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How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Store

So you’re planning to take your business into YouTube?  That’s a very smart move you have there because a lot of shops haven’t done that yet. And millions or even billions of people watch videos from YouTube every day. To make things easier for you, let me help you create your YouTube channel.

Let's Start

So the moment you go to YouTube’s website this is what you see:

Given that you’re an eCommerce store, I’ll assume you already have a Gmail account. Now you might or might not have a Google+ profile, so click here to redirect to Google+, if you don’t have a profile go on and create one but if you already have, once you click on that you’d be seeing something similar to this:

This time let’s make your Google+ Page for your business. Below is an image of how the page looks, now click on Start Now.

Now when you click on the “start Now” button you should get redirected to a different page. Just fill in the details then click on continue.

Once you’re done creating your Google+ Business page, they give you a free website:

So now that we’re done with that let’s go back to creating the YouTube page for your business. When you visit your Google+ Business page you see the image below or something similar.

Now go to YouTube’s website and sign in. Once you sign in, you’ll see the first letter in your email address on the upper right. Click on it.

Now click on the gear . Once you click on that you’d be redirected to a different page again.  This time you’d be seeing “See all my channels or create a new channel” at the very bottom of the page, click on that.

Now below is the next page you’ll see. This time put in your shop’s name where I placed “Sample Shop”.

Click create and Viola! You now have a YouTube Channel for your business.

Customize your channel

Before we start click on Customize Channel. Once you click on it you then again reach another page.

This time click on the gear beside subscribe. Make sure to tick on “Customize the layout of your channel”.

Now when you save it you go back to “Home” Go to “About” and you can see that you have more options to edit more details.


Now you already have your YouTube channel, so what’s next? Go ahead and customize your account. Start by filling out the about section, this is where you tell your audience about your brand and what audiences can see from your channel. This would also be a good place to put in links to your website as well as the other social media that you use. Keep in mind that this description you put will not only be seen in one place in your channel but in more so make sure that it’s perfect.


Now this would either be a default photo or an image from your Google+. Now it would be best to change this into your brands icon, YouTube recommends that your image should be JPEG, PNG, or BMP that’s 800 x 800 pixels and not animated.

Channel Art

If you haven’t noticed yet, go and view other brands that have YouTube channels and see how you immediately get greeted by their banner. This is your cover photo and this is where you first introduce your brand. Not it’s up to you to choose whether to keep it minimal or extravagant but make sure that you create a focal point on your brands name. Once an audience would view your channel, that’s the first thing they see so you also want to make sure that it’ll make them want to view your channel and get more interested about your brand. Keep in mind that YouTube would recommend that you use a 2560 x 1440 pixels and a maximum size of 4MB for your cover photo.

Featured Channel

Now on the right side you could see “Featured Channels”, this is where you can customize other channels that you’d want to feature. Let’s say you have a partner company or you’ve collaborated with someone, this is where you set it.

Know your content type and audience

I’m sure that you know what to do here. It’s your brand so you’re the one who knows what type of content your type of audience would enjoy. Just make use of all the ways you can to make a video, if you have products that are a bit difficult to use, you can upload “How to” videos,  If you have loyal customers who’d love to create a video with their positive review, you could post it on your channel, be as creative as you can be. Make sure to cater and focus on your target in order to bring in more conversions and get more people interested in your product.


Just like your cover photo/channel art, you would have to bring out your very best for your channels trailer. This should be short but at the same time very interesting and informative for those who still don’t know you. Make sure those audiences that aren’t familiar with your brand would see what they’re missing out on and what to expect from you.

Let's get into action

Uploading and Optimizing

By the time you’re planning to put up your first video I’m sure you’ve been researching and checking other brands for references. And if you’ve had good feedback from your channel trailer then you’re probably ready for your very first video. So by the time you’re done taking the video and editing, you’re probably excited to upload it.  So this is what it looks like when you click “UPLOAD”.

The way you’ll upload is all up to you. Below will be your screen while you’re uploading.

As you can see on the image above you’ll be asked to fill in a title where I placed “Sample Video”, then a description, Tags, and all of these are important to optimize in order for your video to be easily searched on YouTube, so make sure to take time in optimizing them. Just like when SEO-ing your website, you have to make sure to put in the relevant keywords for it to come out on YouTube’s search engine. As you progress, you’ll be able to see what works best for your videos, remember that keyword rich title and descriptions are amazing but keyword stuffing wouldn’t make your content the best, and we’re aiming for the best here.

Keep in mind that YouTube is a Google owned product, so it has a huge integration with Google and if you are optimized for YouTube’s search then there are more chances for your video to come out on Google’s search. Make sure to make progress and aim to rank high in order for your videos to rank on both YouTube and Google’s search engines. 


If you aren’t consistent in anything you do then don’t expect to excel in it. No matter what it is in life without effort and consistency you wouldn’t progress. So if you aren’t sure about putting effort in your YouTube channel then don’t start it because it won’t bring you anywhere. YouTube channels take time and effort in order to become successful; your audience would expect you to be consistent once they subscribe to your channel. So the best way to manage it is by thinking about the next videos to upload as early as possible. If you aren’t sure about your schedule for the following weeks or even months? Don’t worry, you can always take multiple videos in a day and release them on when you want to.

Unite your Channel and Your Website

So let’s say you already finished setting up your YouTube channel and you’ve uploaded your first video, what’s next? This time, it’s best to share your video somewhere outside YouTube right? And where other place would be its best stop than your very own website, right? Here’s some great ides to show off your videos on your website:

Center and Front- Why not showcase it in a way that nobody would miss it? You placed in so much effort and I’m sure you’re excited to show it off already so make sure it’s in that area to let people see it the moment they visit your website.

Blog: Does your website include a blog? If so then this is a good place to embed it and talk about your brand YouTube channel. You can blog about every video on YouTube too! And to go all out, consider embedding it to your newsletter when emailing subscribers.

Wix Video?

Now there’s Wix Video to spice up your videos or just simply make it easier for you to put your YouTube playlist in your website in as easy as a click. Just simply add your YouTube feed into your Wix Widget and every time you upload on YouTube you’ll have it available on your widget. Another thing to make your channel successful is letting more and more people know about it, and a good way to do it is through social media, so make sure that you share it on every social media you have and try to engage in forums with the same niche and try sharing your videos in there. 

Engage with Your Audience

Without viewers, YouTube wouldn’t be what they are today. With that being said, YouTube has millions of active viewers that search and watch different available content in YouTube, so make sure that you’re building a community related to your channel and you’re engaging with the people who views your channel. Don’t worry because with YouTube that’s very easy to do, you can reply to the comments, ask and or answer questions, and make sure that you are listening to your audience, give them what they want and not just make them watch what you want. Having a community around your niche would give you free shares and a word of mouth which is a very great way of marketing.

YouTube Ads Investment

By the time you’ve uploaded a couple of videos and engaged with some audience, you might be thinking about investing on YouTube Ads. There are a lot of information about this so you’d be able to understand it easily when you’re ready. It’s also a good way to grow your community and audience, and if you want to target specific audiences by age, gender, locations, or even interests, the Ads of YouTube can help you well in that. But remember that it could just be the tip of everything because with good content and engagement you could get organic traffic and growth as well.  So if you decide on YouTube ads, make sure to still keep your quality.


Once your channel is up and running it’s important to maintain it and do upgrades and tweaking whenever necessary. But how do you get to know how your channel is really doing? YouTube Analytics could help you get a good view of your channel’s performance. But that’s not just what it offers, it will also help you and guide you on deciding how to optimize it better in the future. It allows you to see what people think about your channel and shows you what you have to polish in order to be better. And aside from all of that it has the ability to let you know why another video has better performance than the other. As you can see, this tool could be very powerful and helpful in making your channel more and more better in time.


Starting a YouTube channel for your brand is a very good idea, and starting it early makes it better. YouTube channels allow people to see a better picture of what your brand has to offer, it also gives people the ability to easily share your brand to others. A lot of brands increase conversions with the help of YouTube channels. It may be time consuming but it’s a good way to increase awareness and engagement. 

6 Response to "How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Store"

  1. Comment From Timothy Newman

    I have always wanted to start a channel but never knew where to begin. This is a very detailed step by step guide. Thanks guys.

  2. Comment From Jason Irving

    What I have learned is that you must inject some type of humor in your videos or else no one will want to watch.

  3. Comment From Lee Jamison

    Once I know my audience, I think I will be able to easily target people on YouTube.

  4. Comment From Gill Gerrard

    There are so many great channels, you can get inspiration by looking at others in your same space.

  5. Comment From Nancy Leaderman

    I have already create my Google+ biz page so now all I really need to do is setup my Channel. I guess I’m half way done.

  6. Comment From Vick Simson

    Once you have a channel, you have to make sure you keep fresh content and videos to maximize the viewings and click-throughs to your site.

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