How To Get Affiliates To Sell Your Product

Have you tried creating an application, e-book, or even a drop shipping store? If you have experience in any of those you might be thinking it’s not really that hard. Well, that’ somehow true because the hard part is in the selling. You have to aim to make a big stack of money and sell to thousands of people. A lot of people who have created a whole course, written a book, built a company but needs more customers are clueless on where you could get affiliates that would help you sell your products.

While you would be able to search for affiliates easily, it’s the ones who could deliver that counts-and they aren’t easy to find. You want to know why?

First, it’s because affiliate marketing is 95/5. Which means that in a list of all the affiliates who sign up and as you order the list from highest to low, the top 5% affiliates are the ones to drive 95% of your revenue. In other words, there’s a lot of affiliates who have signed up but not all of them would be making you money. There’s a chance that they would lose you money. Some could even cost you as they ask for custom landing pages, stats, tracking, etc. while the affiliates making you money would be sending you money and asking for pay bumps. Now, read on because if you need help in how to get affiliates to sell your products you’re on the right article.

Why is it hard affiliates that would show results?

  • Volume- you need to get affiliates who are experienced and have the ability to push real volume and make you real money. Reality is in a hundred affiliates there’s one real player that would drive you real volume.
  • Fraudulent Affiliates- it’s probably not a surprise to know that there are a lot of shady affiliates. This is common in CPA affiliate offers, especially to the ones that convert email submits. Way back 2013 there were people caught defrauding eBay with a cookie stuffing scheme.
  • It’s important that you drive quality leads. So, make sure that your affiliates are pushing quality traffic before anything else. If you don’t then you would risk losing money by paying leads that won't convert into customers who actually pay.

How do you find the real players?

  • Work through a network- it should be your first to go through a network. This is because they have more experience in monitoring the quality and fraud. This gives you access to the right and large pool of affiliates right away. They get to handle all the questions so you won’t be wasting any of your time dealing with each affiliate. OSI Affiliate Software and Share A Sale are good places to check out.  Affiliates today specializes in some things so pick one that specializes in your business.
  • Get referrals from people with connections- it’s given that there are some people who have the right connections and more pull in the industry. Big affiliates make big figures a year and it’s a good idea to start from representatives of big companies if you can. If you’re wondering where to find them, there are lots of places you could start with. There are cold intros, digital marketing meetups, try getting close on social, go to conferences they might be in, check FB for groups for niche affiliates.

Reaching out to bloggers in the same niche is a good start. They might not be able to push as much volume as affiliates would but there would be some who have huge email lists. So, make sure that you share some brief stats, and a page set up for affiliates, so you could give them every information they would need. Most of the time, bloggers in the same industry know each other so that could be a good start to build a network of influencers in your niche.

Affiliate forums are also filled with people who are searching for good offers, there are a lot of free forums and there’s where you could attract freebie seekers. But remember, there’s a reason why they’re free. Also, don’t forget to find out who’s promoting your competitors. Find out who your top competitors are and reverse engineer to find the person promoting them. Try your luck and ask if they are willing to promote you- make sure you give extra incentives. You have to make sure that you get to answer why would they promote you over your rivals?

There are thousand and thousands of CPA offers and even more than a million product offers, why would an affiliate push traffic towards your company? Being unique and special doesn’t matter, you have to be able to separate your offer from the others. If you have no idea what to offer, go back to your pen and paper.

How Can You Make Things Appealing To Your Affiliates?

You have to the conversion of your offer in your own time- try different paid traffic sources and see how they convert. It would cost you, but your affiliates need something to work with. You could have solid data with a few hundred dollars.

You should have a page that contains all information your affiliate would need- your page should have every detail before you affiliate would run your offer. But still make sure that you keep it short and easy. You have to let your affiliate know what’s in it for them before they even get bored of reading, so make sure you keep it interesting.

You should be generous, especially to those who send excellent quality volume- would you rather have 5% of $100 Million or 50% of 1 Million? Make sure your affiliate is happy and doing their best in running your offer- it doesn’t matter if you’re not making a millions off of it. For advertisers there are benefits from running at breakeven, it’s valuable lessons, knowledge, and data.

You should also make the process as fast as possible- your affiliates should have access to their stats and they should be able to get to it right away. They should be able to get their affiliate links and have their custom creatives approved timely. Waiting for your email for everything isn’t something they would appreciate.  

How can you vet them to get big results?

It’s quality over quantity every time. But that could be harder done than said so here’s a process:

Let’s say you’re selling your products on cost per sale, you don’t need a strict vetting process then. The only time you pay is when they put money in your pocket. Unless if you want to control where your brand is promoted you could allow them to do whatever they want to d that they believe is effective.

Until you get to verify that the traffic they provide is really quality, you could cap leads to a certain number. This would keep you away from fraud problems. If you get suspicious, you could ask for earning reports. You could also ask them how they would be promoting your offers, would it be through email, search, social, PPV, mobile. This would help you in weeding out affiliates that want to promote your offers in adult traffic. You could also ask for an example landing page. You should make sure it isn’t in any way misleading. Have your guidelines as clear as possible. This is important especially when your offer becomes bigger. If you’re unsure of them but want to give them a try, you could ask for referrals.  Affiliate networks do most of these things but if you do it on your own then you would be doing the job of the network, so make sure you could do it and keep your affiliate program safe for both you and your affiliates.


There’s money as an advertiser working with affiliates, but not every affiliate would meet your expectations, and not every affiliate would be happy with your offer. Make sure that your offer can convert so you wont have trouble recruiting affiliates. You want to popup in blogs, forums, search results, and spy tools. Also, don’t forget to run your own initial tests for your offer to know from the very start if it would convert or not, and so you have data to use. Don’t go into it blind so you won’t lose money. 

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