How to Increase Online Sales Fast

Every online marketer has the problem of increasing online sales. In fact, an online business’s life depends on it. Without sales, the store would just be another website on the Internet that can hardly pay for its own hosting and domain.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways for you to avoid this. Here are 15 ways to quickly increase your online sales or how to promote your Etsy shop.

1. Run a Referral Marketing Campaign

Let me tell you a secret. The biggest brands online started just the way you do – no sales, no followers and no list. Yet, you may wonder how did they succeed. Well, one the best kept secrets of the biggest brands online is the referral marketing campaign. This is where they allow their customers to refer their product or service to their family and friends.

Take Uber for instance. It started as an app that has no users. The idea of the app is great but getting it off the ground can be a chore. So how were they able to get people on board? It’s simple. They paid them.

This is a referral incentive in a referral marketing campaign. You give your prospects rewards for getting more people into your online store.

Why is this effective? Well, this triples the exposure of your online store. Instead of constantly being on the lookout for new customers, you can now simply ask your visitors to refer your site to the people that they know. It’s that simple.

Creating a referral program is easy with the right tool. You can use OSIAffiliate.

2. Email Your List

The fastest way is to just email your list. This will work if you already have a couple thousand people in your list. There are many marketers claiming that they are able to make money overnight. Usually, it comes from emailing their list. Why does it work? Well, it is all a numbers game. When you email a list that has a couple thousand people, the chance of getting at least a few sales is higher. Of course, the chance of getting a sale greatly depends on the effectiveness of your funnel. There are many factors at play here. It can be the design of your site as well as its user experience. There is also the conversion rate of your salespage. But once you got this down, all you need to do is send an email when you have a new product and that will drastically improve your sales.

3. Have Giveaways With Limited Items

This is a technique that I have observed in some online stores. This works really well if you have some items in your inventory that you have some trouble selling. You can include them as limited free items when your customers meet a certain purchase threshold. The result will often surprise you. And if the items that you are giving away are highly relevant to your target market, they will be encouraged to meet that purchase threshold just to get the freebie.

4. Have Limited Time Deals

Another way is to have some limited time deals. An example would be a buy one, take one deal. You’ll often see these in the grocery store. The reason why they do this is it increases inventory turnover while also increasing sales. This works extremely well if you are selling a product for 300-500% of its original price. You will not really be on the losing end if you sell it in a ‘buy one, take one’ deal.

5. Have Limited Time Discounts

Another way to increase your online sales is to have some limited time discounts. I find that multiple brands are doing this. Some of them will even include a physical discount card with your order when they ship it. This discount card will usually have a date of effectivity. This means that the discount can only be used on a certain time period. This encourages the customer to buy from you again just to meet your timeframe.

6. Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign

One of the quickest ways to get more online sales is to have a trusted name promote you. This is the reason why celebrities get paid to promote products. One promotion can lead to a truckload of sales.

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to meet the extremely high promotion fees of celebrities. Nowadays, we have influencers. These are online content creators that have some really loyal followers. All these influencers have to do is use your products and they can someone encourage their followers to do the same.

The secret of influencer marketing lies in the relationship that the influencer has with their followers. They do more than create content. They aim to change their followers’ lives. This creates the extremely high trust factor that influences purchasing behavior.Have an Affiliate Program

7. Have an Affiliate Program

Another way to drastically increase your sales is to have an affiliate program. This is a system where you enlist the power of other marketers and influencers to promote your products for you. Usually, marketing can be a chore. Not only do you need to manually look for places where you can promote your site. You also have to create content in order to promote it. With an affiliate program, it’s different. You just need to give other marketers and content creators a commission for every sale they make. That is all there is to it.

8. Pre-launch Your Products or Store

Pre-launching is a common practice in digital products. In this process, the potential customer is primed to receive updates about the upcoming products and services. The online community even have joint venture forums just for this. This is where marketers promote their products to potential affiliates who will like to promote the products before it is fully launched in the market.

Pre-launching can increase your sales. By priming your prospects, they are ready to receive updates on your products. And if you did your marketing right and sent them content that is already useful to them, they would have built their trust with you and is waiting to buy your products. As you can see, the effectiveness of this practice will still depend on your relationship with your customer. So be sure to build that trust before you launch anything.

9. Use the Power of Social Proof

Marketing gurus keep on saying that social proof is important. Well, it really is. Think about it. Online buyers have now become wiser than ever before. Armed by Google and other search engines and social channels. They now have the power to search for reviews before they buy a product. Usually, they search for more than just customer feedback. They care more about how the product looks like and how it can be useful to them. So some video reviews and even some influencer referrals may come in handy.  

10. Deal with Shopping Cart Abandonment

Every e-commerce website owner has a nightmare. This is where they see a lot of sales on their site to discover that it has all been abandoned. You see, the heart of an e-commerce website owner usually skippers when they hear that someone has bought from their site. But if this buyer did not continue with the actual purchase. This can lead to a heartbreak and there are many reasons responsible for them and one of the main reasons that the website is not secured with https and because of that many users leave your website for data security concern. So it remains best to buy SSL certificate for a website for a https connection.

11. Use Gamification

Many business owners have started to incorporate gamification into their marketing. Why’s that? It’s all because of the fun of taking a risk. There’s a reason why casinos remain to be popular even if drains most of people’s money. The reason is the risk. There is something liberating and exciting about taking a risk and then winning.

How can you incorporate this into your business? You can add a simple roulette. I see many ecommerce website owners do this. This roulette can contain items or discount codes and they ask their prospects to sign up with an email to be able to spin the wheel. I think that this is great and it allows them to build their list as well. Plus, since it’s a discount code, it encourages the visitor to buy.

12. Have Bounty Deals

Another technique that can increase your sales is to have some bounty deals. This is where the prices of your goods decreases as your customer buys more items. This does two things. First, it encourages your prospects to buy more items. Plus, it gives them a discount right off the bat.

13. Build a Brand

This may take some time. But if you did your homework and crafted your brand right from the start, then you’ll surely reap the benefits. With a brand, it is easier to command sales at will. This is because you have already won the hearts of your customers.

How do you build a brand? First, think about what you can offer. Focus on that and create content without asking for anything in return. I think that the problem of most marketers is that they focus way too much on money. When they do this, their customer know that they are doing what they do in order to make money. This prevents them from standing out and it makes them ordinary. But if you build a brand that has an aim to help people and then sell afterwards. Then, it will be effective. When you do this, getting online sales is easier. Think of it as a ball rolling down a hill. It will start slow and it will get faster.

14. Focus on your Products’ Benefits

Sometimes, simply altering your salespage can bring in tons of new sales to your business. This is the reason why business owners are willing to hire $5000 writers just to write their salespages. If you don’t have the budget, you may want to create your own salespage. You just need to remember one thing: focus on the benefits.

Here’s the thing. Your customer don’t care if your product has the latest technology. Your customer doesn’t care if it has 1000 more pixels than the next camera. Or it is 1 GHz faster. What they care about is what the product can do for them. So focus on that. So instead of saying that the fishing rod has a 15m line that can catch fish from afar. Say that it is a fishing rod that their dad will love. It changes the entire picture.

15. Implement a Loyalty Program

You can also increase your sales by having a loyalty program. This is where your customers get to rack up points or get virtual stickers for purchasing. They can then collect these stickers and redeem a free item afterwards.

A loyalty program is effective because it encourages the customer to buy from you again and again. If all of your customers are included in your loyalty program, you can expect many repeat purchases per month. This can then increase your sales.

These are just some ways to increase your online sales without resorting to paid advertising. New business owners in the online marketplace often resort to paid means to increase their sales. While this is effective, there are also other strategies that they can use. Some of that is listed here.

As you can see, it is all about serving your customers. This service should be more than excellent customer support. It should be about knowing what your customers need and giving it right when they need it. Aside from that, it is also about knowing your buyer psychology. It is about knowing what goes on inside of their mind when they buy from you. If you are there for your customer in each touchpoint, you can expect them to buy from you again and again because of that established trust. 

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