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How to Prevent Affiliate Fraud

Are you worried that your affiliates might send fake or fraud sales?

Many affiliate managers always have a sneaking suspicion that affiliates might try to get more commissions by abusing their program.

If you are one of these managers, then you can stop worrying.

There’s many ways you can stop and prevent fraud orders from your affiliate program. In this post, we are going to show you 3 ways that you can use right now to stop fake affiliate sales.

Why would you want to prevent abuse to your affiliate or referral program?

Preventing fraud from your affiliate program helps you save money and run an effecting word of mouth marketing campaign. If affiliates can easily abuse your system, then you will be losing money, wasting time, and put your business on a path to fail.

You don’t want this!

It is very crucial that you understand the many ways affiliates might want to defraud you. We are going to show you these ways and once you know them, you will save your affiliate program from abuse.

Here are the 3 ways that you can stop your affiliate program from getting abused:

  1. Approve all affiliate sales
  2. Monitor transaction ids
  3. Track IPs

Now, that you know the top 3 ways of stopping affiliates from abusing your program, let’s get into the details of how to turn these on.

1. Approve all affiliate sales

Why would you want to approve all affiliates sales? By manually checking in all transaction sales that come from your program, you will easily identify affiliates who are trying to defraud you.

Approving all sales ensures that no fake orders are getting through your system.

The downside…this might take some time.

The only issue with approving affiliate sales is that you will need to spend time double checking orders. Who wants to do that? It could be a waste of time…you are better off using that time finding better ways to market your business.

To set this up, go to Campaigns.

Click to edit the referral program or you can add a new one. On the Referral program edit page, click on Show advanced settings.

Now check the box that says sales must be approved by admin before getting added.

2. Monitor Transaction IDs

This is another bulletproof method of making sure you affiliate program is not getting abused. By having your system monitor transaction ids, you will prevent any fraud.

All transaction ids are unique. Each sale has a unique transaction id and when you enable this feature, the system will automatically detect and prevent fraud orders.

Actually, the sales cannot get registered because the system will know and will not process identical transaction ids.

To enable this feature, click on Setup.

Next, click on Settings.

Next, click on Show Advanced Settings

Next, check the box that says Transaction ID Monitoring

NOTE: To use this feature, you must add the transaction id variable to your tracking code. If you have any questions about this, please email support.

3. Track IPs

Our affiliate system records all the IPs for all sales records.

So, all sales will mostly have a unique IP address. Sometimes you will get repeat purchases from customers so you don’t have to worry about that.

Since the IP is tracked and monitored, if you detect fraud sales or transactions from affiliates, you can grab that IP address and then exclude it from the system.

This will stop recording any transactions from that abusive IP.

To exclude an IP, go to Rewards.

Click on Exclude IP

Next you can add that abusive IP to the system.

Now all abusive IPs will be blocked by the system.

That’s it!

Those are the top 3 ways you can prevent affiliate abuse using Omnistar Affiliate.

Have peace of mind when you are managing your referral program. You don’t want to feel that affiliates are taking advantage of your system and robbing you of money.

Make your referral program bulletproof and prevent affiliate abuse using these features.
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7 Response to "How to Prevent Affiliate Fraud"

  1. Comment From Ben Stein

    Approving all referred sales is really the best way to stay on top of all your referrals and make sure you do not have any fraud.

  2. Comment From Billy Taylor

    It’s great to have all these features to prevent fraud. This is one thing that I have been concerned about. I do not want to get taken advantage of.

  3. Comment From Conor Oreily

    Many affiliate systems just track using cookies and not IPs. Using IPs is another way to insure the right affiliate gets credit.

  4. Comment From Ricky Hammond

    Many times I have staff put through orders, so I like having the ability to block our IP just in case anyone has clicked an affiliate link.

  5. Comment From Chad Wineman

    These features are good to know. Most affiliate solutions do not offer any fraud prevention.

  6. Comment From Craig Luchek

    I cant really think of any case were I would have orders that can have the same order number. The transaction ID monitoring feature is a must have to prevent someone from refreshing the thank you page to rack up orders.

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