How To Get More Sales For Your Store Using YouTube

A video is very important to marketers today. It definitely should be in their radar. That’s also why the budget for making videos that could be used for marketing is increasing. And for the future, expert see mobile video ads to total as much as 72% of digital ad spend when we get to 2019. But that is just not it, there’s something better: it has been proven that when a marketer uses videos it actually boosts their revenue as much as 49% compared to those who don’t use. No wonder why well-known marketers have started to step up their videos. Channels that are used to drive more sales should definitely leave no stone unturned. We usually get comfortable with what we are already doing and what methods we are already practicing, but if we don’t adapt, we lose on more possibilities and maybe even big wins.

We both know you want your conversions to increase more, so make sure you always diversify the way you approach. Grinding your SEO and running your ads to the first page won’t work the magic anymore, more people would rather watch a video than read whatever you want to tell them. Pictures and videos are worth 60,000 words, in other words, they process this faster than they would a text. Every single day the numbers of people watching videos is glaring, even Facebook video views are skyrocketing. So, do you want to drive more sales? Then focus on more helpful, valuable videos than texts. And oh, where else would you do it than on YouTube.

Why Should You Do It On YouTube?

Obviously, YouTube isn’t the only place where you could do video marketing. You could also drive sales from videos on Facebook. The idea is you shouldn’t put all eggs in a single basket. But when we talk about landing sales and customers, well, YouTube is the king. Did you know that there are 1.3 billion people using YouTube? Did you know that as much as 5 billion videos are being viewed on a daily basis. If you want staying power then achieve if from YouTube where it has been proven to have that power. On average people view videos through their mobiles for more than 40 minutes. So with it you can catch the attention of people and keep if for a longer time. YouTube is also known to have the lowest bounce rate even after a click-through to your site, it also has the highest pages per visit and time on site. If you’re aiming for mobile web traffic, YouTube accounts are the majority. More and more people uses YouTube to cater for them when it comes to video content needs compared to other mainstream TVs.

Some people are even cutting off their cable boxes ad channel subscriptions for something nearer to free and has unlimited content. So if you are aiming to reach massive audiences and start building your brand, YouTube is your best friend and would help you gain more followers and drive more sales into your brand.

How Can You Do It?

1. Make sure the videos you shoot are short

A recent analysis was conducted and showed that videos on YouTube that were less than 2 minutes get 50% of all of the views. Well, it shouldn’t be surprising, who wants to watch the whole history of your store and see it all in detail, right? I’m not saying you should rush what you want to say, just do your best to err on the brevity whenever given the chance to.

And before everything else, you should know that YouTube has made recent changes in the way they rank videos and it’s planned in a way that it would favor videos that are engaging. So videos that are watched by viewers until the very end are given more visibility compared to videos that are being abandoned earlier. So remember that your engagement quality should be more prioritized compared to the number of views it would be getting. So making it shorter with relevant details is much more ideal.

2. Make your channel branded

If you aren’t aiming for a one off, you should create a store channel where you can uploaded all relevant videos. Doing so would make it more professional, just think of it this way, if a video is uploaded by ninjo321, it doesn’t look as professional as brandname, right? when you have your own YouTube channel people would also have an easier way finding your products and your store. Also, don’t forget to add in your logo, upload a banner, to make your store look even more professional.

3. Be as consistent as you can be with your content.

No matter how well your channel is designed if your content is all jumbled up and irrelevant there’s no point at all. If you are aiming to be committed for a longer time, you could do YouTube marketing. So before anything else, think through if you can be committed long term into posting relevant content. After that, plan how you can engage your viewers.

When you have finally decide (realize) that it’s totally worth it, be as consistent as you could be. Don’t forget that YouTube is actually a social media channel and like the others that are found in different forms, when you are silent for a long time, you become boring. The least you could do is once a month, if you can do more then the better. If more means it works better then commit to it.

4. Make use of analytics to know more

YouTube gives you data on how your videos performance is, so make sure you take advantage of it. Their data is actually easy to comprehend and more straight to the point, so I’m sure you can understand it easily, and if not there’s Google to help you more.

5. Make use of annotations to keep people engaged

If you watch videos on YouTube then I’m sure that you noticed the boxes that say “Like” “Subscribe now”, those have subscribe links and are called annotations. They are an amazing feature of YouTube to put in text and links into your videos. There are different ways to use it. you can use it as interjections, appeals to subscribe, like, or even to link out of YouTube. When you use it right it could boost your subscriptions. Adding them could be easily done in Video manager.

Expert tip: Don’t put too many text boxes and links into your videos. When they get cluttered they tend to be ineffective. Just think of it this way, your viewers want to watch your video, not see all those annotations.

6. Make an advertisement with Adwords

You have the ability to promote videos through the paid advertising. Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google? So you can simply use Adwords for YouTube. There are three domains that you could advertise on: a pre roll ad before people see the video they want to watch. A banner when browsing the internet. Or even a video promotion when people are looking for similar videos.

7. All the other regular tricks are still applicable

You should treat your videos the way you would a blog post and promote it on all your other channels. Make sure that it has been posted on Facebook, tweeted on twitter, and even blogged about. It might not become viral but you still should promote it. remember that YouTube is also a search engine, so don’t forget to optimize your video. The rules are pretty simple, have a compelling title, a good description, use the correct keywords, and all of the other things you would normally do.

8. Make use of CTAs on each of your videos

A good technique to earn more sales through YouTube is by adding a call to action on every video that you post. When your videos end you can add an end screen call to action to drive them back to your site and turn your viewer into a customer. Easy right? it also works! And if you have been around in the marketing industry, you already know how valuable it is to be explicit when you ask a customer to take action. So if you want people to like your video, make sure to tell them. Don’t assume that they would do it on their own because it rarely happens. Why does it rarely happen? sometimes we’re just too busy watching a video and the thought of clicking like just slips our mind. So you better make sure you trigger it all the time. Even studies have shown that when you use a subscribe CTA, your channels subscription increases by 3,100%. Traffic and sales could be driven into your site by using the call to actions correctly and smartly. Lastly, YouTube included something else in their latest update, they gave us the capacity to feature an end screen annotation instead of having it only while the video is playing, isn’t that amazing? They push their users to look at videos from your page or even take other steps. These are very very effective.


Does your product have a loyal following? Is your social media channels gaining a steady following? Are you already filling your blog with great content? Are you doing all of these and you still think it doesn’t drive you enough sales? Traffic? Customers? Conversions? Then maybe it’s time to add something else. Videos are a whole new world to add into your marketing strategies. When you do this properly, you gain a way to share more details about the features of your products and services. You could tell your history, your story and how you end up where you are now. You can even tell your viewers how they could effectively use your services and products. When you have events, sales, you can all share it on a video. A study was made and showed as much as 64% would likely buy after they watch a video regarding the product. It’s time to grab a camera when you think that your product is really cool and make sure that people gets the most out of it. Show your viewers something interesting and something that would catch their attention. Remember that the key is to focus on their engagement and not on getting more views. You might think that you aren’t successful because you didn’t go viral, well I will tell you again, it’s not about going viral, it’s about getting people engaged and interested to buy from you.Now that you know all of these things about getting more sales for your store while using YouTube, keep in mind: Make sure the videos you shoot are short, Make your channel branded, Be as consistent as you can be with your content, Make use of analytics to know more, Make use of annotations to keep people engaged, Make an advertisement with Adwords, All the other regular tricks are still applicable, Make use of CTAs on each of your videos. Best of Luck!

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