How to Do Deep Linking

Do you have a lot of products in your store?

Want to make it easy for affiliates to promote all of your products?

Of course, you do! Then you need to use Omnistar’s deep-linking feature.

Without deep linking, creating affiliate links to all of your products can be hard.

First of all, how will it work? Do you need to add the affiliate tracking code to all pages of your website? Can the affiliate create the link themselves? Do you need to generate the affiliate links?

All of these questions and worries get eliminated when you use deep linking.

In this post, we are going to show you step by step how to enable deep linking.

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What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is when you generate affiliate links to individual products in your store.  So, instead of your affiliate links pointing to your homepage, a deep affiliate link points to the individual product.

Here’s an example, let us say that your stores homepage is

Regular affiliates link will point to

A deep link will point to

With the deep linking feature, all your affiliates will have the ability to generate links to individual products they want to promote and track them with click tracking.

It is very is to enable and generate.

Why is it Important?

Deep linking is important because it makes it easy for your affiliates to promote all your products.

Some affiliates don’t just want to send all traffic to your homepage.

They would rather promote the product they like. The product that they are most authentic with.

If you are using influencers, don’t you want them to promote the product they love? The product they connected with? Deep linking makes it easy for your affiliates to promote these products.

It is very easy to promote these products because affiliates trust and believe in the product.

It will allow you to increase conversions rather than sending all the traffic to the home page.

With deep linking:

  • Affiliates can create links easily
  • You don’t have to add tracking code on all your product pages
  • Affiliates get to choose what products to promote
  • Affiliates are happy promoting the product that they really love
  • Affiliates promote products they support and have used
  • Affiliates don’t have to worry about the product customers buy
  • They fully trust customers will go to the correct product
  • And so much more!

Enough talking. Let’s jump into how to use deep linking.

In the Omnistar Affiliate admin dashboard, click Setup.

how to do deep linking

Click Settings.

how to do deep linking

Scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings.

how to do deep linking

Check the box to Allow Deep Linking

how to do deep linking

That’s it. Deep linking is now enabled.

Now, how will the affiliate create the deep link?

In the affiliate’s dashboard, usually they will see the regular affiliate link that looks like this

how to do deep linking

To create a deep link, they will need to click on the deep link icon as shown here

how to do deep linking

Next, they will enter there deep link as shown here

how to do deep linking

Click on Add Link

how to do deep linking

Copy this new link to use to promote

how to do deep linking

That’s it!

You now know how to set up deep linking using Omnistar Affiliate Software.

We have stepped you through how to enable deep linking from the admin dashboard.

Then, we showed you how affiliates can now generate deep affiliate links.

Enabling deep linking will help your affiliate program by:

  • Allowing your affiliates to create affiliate links to any product they want
  • Increase sales of your products
  • Allowing affiliates to create and use the affiliate links they want

We hope this guide helps you with deep linking.

We would love to hear your thoughts on how you are creatively using deep linking. Additionally, please feel free to ask your questions about creating affiliate links and deep linking.

Let us know in the comments below!

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    I would like to clarify if do they offer free trial before jumping to the paid plans?

  2. Comment From Ben Valen

    I have many affiliates that like to be able to link to specific products directly, so this is a great feature.

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    It seems like the more tools you provide to affiliates like this the better. You really want to make it super simple for them to promote.

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    Most systems have your affiliates manually create their own deep link, so the automatic creation of this is a big help.

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