How to Setup Squarespace Referral Program

What is Squarespace?

In the most basic term, Squarespace is a website building platform with a reputation of being an all in one system that is very easy to use. Compared to numerous website builders, Squarespace is sleek with a designer’s quality themes that are very responsive to all kinds of screens. It is an ideal platform for individuals and organizations.

For businesses that organizations that don’t have a dedicated IT department, Squarespace is often the ideal option. It is because the Squarespace team is ever ready to take care of all security updates and incorporate the latest SEO practices. With this website builder, you can create a new page and update some vital information in minutes.

Platforms like WordPress seems to do a pretty job when it comes to website management, but they are best for some specific group of people or organization. If you’re looking to create a complex website, WordPress would be best for you. The plugins are fantastic and extend the site’s functionality. But most times, there is always a conflict with plugins and themes. It comes with its headache, and as an entrepreneur who doesn’t have an IT department yet, Squarespace is a great deal.

When you head over to the backend of your Squarespace website and make some edit, the changes are immediate. You can open a new tab to see the changes. Take note that you don’t need to be a coder to manage the backend. It is an easy interface that you can interact with quickly, without any coding background. 

There are three icons on the top of the page for phone, tablet, and desktop, which allows you to see how your website looks on mobile. With this feature, you will be able to reformat the page and see how it performs on different screens.

Overall, Squarespace is a sophisticated website builder for anyone or any organization that wants a stress-free journey in website management.

What Is OSI Affiliate Software?

If you own a website and you’re seeking ways to drive traffic and boost sales, then you might want to look into affiliate marketing. In that arena, is king and has been helping numerous websites increase sales and traffic without hurdles. It is easy to use a referral marketing software that would skyrocket your business to an incredible height. Do you know the best part? This platform offers a 15-day free trial. With this, you can taste magnificent of this site and determine whether to forge ahead or not.

Running an affiliate marketing is a very complex project, which is why you need a reputable company to walk you through. With, affiliate marketing becomes very easy to implement on your Squarespace website. when you work with, they will help you:

  • Integrate

The company will help you integrate an affiliate tracking software on your website. With that, customers, influencers, and affiliate marketers would start working with you almost immediately. You don’t need to stress yourself when there is a team that is ready to help you achieve your sales dreams.

  • Attract

Furthermore, you will be able to attract new customers and increase sales. It is because you will be getting them from trusted recommendations and sources. is the king of the affiliate, and they ensure you get the best.

  • Growth

The endgame of affiliate marketing is to grow your website. It could be in the area of sales or traffic. By implementing affiliate marketing using, your customers would be able to recommend your sites to their network.

Getting started with this platform is not rocket science. It is effortless, with a team that is ever ready to take over the stress of the project.

What Is A Referral Program

At this juncture, you will be wondering what a referral program is. In that case, you don’t need to live on that dark anymore. A referral program is a huge compliment and a vital tool used to get your business in front of potential leads. In other words, it is a process in which you reward your customers for spreading the word about your products and services. If you run a Squarespace website and you’re looking for an avenue to boost growth, then affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy you mustn’t overlook. When you implement this strategy, you will be able to make so much in return.

Why Squarespace Users Need OSI Affiliate Software

The aim of every website owner, businessperson, or organization is to grow. Irrespective of the website builder you’re using, affiliate marketing is something that you should never neglect. For the sake of this article, what benefits lies for Squarespace users when it comes to using OSI Affiliate Software? Well, it is massive.

1. Social Media Marketing

With OSI Affiliate Software, you can integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. which allows you to share your link across various social networks. It further helps to boost reach when you kick off the campaign.

2. Use Your Domain

Unlike some affiliate software, you can use your website domain to set your affiliate links and account URL. That is a way to remain consistent with your brand without spinning off. It is also a way to boost brand awareness.

3. Getting Started Wizard

Using the OSI Software doesn’t have to look like you’re hacking a NASA website. The setup wizard is very easy and straightforward to follow. As long as you can ready, then you’re good to go.

4. Customer Support

OSI Affiliate support is top-notch. You don’t need to wait hours before speaking to an agent. The team is ready to work with you and solve whatever problem you might encounter.

5. Build-in Promotional Resources

The software comes with massive promotional resources that would help you promote your Squarespace website. You can take advantage of that to grow your affiliate program without issues.

6. More Sales and Traffic

Most importantly, you will experience a drastic increase in sales and traffic to your Squarespace website. That is a dream for every website owner, and with OSI Affiliate Software, you get closer to that dream. If as a Squarespace user and you’re yet to start using OSI Affiliate software, then you’re missing massive benefits that will turn your site around.

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