16 Google Marketing Tools For Your Business

It is impossible to know online marketing without knowing Google. With over 3.5 billion users per day, there is just so much potential to drive traffic and sales using this platform.

When people mention Google, they usually refer to the search engine and not its other tools. But there’s so much more to Google than just the search engine. It also have a wide array of marketing tools that you can use for your business.

In this article, you will learn some of Google’s top marketing tools. Hopefully, you can find some that you can you in your ecommerce marketing arsenal.

Google Plus

When you talk about marketing on Google, the first thing that comes to mind aside from the search engine is Google Plus. Google Plus is google’s social platform that allows any business to create an exclusive page just for their business. The best part is its map integration. With it, you will be able to specify the location of your business as well as promote it on the search engines.

However, creating a Google Plus page is only the first part of promoting in this platform. While creating this page will certainly give you an upper hand when it comes to Google ranking placement, you should still do your part in being active in the medium. Like other social platforms, you need to participate in the community and fully understand the type of post that gets shared.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is the secret behind fast indexing. Instead of waiting for Google to chance upon your website as it follows some backlinks, you immediately inform Google about your site’s existence by submitting it into the Google Webmaster Tool platform. The best part is that it will crawl your site in the same way that their search engine robots do. When they do this, they will inform you of some errors that their robots have encountered while crawling your site.

Google Suite

Ecommerce marketing is not reserved to the submission of your site to the search engines and the building of backlinks. You’ll also need to create content and track your progress. For that, you will need a suite of tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Forms. I have been an avid user of these tools since 10 years ago and it is with good reason. Unlike the traditional Microsoft Word, there is a collaborative element to these tools. You can use this to create a document even if you are in different locations and have the main file update. Aside from this, it is also a great tool to use when collaborating with your team. There are also some presentation tools that you can use for your strategic planning.

Google Adwords

We simply cannot talk about marketing without mentioning Google Adwords. If Facebook have attribute-targeted ads, Adwords have keyword-targeted ads. This means that they show ads in the Google Publisher Network (Adsense) based on the topic of that particular page. On top of this, the ad is also shown when certain keywords are searched on the search engines.

Now, making money from Google Adwords may take some time. You may need to test multiple keywords to see who wins and who loses. From there, you can take the winners and invest in them again. This way, you can cut your losses and get more traffic and sales with your Google Adwords advertisements.

Google Keyword Planner

Marketing on the search engines operates on one thing: keywords. However, you just cannot target any keyword that comes to mind. You need to ensure two things. First, you need to ensure that the keyword has a considerable amount of search volume. You don’t want to target keywords that no one is searching for. Second, you need to choose a keyword that have low competition. Some keywords may have high volume. But if there are tons of competitors, then it is not really a good keyword to target. You’ll want keywords that have a considerable amount of searches but you have a higher chance of ranking for. Google Keyword Planner reveals this data to you. Just input a keyword and you’ll immediately get an average search volume and competition count. This will then help you choose the keywords to target for your site.

Google Trends

Another tool that is quite valuable for ecommerce sellers is Google Trends. You can use it to track the performance of certain topics or keywords. You can even use it to see the search volume of certain items all throughout the year. It is one of the best tools for product research for it will show if you if a certain product has sustained interest over time. Take Christmas Trees for example. While it can generate tons of sales on winter time, the sales will not as good in other times of the year. Whereas, dog clothes will have a consistent demand. This is because it is not seasonal and there is consistent interest in the topic all year round. This shows how valuable Google Trends is as a tool to track a product’s interest over time.

Google Alerts

One of the best techniques for getting free backlinks is link reclamation. This is where you look for websites who have mentioned your brand or items and ask them to link back to you. How will you know if someone have mentioned you? You need to have an alerts tool of course. While some tools like Ahrefs have some alerts, Google Alerts is still the best free option out there. From here, you can look for mentions of your brand or some of your article. You can then see the sites that are linking to you. From here, you just need to contact them to link to you. That’s how easy it is.

Google Analytics

Another Google tool that can be your ecommerce best friend is Google Analytics. If you are promoting your site with ads, you’ll want to know as much as you can about your audience. However, these data are not always readily available unless you have Google Analytics. Almost every online seller tries to install analytics in their site before they launch it. They do this because they want to see the movement of their traffic. They want to see what links they are clicking and where they come from. Aside from this, they like to know certain aspects of the audience such as their country and the platform that they are using. All these can be revealed if you have Google Analytics in your website.

Fortunately, installing Google Analytics in your site is easy. Just create a new user ID for the new channel and upload the meta tag in the head area of your site. From here, GA can already gather data about your target audience. You can then use this data for your Adwords and Facebook ads.


Video marketing is the most popular form of marketing today. People no longer respond to text like they used to. They prefer content to be more entertaining and interactive and video allows them to do that. For that, Google has acquired YouTube. YouTube used to be an independent platform for video sharing. But then, Google has acquired it and have integrated it with their other tools. It is a great place to upload your videos as well as reach your target market through its video search option. These videos are also indexed in the video search engine of Google giving you more chances to get more views.

Google Adsense

As I have mentioned earlier, the ads that you buy from Adwords are not only displayed on top of the search engine results for your target keywords. It may also be displayed in the Google Publisher Network through Google Adsense. The Google Publisher Network are bloggers or website owners who have implemented Adsense in their website. As Google crawl their site, it is able to return the main topic of the site. If these topics are related to your ad, then your ad will be displayed exposing your site to that particular site’s visitors.

Google My Business

Do you want to be advertised on Google? You don’t have to pay them. They are willing to do this for you for free. All they request is you submit your site to Google my Business. Simply submit your details and you have a chance to be featured for certain keywords right on Google’s front page.

What makes Google My Business special is that you no longer have to go through the trouble of getting your website to rank. As long as you manage to optimize your Google My Business listing for a particular location, your business will show up on top of the listings even if you have not paid for anything.

DoubleClick Search by Google

As mentioned awhile ago, ad optimization is very important for ecommerce business. With this, you need all the tools that you can have your hands on. DoubleClick Search is another tool by Google that will help you track your ads and their performance. It will show you stats on both the search and display ads and show how each is performing. Then, you’ll be able to uncover some of the keywords that your audience is using and use that for your future ads.

Google Drive

You’ll surely need something to store your files in. Marketing entails more than just asking for links. You also need to create your own content and this may include documents, pictures and videos. For this, you’ll need a platform like Google Drive so that you can easily access your files no matter what device you are using. The best part is that it also makes way for easy file sharing. Google Drive allows easy attachments to Google even if the file is way beyond the file size limit designated by Gmail. This will allow you to easily share files with your team. If used with Google Suite, this can be really powerful.

Google News

More and more marketing methods have been tagged as spammy by Google. But one type of submission is still accepted until today. This is press release submissions. Press releases are time-bound news stories that are submitted to news aggregators or press release channels. From here, it get indexed on Google News. But the traffic is highly dependent on keywords. In my experience, what’s valuable is not the traffic that you get out of Google News. It is how your link can help your main site gain better rankings on the main search engine.

Google Voice Search

They said that the future of search is in Google Voice Search. As more and more smartphones become voice activated and how assistants like Siri and Cortana gain popularity, there is also a considerable amount of traffic that you can get from ranking in Google Voice Search. How can you rank in this? Simply target questions and locations instead of targeting keywords as is. This will list you as the top answer.

Google Calendar

Need a tool to plan your blogposts or track your marketing efforts? You can put it in Google Calendar. This may quite valuable for task listing and designation. It can also be good for collaboration for you’ll see all the marketing tasks that you need to do in one convenient calendar. The best part is that you can integrate the reminders in your phone. From here, you can set some alarms for the reminders so that you are immediately notified of your tasks for the day.

If you are still not using these Google tools for your ecommerce site, you are missing out. These tools are free and you can easily integrate them into your existing marketing plan. Some of them can organize your marketing (Google Suite, Google Drive and Google Calendar) while others can put you in front of your target audience (Google Adwords and Google News). Which do you like to try first? What have you tried before? Which do you like the most? Tell me all about it below. 

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