How to Increase YouTube Engagement for your eCommerce Website

One of the hardest things about YouTube marketing is promoting your own channel. YouTube marketing is a huge component of your eCommerce strategy, and its effectiveness will most likely affect the overall performance of your business. Proper promotion of your YouTube channel means more prospects, and more prospects provide the competitive edge, drives the demand and increases your ROI.

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While search engine optimization and social media marketing is essential for the success of your online business, there is another extremely lucrative strategy that you might not have taken into account. We are talking about leveraging the power of YouTube, and other video channels.

Why it is Important to Increase Your Youtube Engagements

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Here are some other fun facts that will make your hearts skip a beat: According to ExpandedRamblings there are 19.1 million unique visitors on YouTube every month and over 6 billion hours of video watched per month. While TV viewing was up with less than 0.1% last year, Internet and mobile video viewing (especially on YouTube) have grown tremendously.

But before you start spending your entire budget on YouTube marketing you should consider some other statistics. For example, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. This means that by the time you finish reading this guide; approximately 3 weeks of new video content will be posted. The question is how can you increase YouTube Engagements in order to attract more visitors and promote your brand?

I consider that video content is essential, especially for eCommerce websites which can promote their services and increase brand awareness through Youtube. Another thing worth considering is the increase in mobile activity. According to recent studies, more than 40% of online purchases are completed from mobile devices, and the increase of mobile YouTube viewers can only mean even more opportunities of attracting relevant traffic.

For this reason, and many more, I have decided to create a full list of practices that will help you increase your YouTube engagements for your Ecommerce Company.

1. Create Shareable & Unique Video Content Regularly

Chances are that you will never create a viral video (unless you own a talking husky or a moustache cat), and in all honesty you wouldn’t even want that. It would be impossible for E-commerce companies to handle millions of clients at once. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create incredible video content. In order to do this you must understand and address your audience’s needs.

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After you have found “your voice” focus your time on creating valuable how-to’s, FAQs, tutorials or behind-the-scenes videos that your visitors will enjoy. The whole point of video content is to explain stuff to your clients, or simply entertain them. If you offer them something useful they will definitely become more engaged with your channel. Keep in mind that the most shared videos are the ones that are no longer than 2 minutes.

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2. Understand Your Visitors

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In order to engage a person you must first understand them. It is impossible to increase your YouTube engagements if you market the wrong type of content, to the wrong people. Understanding who your users are, what they want to consume, and how they watch videos is therefore vital. In order to achieve this you must study demographics, spend some time on your analytics sheets, and learn some psychology.

This will help you tailor promotion strategies that will better appeal to your target audience, and convert traffic into leads. Video content is an indirect method of generating sales, so it should not be focused exclusively on your business. If you are truly interesting in understanding your most engaged sector, you could only analyse the data for your subscribers.

3. Partner With YouTube Celebrities

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As you probably already know there are many Vloggers and YouTube celebrities that have hundreds of thousands of followers. Because they create personal videos, their subscribers are genuinely interested in their life, and they probably also trust their opinion. An excellent way of driving traffic to your eCommerce website or increasing YouTube engagement is by teaming up with one such celebrity. Offer them a freebie, or a service and ask them to review/comment/promote them in one of their videos. For example, if you own a gaming company send a beta version of it to a game tester who has a popular YouTube channel and ask them for a review.

4. Experiment, Analyse & Implement

Understanding your audience also refers to knowing what type of devices they prefer to navigate from. If the majority of your visitors are mobile ones, you might want to optimize your video content for mobile use. In addition to this, YouTube offers some pretty useful metrics, including average view duration by device. This will help you plan your content strategy based on the most common device used as well as the engagement level for every device type.

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Depending on your data you might want to optimize your channel design, thumbnails, widgets, or content to better speak to your target audience. Another thing that you should consider is foreign visitors. It may be true that 70% of YouTube users are from the US, but we are talking about billions. Chances are that your channel is visited by Europeans. If you have visitors from different countries you should definitely consider adding subtitles or transcriptions to enhance their experience.

5. Explore the YouTube Community

Like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, YouTube also lives by the rule “sharing is caring”. You are not the only person in the community who is trying to get a message through. A great way to engage users on YouTube is by commenting on other relevant videos, adding links to your social profiles in the video description, and sharing the content of fellow YouTubers.

6. Fill Out Your Video Descriptions

Keep in mind that YouTube is owned by Google. This means that every video that you publish has the potential of becoming visible on search engines quickly if it has important fields filled out correctly. Don’t be sloppy when it comes to typing in information in the description, tags, category and title boxes. The more relevant details you add, the higher the chances of being discovered by good prospects. Also, if relevant information appears in the Google result page you have more chances of engaging with the visitor.

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7. Create Fan Videos for your Audience

YouTube marketing is all about connecting with your audience. Instead of posting only videos with your work, product and services why not pass the driver’s wheel to your loyal clients? Referrals are extremely effective marketing strategies. To make this work you simply have to ask your customers to post short YouTube videos of them interacting with your products. These types of videos are very successful because they tell a story in a genuine way. Regardless of the feedback you receive (good or bad) you should share it. This adds more credibility to your brand.

8. Create a Video Landing Page

The web-design world has seen amazing advancements in the last few years. Parallax scrolling, responsive design & flat design are only a few examples. But it is video landing pages that have amazed us the most. (Example: Spotify’s page). If you want your video to rank and drive traffic to your site (not YouTube) you should consider creating a video landing page.

9. Tell a Story

As we already mentioned, the point of YouTube marketing is getting closer to your target audience. That is what engagement means. In order to attract loyal, long-term customers you must show them that you are human, and that they mean a lot to you. Inspirational stories and motivational movies have the potential to go viral, so why not tell your brand’s story through a series of video clips? Data visualization & story-telling are the hottest thing right now. You can also include your customers so that they can share and market your video to their own networks.

10. Use YouTube Adds

Although many people consider promoted content or videos the “last frontier” when it comes to online marketing, YouTube Adds are actually useful. First of all they don’t look spammy. They appear in the suggested column, and have a small “promoted video” or “promoted channel” sign beneath. Secondly, they are promoted according to the user’s preference.

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For example, if the YouTube user has searched for leather shoes in the past, your video might appear in their feed (=increased engagement). Lastly, biding for keywords on YouTube is a lot cheaper than Google or Facebook ads. Once you have submitted your promoted video you can also run a CTA (call to action) ad. These ads are clickable and will allow you to click right over from the video to the website.

11. Understand How Engaging Your Videos Are

Now that you have tried out at least some of the suggestions we made it is time to check how your video content is doing. An essential aspect of video marketing is monitoring data and determining which types of videos work best with your audience. Here are a few examples of data that you should pay attention to:

–          Which videos are holding attention and which aren’t

–          How long are visitors viewing your videos

–          How are visitors interacting with your content

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Did you know that YouTube usually shows videos with low audience retention less frequently in search and suggest placements? In other words, finding out how engaging your videos are is important not only for audience development, but also for uncovering visitor patterns and gaining more visibility on YouTube. Go to your Views section -> Absolute & Relative Audience retention reports. Absolute audience retention refers to the views of every moment of the video as a percentage of the number of video views. The first 15 seconds are usually when the most drop-offs occur. Large dips at the early stages means that your video content is not meeting audience expectations and changes might improve them.

12. Post a Bulletin for Friends & Subscribers

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If you already have a decent number of subscribers and followers you should leverage the power of the Bulletin. At the top of your YouTube channel you will see the Post Bulletin Tab. With it you can create a bulletin and link it to a video that will appear in your subscribers’ news-feed and home-pages. This will ensure that you attract extra attention to your video content. (My Channel->Home->Feed)

13. Create a Branded Channel

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This suggestion is common sense, but we decided to mention it nonetheless. The chances of your video going viral are slim at best, so if you are not going to make a one-hit-wonder you should definitely consider creating a branded channel. Segment your videos in categories (example: featured products, tutorials, stories, fan videos etc), add a cover & profile photo and post consistently.

14. Maintain a Philosophy of Brand Recognition

We were talking about establishing a voice earlier. Maintaining it is vital to the success of your video campaign. You should also include a logo, personalized introduction and ending in every video. Also make sure that the voice you have adopted matches your brand’s vision. Any chance of being unique should not be overlooked. Viewers that stick around until the end are likely to become actively engaged with your content so you should give a call, ask them to sop on by, or visit your website. Remember that it is not only important to sell products, but also to brand your business.

15. Review & Reply to Comments

Commenting is a crucial element of audience engagement. People comment when they want to interact with a brand/website/service or individual. Replying to their comments, keeping track of who is commenting and what they are commenting about can help you convert viewers into clients. Youtube has a nifty “Comments” tab in the Analytics section where you can check the frequency and dates of your comments. We can’t stress enough the importance of portraying your brand as an approachable and engaging one. Replying to comments in a timely manner will attract more potential customers.

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16. Create Short, Funny & Helpful Videos

According to SocialBakersYouTube videos under 2 minutes get approximately 50% of all views. Internet users don’t have time to spend on endless videos, or slog through the entire history of how your business started (this doesn’t mean that your story isn’t important).

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Shorter, to the point videos, generate more views and good engagement. YouTube has also changed its algorithms a while back. Now videos that engage viewers rank better than those that don’t. In other words, videos that are viewed until the very end have greater visibility on YouTube.

17. Use Annotations to Engage the Audience

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You may have noticed the little boxes that pop up in some videos on Youtube. They are called annotations and they may include information such as text, links to other videos or even your website. On the other hand, annotations can include humorous interjections or after-the-fact comments which will determine the viewer to subscribe.

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Types of Annotations:

–          Small speech bubbles – can have customized font, box size & length

–          Active links – can include links to your channel, playlist, website etc.

18. Propagate your Videos Through All Channels

Once you have posted a new video make sure you share it on different channels such as Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest etc. You can even blog about it. It will probably not go viral on its own so you should actively promote it. If you have bloggers or industry experts that appreciate your website you can ask them to also share your video.

These are the most effective methods of Increasing the YouTube Engagement of your E-commerce website. There is always room for innovation, so you should definitely experiment with new ideas. Keep in mind though that YouTube is a search engine, and it requires proper optimization in order to display your video content.

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