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How to Make Your Business Competitive Going Into 2017

Competition is healthy but when you do not know how to engage your competitors, you become irrelevant and your business suffers the most. It all lies in the marketing strategies you have put in place. With things changing, you always have to be informed. Here are some of the things you can do:

Know your customers

Who do you want to sell to? Who is your target audience? You have to make this clear before you decide to market your business. If you want to be competitive and increase your sale, you have to know your customers. It is easy now that the internet is around. With internet marketing, you can target a particular location, class of people or customers. Once you have identified them, you can build the campaign around them. For quality SEO, you have to know your customers.

Create an agile website

A website that is flexible and attractive yet simple will be a good way to market your business. Customers will always relate to something that is unique and they are able to find their way around with ease. You have to structure it in a way that makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. From there write content that is line with the basics of SEO where you can break it down to short and precise paragraphs plus titles and subheadings.

Go mobile

Up to now you already know that the mobile technology is on the rise. Almost everything is done using a mobile device including shopping and depositing cash into the bank. With that in mind, you have to take your business mobile. With such a huge following, you can keep your business competitive if your site is mobile friendly. It starts with designing a website that is mobile responsive and offers online payments. For example, if you have an online retail store, you can accept credit cards and online payments, mobile checkout point and the like. Also, if your website allows mobile viewing, you can optimize it for prospects to see and buy what you have in store.

Invest in quality SEO

Quality SEO is the future of the success of websites and businesses in general. It makes your site look good and also readers can relate to it. Your business should be your prime focus when coming up with a strategy. However, if you want quality, you should optimize for both your target audience and search engines. That way, your visitors can enjoy reading your content and also lure them into buying what you are offering. Apart from that, you will need to retain them in the long run.

Optimize with the aim of conversion instead of just rank

It is good to have a high ranking on search engines but what good is that if there is no conversion? Although your website will be popular it does not mean that your sales have improved. The idea is to give your business the needed boost in terms of revenue. This is especially the case for e-commerce businesses they need to sell to stay in the competition. You can structure your content in a way that it optimizes for both the highly searched keywords and also entices people to buy your product. It should not be a promotional manner but informative and interesting.


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5 Response to "How to Make Your Business Competitive Going Into 2017"

  1. Comment From Tander

    Making a mobile website is very key these days. Most people these days don’t even have a computer, because they can just use a mobile phone or tablet as their primary means of accessing the Internet and checking email.

  2. Comment From Joe Taylor

    I have always struggled when trying to determine what actual quality SEO efforts are. There are so many companies pitching ways to improve your rankings, I really do not know where to start.

  3. Comment From Ben Stevenson

    Over the last year I have spent a lot of time creating a customer profile so that I truly understand who my typical customer is. This really helps with my targeted marketing efforts.

  4. Comment From Laurie Trisdale

    I have recently stopped worrying about my web site SEO rankings and have just focused on optimizing for conversions. This has made a tremendous difference in the amount of conversions that I have received.

  5. Comment From pip camera

    Great to come to your site as the information shared is good and is explained in simple words. Good stuff you are created, thank you for sharing a nice article.

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