s software.

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    I found the Oberlo app to be a crucial tool in making my store run smoothly. It helped me drop ship my items quickly to get them out to my customers in an orderly fashion.

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    You want to always make sure that your customers know that you appreciate their support. The “Thank You Email” app worked well to send a customized message that showed my gratitude.

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    When you can’t captivate your audience as they’re about to leave your site, you might miss a great long-term customer. Exit Intent helped me gain more traction due to offering that last minute discount to a visitor who became a customer.

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    SEO will always play a major part in getting great traction to your site. By having a tool in place to take advantage of this, it can give you a leg up against the competition that doesn’t take the extra step.

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