How NBA All-Star Jonathan Bender Increased Sales of His JBIT MedPro Product Using OSI Affiliate and Referral Marketing

How NBA All-Star Jonathan Bender Increased Sales of His JBIT MedPro Product Using OSI Affiliate and Referral Marketing

NBA All-Star Jonathan Bender entered the NBA in 1999 as the number five overall draft pick. At age 25 his knees forced him into retirement.  Desperate to take pressure off his knees, he engineered his own apparatus using a few supplies he picked up at a drugstore. That apparatus is what is now known as the JBIT MedPro Product. It is used to relieve body aches and pain and for physical therapy for lower back pain, knee pain, and joint pain. Soon after, Jonathan started selling his product and he believed that selling his product online will be one of the best ways to get this much needed product to consumers.

He started by creating his website where he can showcase, educate, and sell the JBIT MedPro. For his website, he used the Bigcommerce shopping cart software.


After creating and setting up his website for selling, he wanted to implement an affiliate network to help him sell the JBIT MedPro. Rather than pay thousands of dollars to hire an affiliate manager and sign up for an affiliate network, he chose to create his own network by using OSI Affiliate Software.

OSI Affiliate Software was the perfect solution for him because:

1.  It integrates with Bigcommerce easily and fast.

2.  It allows him to pursue his dream of selling online by creating an affiliate network.

3.  He can reward affiliates and resellers for successful sales.

After integrating OSI Affiliate Software with his website, he recruited affiliate partners to join his affiliate program and help him sell the JBIT MedPro.

“Our business has benefited tremendously from the Omnistar Affiliate software. Our entire reseller program is based on what we have setup with Omnistar and all of our affiliate partners truly love the ability to keep track of their own stats.”

Jonathan Bender

The JBIT MedPro affiliates and resellers are able to promote and track JBIT via social media, email, and their own websites.

For Jonathan, he loves that analytics and insights he gets with OSI Affiliate Software. He is able to track the performance and results of his network. It also allows him to offer incentives, motivation, and encouragement to all his affiliates and resellers.

Special thanks to Jonathan Bender  for his insight. You can learn more at


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12 Response to "How NBA All-Star Jonathan Bender Increased Sales of His JBIT MedPro Product Using OSI Affiliate and Referral Marketing"

  1. Comment From Fred Curtis

    This seems like a really great product. I can see how a referral marketing campaign would work great for this. The current customers that can provide real testimonials seem like the best referral partners.

  2. Comment From Timmy jones

    My main concern when considering a program is the ability to setup. However, it seems like the integration with Shopping carts like BigCommerce in this case was pretty seamless and easy.

  3. Comment From Lola Flanagan

    These days everyone is either constantly on Facebook or Twitter, so the ability for affiliates to be able to share on those social networks is huge. Not only is it good for the affiliates but it allows the business to easily expand their reach through their partners social networks.

  4. Comment From Barry Stevens

    I never realized that an affiliate program could be setup as a tracking mechanism for your outsourced sales reps. That essentially is what the affiliates are in this case. Great idea!

  5. Comment From Larry Friedland

    This seems like a grate product that lends well to referral marketing. I’m sure satisfied customers speak highly of the product and tell all their friends and family.

  6. Comment From Judy Law

    It seems as if this product is great for resellers that act as outsourced sales people. The software does a great job of keeping track of what each reseller has earned in commissions.

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