How to Turn your About Us Pages into Sales Machine?


Converting your About Us page into sales requires strategies that are aimed at gaining people’s confidence. An about us page is a content on your website that tells people about the kind of product or services that you offer. In other words, it tells the world about what you do. One way to turn your about us page into sales is by incorporating an inspiring, honest, and convincing information into your content. 

Therefore, here are some effective ways of creating an effective about us page that will increase the number of visitors and also motivate them to patronize you. If you aim at revamping your about us page to generate more leads, you are reading the right piece. We are set to broaden your knowledge on how to create sales converting about us page.

Not only that, the information that will be shared here will enable you to upgrade your existing webpage that is performing below expectations.

What is About Us Page?

As the name implies, it is a web page that tells a visitor about a company or organization. It describes what they do, the product and services they offer, intending to convince the reader, who might be a prospective customer, to find out more information about what a company offers. In other words, it’s a page on a company’s website that talks exclusively on what they do and their mode of operation.

However, there is more to this webpage than just pointing out what you do to visitors. And, the fact is many business owners do not have the experience and the knowledge to make their about us page do much more.

They consider it as a usual nondescript piece of content that is designed to fulfill one of the requirements on a checklist. Rather than just putting up an ineffective about us page, you can follow this simple approach:

  • Make use of useful information that will add value to your website
  • Include essential pages that will shed light on who you are and the kind of product and service you offer
  • Explain further how you go about those services
  • Include what makes you different from others in similar business
  • Do not rush at creating this page. Spend quality time to know what your competitors are up to and how you can create a compelling and distinct about us page for your company’s website

What are the Elements of a Result-Oriented About Us Pages?

Do you know what an effective about us entails? If you are planning to launch a website for your company, you must have the knowledge of the essential elements of an about us page.

What it contains and how you can structure them to give you a perfect representation of the quality of the product and services you offer. Here are the elements that make up an about us page:

  • A catchy headline that attracts visitor’s attention
  • The contents that talk exclusively about your mission, what you do, your achievements, and what you do differently.
  • What your reader will benefit when they patronize your company
  • Photos that show your company’s achievements, personality, and history.
  • Impressive statistics, videos, as well as other visuals that will boost your company’s image.

What is the importance of these pages? 

You should be aware of the fact that these pages give your prospect first impression about your organization and what you do. Therefore, it is the difference when it comes to converting visits into sales.

Every organization or firm claim to be unique and have core values that makes them outstanding and incomparable to others. But, they fail to incorporate this into their about us pages. Telling your prospects what makes you different from other companies or organizations will make the yearn to purchase your product or go for your service. The primary reason for this is they want to experience the uniqueness and quality of your product and services.

When your buyers discover that you deliver on the promises stated in your about us pages, they won’t make a one-time purchase and forget about you. They will always come back to you and become brand ambassadors. They will also help your business by telling their friends and family about what you offer.

Do you know you can include other things in your about us pages? Apart from telling your reader what makes you unique, there is one essential thing that you may include in your about us page to stay ahead of your competitors. Your about us page is a perfect spot to incorporate your call to action, which is also known as CTA.

The CTA should blend perfectly with the contents of your page. It is as simple as getting your visitors to sign up for an email list to download a bulletin. It could be urging them to order your services, claiming an offer, as well as buying your product.

Your about us page is one of the most natural avenues to tell your prospects that you have what they are looking for, or you can get their problem solved. Therefore, you should not fail to balance between showing your readers what your company is all about and what they stand to gain when patronizing your company.

The benefits of about us pages are summarized below:

  • About us pages give you the opportunity to your audience what makes your brand outstanding
  • It is an avenue to tell your story to your prospect in a captivating way
  • About us pages also offer you the privilege to introduce your products and services to your audience in a way that will make them patronize you.

How to write an effective about us page?

Now that you know the importance of this page, you must understand what it takes to craft a web page content that converts. Writing an about us page requires you to understand how you can present your brand to the customer in a compelling way.

You should research to know what will interest your prospects. Not only that, you should be aware of the latest trends as far as your services, products, or brand is concerned.

Understandably, writing an about us page can be an overwhelming task if you have not written one before.

You might be confused about what information to include, what to actually talk about, and the tone of your content. You are likely to have some of these fears as a first-time writer. You can, however, craft a high-quality about us page if you have access to the right information.

The primary things that you should cover on your about us page.

There are many things that you should incorporate into your about us page to make it achieve its purpose. This section will teach you how to write a quality about us page and convert your visitors to buyers. Here are some top things to include in your about us page:

  • Include the problem or issues that your service and products are intended to solve

This is one of the most important things that you cover on your about us page. You should understand that people are always eager to know how your product and service benefits them. Therefore, you should use the medium to tell your audience about you. You should also discuss what you can offer them and how your product can benefit them.

  • Use the avenue to explain to your audience why you start your business or organization.

Another important information that you should include in your about us page is the reason why you establish your business. Apart from stating the problem you intend to solve, it is important to furnish your customers with information about why you decided to kick off your business. Sincerity and relatability are two great values that your audience will appreciate. So, let your prospects see these qualities in your content by telling them the story behind the establishment of your company. Are you moved to establish a transport business by your love to see people get to their destination without stress? Let your reader know the exact reason why you built your organization.

  • Tell your reader what they will get from your website

Let your visitors know what they are about to gain by visiting your website if you are a blogger who shares educative and useful information to your readers via your blog. Do you share inspiring and how-to stories on your blogs that help your visitor on some life’s issue? Then, let your visitor know the benefit and the quality of your website, how it will add value to them, and enhance their understanding of some subject matter.

  • Include something that tells your reader about your credibility

One feature that a good about us page must have is a testimonial or information that tells your audience about your credibility. This is where pictures, statistical data, and video come in. You should not hesitate to include some excellent reviews from your customers, certificates, and awards you have received, as well as pictures showing off your accomplishments.

  • Discuss the reasons why your audience should trust you

Don’t forget that you have to be honest and get a bit personal when writing your about us page for your website. Being personal does not mean that you should start telling your audience about your hobby, or information about your personal life. It entails telling your visitor your story. Your about us page should reflect the answers to these questions: what inspired you to start your business? What is your driving force? Did your passion begin when you were young? How have your initiatives helped people?

A Model Example of Awesome About Us Pages

Here is an example of an about us page of a company:

“At XYZ company, we have the best understanding of the needs of people, and this has enabled us to deliver effective service to our customers. We believe in delivering great user experience and also offer messages, features, and contents that engaging, thought-provoking, timely, and relevant. That is the value that makes us stand out among others. We have what it takes to help companies deliver a great experience. Our priority is to make our customers happy. Their happiness and satisfaction is our driving force”.

The About Us Template that You Can Follow

One of the effective ways to go about writing your about us page is to follow a template designed for that purpose. This will guide you on the sequence as well as information to include in your content. Here is the template that you should follow when writing an about us page:

  • Introduction
  • Picture and video of your company
  • A paragraph on your business
  • What makes you different from others
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Call to action (CTA)


The about us page is one of the most important pages on your company’s website. The truth is that many business owners are yet to understand its significance and benefit to their business. Some do not take their time to craft high-quality about us page because they believe that no one reads it.

However, almost every new visitor on a website reads the about us page to know about the company and its offerings. Therefore, it is likely one of the most-visited web pages. It is sad to know that a lot of business owners are not taking advantage of this page to convert their audiences to customers.

The onus is now on you to open your understanding to the benefits that your about us page brings to you. You must now know how to create an about us page that converts prospects to loyal customers. You will definitely see your business experience increased patronage, and if you follow the ideas presented in this piece.

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    I never realized the power of an ‘About Us’ page. This blog showed me the value in creating one that can be profitable.

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    It’s a great idea to make a more in-depth page. I think noting the accomplishments, the overall mission, and history of the brand makes it marketable to your clientele.

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    I didn’t consider that the ‘About Us’ page is the first impression someone gets on my site. I’ll start taking steps to fine-tune this page to help clear up the details of my site’s purpose

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    This is some solid insight into creating a quality page. Also, I found adding a link to the subscriber page worked wonders for boosting my conversion rate.

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    One thing people neglect is that you’re solving an issue. I think it’s smart to provide a solution to win your prospect’s confidence.

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    Having some prospects mean nothing unless they grow to trust you. You want to make the first look into your site something authentic so they trust your word.

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    I took time to focus on revamping my ‘About Us’ page. When I looked at my analytics, I found that traffic increased on my product pages and I received more subscriptions to my email list.

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    I added a personal story to my ‘About Us’ page in order to show that I’m human. At the end of the day, people go through personal matters and I wanted to share how one event inspired my foray into the business.

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