How to Write Product Descriptions

People nowadays spend more time shopping online than going to physical stores. Well, the reason is quite apparent. Driving customers into your business utilizing product description is quite challenging.

Here comes the queen of online marketing, the product description. Have you ever wondered how you are captivated by a particular product because of its description? Well, to me, I wonder why most of the time!

So, let’s dig into some of the helpful tips in driving sales to your online shops, specifically on how to write product descriptions. 

What is Product Description?

A product description is a marketing content of products that explains all the important information about it. It mainly includes the benefits of the product, the seller’s necessary information, and some additional buttons. 

The purpose of the product description is to drive sales to the product by convincing the buyer. It needs to supply the customer with the product features. Writing product descriptions is not as easy as counting one to three. 

Why Write Product Descriptions?

Is writing product descriptions necessary? Is it needed?

Well, it depends on you. But if you want to increase your product sales, then definitely, you need to write one. Each website has a different theme, layout, and personality that may require product descriptions. 

Effective product description needs thorough research and time. In this article, we will know some tips on writing product descriptions. 

Tips on Writing Effective Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

1. Define your Target Audience

This step should be the first in line. Defining your target audiences is the most important and useful technique in writing product descriptions. 

In line with that, you should understand your buyer persona. A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customers based on market surveys and researches. You need to create a blueprint of which features of your product would attract and convince your potential customers.

It will help you think of what features of your product will be valuable for your potential buyers. A buyer persona can be created through surveys, interviews, and research about your target audiences. This includes diverse customers and prospects.

Having a buyer persona will make it easier for you to organize your content, massaging, product researchers, and other services. According to some marketers, the most influential buyer personas are those based on market research and insights from your actual customers. 

When writing product descriptions, consider these few questions: 

  • What drives this person to visit your page?
  • His/her interest?
  • Why is he/she interested in your Shopify store?
  • How will this person describe your product to someone?
  • What are the features or benefits of your product that interests this person?

Focus on the features of your product that would appeal to your buyer persona, instead of focusing on the fancy features of a product which is very bland. 

2. Focus on How your Product Can Improve your Customer’s Life

Well, this part is the most mistaken step in writing descriptions for your products. As the owner of the product, you will try to shout to the world what are the best qualities of it. You are doing it wrong!

Again, instead of putting extra effort into promoting your products’ best features and unique specs, focus on its benefits. Admit it. Customers will love to know the features of your product, but upon reading the benefits implying how it can improve their living is much more convincing. 

Some product owners use a product description template that includes the key features and benefits of the product. The description will clearly outline the key features and how it is useful to your buyers. 

Your product description’s content should convince the potential buyers that it will help him/her improve his quality of life. Make a blueprint before you write a product description. The outline should be composed of the product’s features and benefits. 

For every selling feature, linked it with its benefits. This way, it is more persuasive than plain product features. 

3. Drop the Full Story on your Product Description

Giving all the relevant details of your product is a great way to convince customers. Never attempt just to write product descriptions that are missing some important information. 

Focus on the ways how a product can be used, some tips and recommendations are a must. By doing this, your customer will likely visualize your product.

By including the product’s mini-story, you are much likely trying to connect to your potential buyers. This is a helpful key to increase the conversion rate of prospective buyers into actual buyers. 

Try to answer and elaborate on these helpful questions when you are telling a story in your product description. 

  • Who originally invented this product?
  • His/her inspiration in making this product?
  • How was this product made?
  • What is the products’ primary made of?

By adding a story to your product description, it enables the buyer to envision the products features and specs limitation. 

4. Use Easy To Understand Words And Tone

In writing a product description, make sure it is conversational. Sort of some way you are talking to a friend. By doing this, it will help your customer connect to your brand.

Use a natural language like what you are using when you are talking with friends. Avoid useless adjectives or some sweeping claims. Highlighting the product’s benefits is indeed very helpful. 

Never forget to use a consistent tone! Your customers will remember your branding. Using a consistent tone that marked your brand builds trust with the customers. Additionally, it makes certain eCommerce brands memorable than others. 

5. Use Power Words That Convince Customers

Some specific words or phrases drive an emotional response to us. These words/phrases also help Shopify store owners to increase their sales. 

You can easily convince your customers by remembering these words and phrases. Jon Morrow describes it as “power words.” Some of these technical power words are: 

  • Amazing
  • Backbone
  • Blissful
  • Bravery
  • Cheer
  • Conquer
  • Delight
  • Hero
  • Wonderful

 And many more…

When writing a product description, use descriptive words. Rather than using “high-quality,” use “sensational.” 

By filling up your product description by descriptive words, you are subtly trying to persuade the buyers that your product is worth the purchase. 

6. Make a Scannable Product Description

Admit it! We have short attention spans and only read 16%of what is the content of a specific page. So basically, you need to make your product description effective so that you will capture that 16% attention span!

You need to make your product description easy to scan. A description that consists of straight information about your product ( features and benefits) So that your customer won’t end up losing interest on your store’s site. 

In making a scannable product description, use short paragraphs, bullet points, and different font sizes. By doing this, your product has a higher possibility of increasing sales. 

7. Search Engine Optimization

How to Write Product

Make sure to optimize your store!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the easiest ways to attract customers. The very first step in convincing a person to buy your product is to attract them. 

SEO begins in keyword research. Use keywords in your content that are quick and easy to discover. In finding useful keywords, there are free software tools that generate numerous keywords.

For best SEO practices, always follow recommendations like changing or improving page titles, Product descriptions, etc. Keep in mind that having a keyword in the product title greatly contributes to the optimization of the product. 

Optimizing your product description does not necessarily mean that you need to stuff it with many keywords. Three to four times of mentioning, it is quite enough. Search engines will already identify and recognize your site when it is appropriately optimized. 

Many stores opt on making their site optimized like company, online store, and even services sites. This makes them reach a broader range of target audiences to have a smooth selling transaction. 

8. Use Good-quality Images

On thinking of the basic tips on how to write product descriptions, this one is a little bit of work yet essential. 

We are all guilty of this! We love to scan for the product images compared to reading the description and reviews. Am I right? 

Always choose to use quality images that will show all the necessary features of your product. Rather than making a long description, putting a quality image is much more useful.

Also, a video about the product is excellent too! It will surely create a good catch. 

Helpful Product Description Template

There are many techniques and methods on how to write product descriptions. You can always customize or make a simple product description template. Check this sample templates below. 

Template 1: 

 Make short paragraphs. Showcase one key feature of the product in one paragraph. 

Example: Like this organic bamboo toothbrush, you’re one of a kind. These toothbrushes are made with natural bamboo bristles for an easy and perfectly clean.

Template 2:

Use bullets in showcasing the features and the benefits of the product.   


  • Environment-friendly- helps save Mother Earth
  • Fine bristles- Deeply cleanse in between your teeth

Template 3: 

Put corresponding images below the paragraph where you mentioned the features and benefits of the product. 


Like this organic bamboo toothbrush, you’re one of a kind. These toothbrushes are made with natural bamboo bristles for an easy and perfectly clean.


8 Response to "How to Write Product Descriptions"

  1. Comment From Jeff Randolph

    With people using their mobile devices on a regular basis, it’s important that you have good product descriptions to help make your brand more marketable.

  2. Comment From Erin Franks

    I had a good site that gained decent traction, but I realize it would plateau after a year of being up. I found out that I didn’t have any product descriptions. When I posted these under my product images, I got a lot more traffic.

  3. Comment From Ray Matthews

    Without knowing your audience, it’s pointless in writing descriptions. After finding my core audience, I could put up more descriptions that would attract prospects to my brand.

  4. Comment From Garth Jones

    I found a few things were important to note before I started writing product descriptions. I thought about what would drive a person to a specific page, what benefits do my products offer, and how will visitors refer my items to others. The more I took these in consideration, the better my descriptions were received.

  5. Comment From Ralph Sawyer

    I think it’s important to know the value of your products. When you know what you have to offer, it’ll be easier to make descriptions that people actually want to read. The longer they stay on your site, the higher you’ll get in your conversion rates.

  6. Comment From Richard Norton

    You don’t have to get too technical with your descriptions. In fact, you want to make it easier on the customer. Being direct and simple will make your content more digestible to read.

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