20 Ways To Market Your Online Course & Increase Sales – May 2023

1. Introduction 

Are you looking for an effective method that will help in boosting the sales of your online course? Check out the list we have created for you, which has 20 awesome marketing ideas for you to promote your online course get your papers done by an essay helper from the best essay service out there!. There are also various ways on how to promote an Etsy shop. Have fun! 

2. Hire a Social Media Influencer 


These days the advertisement industry is being ruled by social networking apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In the past few years, influencers have managed to reach out to every authentic company in one way or another. The number of followers they have is essential for you if you want to use them for the purpose of marketing your online course. All they have to do is send you a PR package, or you can simply pay a requested amount. Next, it will be their job to feature your online course in our posts or stories. This has been a way to boost sales for hundreds and thousands of companies. 

3. Analyze Your Audience Before Creating Your Course 

One of the most important steps is to make sure that you are creating an online course that people are actually willing to take. If you already have an audience at hand, either through social media, your podcast, or an email list, it is recommended to create a poll of some topics you can write and leave it up to the audience to decide. The topic that gets the highest vote should be the title of your course. Do not make the mistake of creating an online course because YOU want to create it. Always focus on what the audience is looking for. 

4. Advertise Your Course on Your Blog 

This is another excellent way to boost the sales of your online course and promote it among the public. If you are publishing free content now and then related to the topic of your course, then even better. Make sure that the articles you’re writing are based on the subject of your online course. This way, every person who reads your articles can ultimately become your student. All you have to do is showcase your online course at a visible place on your website like the top bar where people can go to quickly. You can also mention your course name at the end of every article and also leave a link behind it. 

5. Create a YouTube Channel 

One of the best ways to promote your online course is by using YouTube – the 2nd most visited search engine in the world. There are thousands and millions of people who are using YouTube either for a recipe, songs, DIY videos, and so on! So you can begin by creating a YouTube channel as the chances of ranking higher on Google ultimately increase as compared to just websites. Start by creating a channel on YouTube where you publish helpful videos related to your course daily. Make sure to attach your link in the description and mention this in the video as well as people are more likely to open the description box and click on the link to your online course. 

6. Add the Testimonials of Students to The Sales Page of Your Course 

Getting social proof plays a crucial role in the decision-making power of a buyer. It is the basic instinct of a person to feel nervous and curious before purchasing something that has no reviews or testimonials. They are investing their money and need reassurance. They want to find out if the people who bought your online course found it helpful or not. For this purpose, getting reviews and posting testimonials on the sales page of your online course is very important. You can simply ask your students to write about their positive experiences with your course and then post it on your website. If you do not have any questions, you can always offer your course for free to someone in exchange for an awesome testimonial. 

7. Add the Link to Your Course in your Email Signature 

If you have something to sell, then why not do every possible thing to sell it? You send numerous emails to other people on a daily basis. Some of these people could purchase your online course only if they knew about it. Even if they are not interested, they could help someone else who is looking for a course like this. All you have to do is create small-sized content and an email signature at the end of every email you send with a link to your online website.

8. Create a Podcast 

Another excellent way to build the potential audience of people who may be interested in buying your online course is, to begin with, a podcast on the topic of your course. Many people will listen to you if you keep them updated and interested in attending by giving new tips about the course daily. In each episode of the podcast, you can tell the audience something new and then also include a call-to-action at the end of the podcast, asking them to visit your blog or generally learn more about the online course you are offering. Starting a podcast isn’t expensive either. There are several cheap/free podcast hosting services you can check out.

9. Publish a Promotional Video on YouTube About Your Course

Its time to get things moving. Create a promotional video where you are introducing your course, the benefits, what the students will learn at the end, the importance of this course, and so on in a precise but attractive content. Also include the link to your website where people can check out the online course you’re offering and can make the purchase directly. Try to make more than one promotional video and make sure that you are using the right keywords for a higher chance of getting lucky and ending up at the top of search results. 

10. Create a Group on Facebook 

These days people have started using another vital tool for the purpose of advertising their products and services. By creating a Facebook group, you can begin by adding your friends and family and then gradually start building up. Ask your friends, neighbors, and family members to promote your Facebook group and send it to their friends and so on. This will create a long chain of connection, and if you manage to remain active on your page, then the chances are that you might get a lot of group members, and some of them may end up purchasing your online course. 

11. Create a Page on Instagram 

Another great way to promote your online course is to create a page on Instagram. It is a very creative app, and it is being featured as one of the top social networking apps for promotional purposes. There are hundreds and thousands of bloggers, influencers, celebrities, and businesses that are using Instagram for the purpose of promoting their products and services, and you can do the same. Create a page on Instagram and just like Facebook, invite your friends, family members, and colleagues to follow that page. Ask them to spread the word, and there you are. 

12. Comment on the Posts of Other Bloggers

This is also a fantastic strategy to spread the word about your online course. Bloggers do it all the time. You might be wondering that they are just trying to lift each other up with the kind words when instead, they are trying to show their own page/products and services to the followers who are on your page. This technique can get you loads of followers within no time!

13. Add the Link to Your Website in the Bio of Your Instagram Profile & Page  

Welcome to strategy number 12. By using this method, you can simply let dozens of people know that you are offering an online course. You can slowly start building up a community, and this community will multiply within days if you are doing your best and making the right choices for spreading the word about your online course. One way to do this is to add the link to your website in the bio of your Instagram page or profile or both. This way, people will find it easier to simply click from there instead of having to check out the complete profile. It is less time consuming but more effective to get more purchases. 

14. Take Part in Discussions on Forums 

You can always use Google to look for online forums that may be related to the topic of your course. Panels are created to form a community where people with the same interests hang out with each other and interact through comments. Make sure that you are involved in these discussions. Try to look for comments where people may require your online course, and you can provide it to them. Do not try to overwhelm the community without making your course valuable to them. 

15. Do Not Over-Advertise 

This is a hindrance that can get in the way of selling and promoting your online course. You might have noticed those annoying ads that keep popping up on a Google page? Something that keeps coming in front of you until you get annoyed and end up blocking that website and closing it forever. Make sure that you are not doing this to promote your course. People need decent advertising that they only see in a few places but is worth it. Promote your page everywhere, but make sure that the content you are using is of high-quality and cannot be overseen by people. 

16. Use Google Adwords 

For this one, you need to be aware of how search engine optimization works. You can use Google Adwords for creating ads that will appear in the search results of other people when they have a keyword related to your topic. 

17. Create a Bonus Offer for Your Followers 

For doing this, you can simply put your online course on a 20% or 15% discount based on your preferences. Do this with a juicy title that will attract the customers to visit your website and check out your course. Who knows how many people will actually end up buying it? Make sure that you are also spreading the word through your social media pages, blogs, and podcast. 

18. Create a Free Mini-Course

If you are having trouble selling your online course, then why not make a smaller version that does not have all the insights but still is enough to let people get the basic idea of your course and what you’re offering. This way, if someone reads a few lines and actually starts taking an interest in your course, then there are chances that they might end up buying your course. Make sure to send your free mini-course through emails, promote it on your blog and podcast to make sure people are not missing anything. 

19. Create an Email List 

It turns out that some people still prefer reading emails instead of looking at social media. This is most likely true for Millenials. So create an email list by creating some lead magnets such as free videos, case studies, checklists, and so on. You can ask for the visitor’s email address in exchange for that. 

20. Publish a Book on Amazon 

If you want your brand to grow, then one of the best ways to do that is to publish a book on Amazon. You can do this by using the digital format with the help of the Amazon Kindle. Millions of people read the books on Amazon and purchase them as well, and you can do the same. Make sure that you are featuring all the essential points in your writing, and there is also a link to your website given at the end. 

21. Be the Host of a Webinar 

This is a platform where you can share insights into your course in order to attract more buyers for purchasing your online course. You can find many potential students through a webinar platform. This will give them a chance to analyze your teaching skills, your content, and your voice, etc. 

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