How to do On-Page SEO for your Ecommerce Site [Video]

How to do On-Page SEO for your Ecommerce Site [Video]

All businesses want to rank high in search engines. By ranking favorably, businesses will get more traffic, more leads, and more sales. Online businesses have invested a lot of their marketing budget to do SEO to achieve these results. SEO is a good investment for online businesses and when following the search engine guidelines for good SEO, businesses do reap the rewards of their online marketing goals. A very important factor for ranking in search engines is On-Page SEO. How you optimize your page will influence your search ranking.

This is why we have created a video that will show you how to properly optimize your page. When you watch the below video on How to do On-Page SEO for your ecommerce website you will learn the important on-page factors that you need to focus on to get a better ranking. The on-page factors discussed in the video are the page title, meta description, H1 headline, image filename, image alt attribute, page url, and using the correct keywords within the content of the page. Once you know these factors, understand their importance, and start optimizing your pages by following the proper SEO guidelines, your website will rank higher.

The higher your website ranks in search engines the more traffic you will get to your website. As an online business you understand the importance of traffic and you know that it is the lifeline of your online business. Higher traffic to your website will get you more leads, sales, and grow your business. Learn the important on-page factors that will help your website rank higher and make your business more profitable.

After watching the video, start using these important ranking factors when creating your website pages. Doing on-page SEO is easy and once you learn it you will see that it does not take a lot of time. Actually, it saves and makes you money, especially when you rank high for your keywords. Watch our video on How to do On-Page SEO for your ecommerce website and start getting more traffic to your website.

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17 Response to "How to do On-Page SEO for your Ecommerce Site [Video]"

  1. Comment From Cynthia Griffin

    As an owner of an online business for a number of years now, I am greatly aware of how important on-page SEO is in landing a good ranking on Google’s search page results for my keywords. All the tips that are enumerated in the video have been proven to improve the outcome of any SEO approach.

  2. Comment From Calvin Sanders

    Talking about meta description, there is also the meta keywords component although it is considered by many as less important.

  3. Comment From Walte James

    Are these on-page optimization tips applicable to any ecommerce platform? I am running a Magento ecommerce site.

    1. Comment From admin

      Walte, YES. You can use them with any ecommerce platform.

  4. Comment From Lance Wilkins

    This video is right on. Besides, nothing beats sticking with SEO best practices what with Google’s Panda and Penguin checking sites out. Can’t be too complacent.

  5. Comment From Donald Turner

    Product reviews, program descriptions, fresh content, keyword-rich URLs, and unique page titles are important ingredients ecommerce sites should incorporate. This video is definitely on target.

  6. Comment From Leslie Carroll

    On-page optimization and SEO for that matter is vital to make your ecommerce website a success. Without proper architecture, quality content, and an effective link building, ecommerce sites will pay a lot for online marketing.

  7. Comment From Angelica Stokes

    The image alt attribute aspect is quite important for any ecommerce site. Stores with more products will benefit from giving each of the images on their site alt attributes that are descriptive and are also keyword-rich.

  8. Comment From Jan Foster

    All I can say is that it is really important for ecommerce sites to have an easy and clutter-free layout so that customers are able to navigate around the site and find the product they are looking for.

  9. Comment From Timmy Burns

    One thing I’d like to make clear about meta description. It should be kept simple so people can understand what your product is all about. And the keywords should match your product specification as well.

  10. Comment From Lisa Matthews

    I completely agree. On-page optimization is a crucial component that ecommerce sites should spend time and resources on if they want to rank good in search engines. Of course, it helps if you’re doing it right. This video here shows just how you should do it so you get results.

  11. Comment From Clark Powell

    All I can say is that it is really important for ecommerce sites to have an easy and clutter-free layout so that customers are able to navigate around the site and find the product they are looking for.

  12. Comment From Samuel Griffith

    I am in complete agreement with the previous comment about incorporating tags in an online store. Doing this will absolutely help Google determine how your site is organized and if you do it correctly, you can expect your product details to land on the all-important first page search results.

  13. Comment From Ronald Houston

    Great tips! Any suggestions on other free tools or websites that will help enhance your SEO strategy?

    1. Comment From admin

      Ronald, checkout

  14. Comment From Enrique Floyd

    Thank you for these great and simplified on-page optimization tips. They are very helpful especially for people like me who are still fumbling about with all these principles to remember.

  15. Comment From Frederick Rodriquez

    For me, if there is any on-page SEO facet that is among the most critical and should be incorporated by any ecommerce site, it has to be adding in microdata on the web pages that give it rich snippets. Most people do their searches using search engines and when your site goes up on there complete with the snippets, then you know you can pull in those prospective buyers.

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