How To Setup a Referral Program For Magento

Have you ever visited an online eCommerce store? If yes, then you know how easy it is to shop online. From scrolling through the products to adding in the cart, and from checking out to receiving your delivery, everything is smooth and convenient. Now, if you want to develop an eCommerce website, you require some eCommerce platforms to be included on your website. And one of the best and most popular eCommerce platforms is Magento with a referral software.   

What is Magento?   

If we put things simple for you, Magento is a software for building and managing online shopping stores. It helps the online shopping store owners to add the functionality of flexible shopping cart systems, as well as manage the overall look of the content and functionality of their online store.    

Magento also offers its other services that include strong online marketing, SEO, and other Catalog-Management tools, necessary to rank your website higher and boost your sales. And the best thing about Magento is the fact that it is built on an open-source technology, which means you can get it for free.   

Magento’s ability to scale is impressive. If you have an online store with only a few hundred products, and in the future, you want to increase those numbers to say a few thousands, you’ll be able to do it without changing platforms. It also provides a lot of customization options. It comes with a wide range of plug-ins and themes which can be used to increase the quality of experience for your customers.   

Another thing that is really convenient for online merchants is that they can select any hosting platform of their choice. You don’t have to stick with only one hosting service forever. As a result, eCommerce retailers have the opportunity to have their own data, and they can always move to any better hosting company at any time.  

What is OSI Affiliate Software?  

After building and launching an eCommerce store, it is clear that you need more sales and leads to your online store. If you are running a business, you know that the most important thing for sales is to make a strong customer base. That can be achieved through an online marketing campaign. But would you prefer spending thousands of dollars for pitching up your store? I’m sure most of you will not.    

If you want to increase the reach of your online store, then you must know, your existing customers can be the one getting you more traffic. Your existing customers are really a powerful force that is already in touch with you. Most of the customers today are influenced by the recommendation from their friends and family. This is where OSI Affiliate Software comes into play.   

OSI Affiliate Software allows you to integrate an affiliate program to your online store. It can help you arrange a referral program for your store, which will ultimately result in more traffic and will give your customer base a boost.    

OSI Affiliate Software offers you the right tool for creating and managing a referral program for your business. This software will enable you to work along with many online marketers that will market for your business, and your website will get sales leads.  

Adding OSI Affiliate Software to your website is very easy, and you can even track the referral partners who manage to produce sales. Signing up customers and website visitors is also very easy; all they have to enter is their email address, and they are all set to be the part of your website’s referral program. If you want your online store to grow, OSI Affiliate Software can be beneficial in achieving your goals. 

What is A Referral Program? 

Referral marketing is known to be one of the most effective market strategies ever. A referral program helps to put your current customers to work as your own sales staff. How? Well, if customers are satisfied with your products and services, they are going to refer your services to their friends and family. As a result, more customers are going to flock into your stores, and you will automatically generate more sales. And to make sure your customers keep on referring, you either give them rewards, discounted coupons, or appreciation gifts. 

Why Magento Users Need OSI Affiliate Software? 

In today’s world, affiliates can be found in almost every market and product category known. Whether you are trying to pave your way to the retail industry or are interested in dealing with a niche like handmade antique pots, you are always going to find a website to align with. There are quite good chances that these affiliates already have a strong visitor base. This allows you to expand your business into markets that you would not have been able to approach at all if it was not because of Affiliate marketing.  

You can also make a reputation for your business by partnering with trusted influencers that can shout out to your product. So, customers will build trust with your brand, and your sales will boost like never before. 

If your online store is using Magneto, then OSI Affiliate Software will make sure that more customers are driven into your store, and your customer base gets more robust. Once customers visit and buy something from you, please give them your best services, build a strong relationship with them, and boost your sales.  

OSI Affiliate Software will do its part in driving more traffic to your online store; plus, it will also free you from any burden of running your online marketing campaign on your own. Just leave that to OSI Affiliates Software and let the affiliates do the marketing, while you keep your focus on giving flawless services to your customers. 

Magneto and OSI Affiliate Software are like made for each other. They have a similar goal, and that is to drive more sales, increase your reach, and provide a user-friendly experience to the customers so that they fall in love with your online store.

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