How To Setup WooCommerce Referral Program in 2020

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that you can install and sell products and services. You can sell anything using the WooCommerce plugin, ranging from digital to physical products. Furthermore, you will be able to manage inventories and track shipping. With WooCommerce, there are lots of secure payment gateways that you can integrate into your WordPress website.

WooCommerce is free, developed by Automattic. Since they are a corporate arm of WordPress, that means they are reliable. With this plugin, you have total control over your store, data, and feel of your WooCommerce store.

Now the burning question becomes, why should you use the WooCommerce plugin? Just like WordPress, this eCommerce plugin is free and open-source. Aside from the premium features, it is entirely free to use. You can tweak the changes to suit your aim. Additionally, it is easy for beginners to grasp and use without any knowledge of codes.

Installing the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website is pretty straightforward. All it takes is just a few clicks, and you’re ready to go. The setup wizard is easy to handle. As long as you can read, then you’re capable of handling the WooCommerce plugin. When you follow the setup wizard, setting up the plugin takes nothing less than five minutes.

This incredible eCommerce plugin allows you to sell any product. There is no limitation, as everything is entirely under your control. One exciting feature that some WooCommerce users love is the ability of the plugin to automatically detect the location of buyers and simplify the tax calculations and shipping. 

WooCommerce is highly extensive, with numerous themes and plugins that will enhance the functionality of your WooCommerce store. That means you can create a store that feels and behave precisely the way you envision.

What Is OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate is a software used by numerous eCommerce tycoons to facilitate affiliate marketing. With this incredible software, eCommerce owners can efficiently run a referral program that spills in incredible results and members. They can double sales, drive traffic, and, most of all, promote the store.

In other to adequately understand how this software works, it is paramount to see it as a tool used to skyrocket the progress of an eCommerce store to a fantastic height. Here are some exciting features that make OSI Affiliate one of the best affiliate marketing tools for WooCommerce store owners.

  • Social Media Referrals.

With OSI Affiliate software, social media widgets are integrated for visitors to find it easy to share posts on social media. It helps to boost traffic, sales and also promote the WooCommerce store. For eCommerce store owners who are yet to incorporate this software, they are missing massive opportunities.

  • Contest Manager

With OSI Affiliate software, you will be able to manage a contest that helps drive traffic and sales to the site. In other words, visitors who drive the most traffic would go home with a reward.

  • Discounts

With OSI Affiliate software, WooCommerce users would be able to give users coupons and discounts. If the user completes specific tasks, he will be eligible for some reward.  With this tool, store owners can create a referral marketing loop.

What is a Referral Program

A referral program is a marketing strategy that allows site owners to reward visitors for spreading the word about their business. It is a process through which users are encouraged to be part of the growth of the company. In return, they earn some commission. 

With a unique referral link, users can refer customers and receive some reward. Big companies like Amazon and Wish uses this strategy to drive more sales and increase the customer base.

Why Woocommerce Users Need OSI Affiliate Software

The first marketing strategy for every eCommerce business is affiliate marketing. In that case, OSI Affiliate software becomes an indisputable tool. For any WooCommerce user looking to drive traffic, promote their store, and boost sales, then this is the ideal software. Here are quite a handful of reasons why this software is the best for every WooCommerce user.

  • Easy To Setup

Many eCommerce owners think that incorporating affiliate marketing on their website is technical. However, it isn’t. The interface of OSI Affiliate software is very sleek and easy to understand. Once a user signs up, the system guides the user through simple steps for a complete setup. Within 5-minutes, the software is ready to commence operation.

  • Social Media Referrals

OSI Affiliate implements some social media widgets that allow visitors to share content with their network easily. It helps to foster more traffic and sales on the platform. Since traffic is one of the drivers for success, it made OSI Affiliate the top choice software for every WooCommerce user.

  • Getting Affiliate

With OSI Affiliate software, store visitors would be able to apply to become an affiliate and earn a commission. With the OSI Affiliate widget, visitors can join the store’s referral program. Furthermore, the software will be able to track the data of every visitor. That way, eCommerce owners would be able to reward base on their performance.

  • Top Rank

OSI Affiliate software ranks very high on the metric, compared to other similar software on the internet. For every WooCommerce user who envisions growth in their eCommerce endeavor, they would be able to achieve a lot through this software.

  • More traffic

With OSI Affiliate software comes more traffic. The social widget, and numerous other features gears toward making sure that more users are visiting and registering on the site. If you’re looking to drive traffic, OSI Affiliate software is the ideal package for you.

Wrapping Up!

OSI Affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing software on the internet. It comes with lots of unique features that would facilitate growth and sales. With software such as this, doubling your customer base and making double of your average sales becomes possible. If you’re yet to use this tool, then your WooCommerce store is missing a lot.

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