Best Instagram Tools for 2019

Instagram is one of the most-visited social media platforms in this era of rapid technological advancement.  With over 800 million active users monthly. It is an excellent platform for all serious business owner who wants to grow their customer base.  So, if you are looking for an effective way to tell millions of people about your business, you can achieve that on this social media platform. You can't underestimate the benefits you stand to gain when you get on Instagram. 

Are you aware that there are tools that can boost your marketing effort on Instagram? You can reach out to millions of other Instagram accounts via these tools.  Of course, your sales volume hinges mainly upon the number of users you can reach out to. So, this piece is set to introduce some useful and versatile Instagram marketing tools.  A lot of business owners are on this social media platform, but they are not aware of the existence of this vital marketing tool. While some know that these exist, they are skeptical about its efficiency, so they decide to overlook it. These are some of the reasons why the social media marketing effort of many entrepreneurs is not yielding the desired result.  The essence of this piece is to introduce you to different Instagram marketing tools. Before we look into the best Instagram tools, let’s look at the importance of this tool to your business. 

Importance of Instagram Marketing Tools 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that is visited by people from different walks of life.  It is a platform where people come to showcase their talents, share important news, among others. As we have stated earlier, more than 800 million users visit this platform daily.  What does this traffic mean to business owners? It means they can use the advantage to increase awareness about their brands, products, or services. 

Are you aware that about thirty percent of Instagram users have bought a product that was advertised on Instagram?  This tells you that Instagram marketing can yield lead to increased patronage if you know what to do.  

Also, Instagram has been the leading platform for the most successful social media influencer. They use the media for their campaigns and brand collaborations. 

One factor that makes this platform ideal for marketing is that its growth has been pretty continuous. And, it comprises of users from all over the world. Imagine people ordering for your product from different countries of the world.  Don’t be alarmed, that is benefits you stand to gain when you employ the use of an Instagram marketing tool. 

It is worth noting that some tools will enable you to track the progress of your marketing campaign. Other social marketing tools will give you the privilege to mass schedule pictures for the month or week. This feature is advantageous to people that are always busy and cannot attend to all their to-dos for the day. 

Furthermore, you can save yourself a great deal of time and money, when you avail yourself of this excellent opportunity.  As mentioned earlier that you can mass schedule your photos for the week or month. So, while you are busy going about your daily business activities, your Instagram tool is automatically reaching out to prospective customers on your behalf. 

Having known some of the importance Instagram marketing tools, let’s consider some of these tools one after the other. 

Best Instagram Marketing Tools 

Are you still pushing buttons to grow your Instagram account manually?  If that is the case, you have to step up your game. You must understand that the use of a useful Instagram marketing tool is crucial to your marketing efforts.  With this tool, you don't have to spend time trying to reach millions of prospective customers; all processes have been automated. What is required of you is to make use of one of the best tools available at your disposal?  It has been discovered that a lot of Instagram users want to be identified with their favorite brand. Therefore, about eighty-nine percent of Instagram users follow at one business on this platform. This statistic tells you that you need to take your Instagram marketing campaign seriously.  The good news is that some technology companies have put in a lot of effort into making Instagram marketing bliss for business owners. They came up with different help tools that can make your marketing efforts more productive. Let’s look at some of the best Instagram tools that you can use. 


  • Social media sharing 
  • Influencer Directory
  • One-on-one support
  • Promo code tracking
  • Ability to use your domain
  • Multi-Tier support
  • Built-in Promotional Resources


  • Location 
  • Harshtag
  • Harshtag + Location
  • Followers
  • Those commenting on your competitor’s posts 

This tool allows you to perform actions like liking, following, commenting, and unfollowing.


This tool will help you in managing your social media account. The Hootsuite enables you to schedule and publish your post easily. With this tool, you can schedule your post in advance for automatic posting at your desired time. This tool eliminates the worries about forgetting to get your post published. 

All that is required of you is to prepare your post. Once that is done, you can focus on other issues.  Hootsuite will notify you when it is time to publish. When you realize that an effective marketing campaign requires you to post content regularly, you will appreciate the features of Hootsuite. 


Later is a free plan then offers you about thirty posts monthly. Apart from that, it offers one social profile and one user.  With its, you can easily shop your Instagram feed. It looks very much like your Instagram feed, and your post is displayed as clickable images. You can manage your video, photos as well as your Instagram within this tool. 


Are you aiming at creating a video that will attract the attention of your audience? The Boomerang is the right Instagram tool for that purpose.  With this tool, you can engage your audience more productively. For effective social media marketing, you need to speak the language of your audience, and Boomerang is an essential part of the Instagram language.  With Boomerang, you can film a one-second video. The advantage here is that it does not require much preparation since the video does not have audio. 

Instagram Feed WD

This tool is a simple plugin that enables you to enable you to incorporate users as well as hashtag-based Instagram feed into your website with just a few clicks.  The tool allows you to display your hashtags, and users feed with image metadata and custom styling. The Instagram Feed WD utilizes attractive layout like Thumbnail, Blog Style, Browser, and Masonry. 


If you need a free tool with which you can optimize your Instagram traffic, Linktree is a tool you need for that purpose. It is an ideal tool for bloggers, artist, as well as those that manage a content platform.  With the Linktree, you can effectively monitor and manage the performance of your link. Instagram provides you with one link in bio where you have all your content that you want your followers to read.  


This is a valuable tool that allows you to share user-generated content.  Sharing user-generated content tells your customers that you value their contribution.  You can easily use this tool; what you have to do is click and share the content while you acknowledge the individual created the post. 

Social Insight 

One of the functions of this tool is to run an in-depth analysis of your account. This tool enables you to monitor the growth of your account, engagement, and interactions.  The social insight will tell you the ideal time to post content and gain followers. In addition to that, this marketing tool allows you to link your account if you have multiple business accounts. 


Crowdfire is a useful tool that enables you to manage your following.  The tools give you an update on your inactive active followers and those that are not following you and provides you options that will enable you to unfollow them.  With Crowdfire, you start following any user of your choice without any delay. 

Sprout Social

This tool enables you to gain powerful insight with its versatile tools like:

  • Manage comment
  • Schedule post
  • Monitor hashtag
  • Run reports 

This Instagram marketing tool does not come free; you have to choose a plan. The fast is that you are sure to get what you pay for, and this tool is worth the money. Once you have chosen a plan, you will have the opportunity to monitor locations, hashtags, and reply comments.


Some of the exciting features of this tool are:

  • Social media Calendar 
  • Visual planner
  • Photo editor
  • Instagram scheduler
  • Social media calendar

Schedugram is not a free tool, but it is worth every penny you spend. One remarkable feature of this tool is that it allows you to upload videos, which means that you are not limited to uploading pictures only. 

The primary goal of this tool is to help you maximize your time.  With this tool, you can check your social profile analytics, upload blogs, and post images on your social media platform.  You have to choose a payment plan, but irrespective of the method you opt for, you will be given a free 30-day trial.  

Sendible enables you to monitor the keywords that are related to your business or brand to know the current ranking. Furthermore, you will have access to Instagram analytics as well as schedule post. 

Instagram Business Blog

This tool is a business blog launched by Instagram to contribute significantly to the success of other companies.  You can always visit the blog to broaden your knowledge about everything that Instagram offers. Apart from that, it teaches you how to use available tools effectively and update you with Instagram news. 

Facebook Power Editor

Instagram uses this tool for sponsored post generation. Facebook Power Enables you to target certain factors like habits, location, age, or your user's interest.  The idea here is to give you enough information that will assist you in creating ads that meet your customer's needs. 


If you need a tool that will give insight into the demographics of your followers, SocialRank is the tool that you need.  The tool achieves this by identifying, managing, and organizing your followers. This tool gives you information about your customer’s location, age, and gender. Knowing your audience will help you significantly in your social media marketing efforts. 

Upleap Instagram account growth

This tool allows you to decide in advance the type of followers you want.  Once you have this decision, leave the rest to Upleap. What this Software does is that it selects active followers, gain social influences, and saves you a lot of time. 


Soldsie makes use of your profile link to showcase your content and then allow your photo to link the content that interests your followers. 

Kapwing Instagram video tool

This tool is an excellent video creator on Instagram, its features include:

  • Video trimmer
  • Custom watermark
  • Subtitle maker
  • Video resizer
  • Video meme maker 


With the proper use of the right Instagram marketing tool, you are sure to achieve your social media marketing goals. There are different tools available at your disposal, what is required of you is to go for the right ones that will meet your demands. 

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  1. Comment From Adrian Pope

    I never knew how Instagram could help me in my marketing. Recently, I saw my traffic increase through using Instagram tools.

  2. Comment From Rachael Pitts

    I think having the right tools available will help you make better decisions for your Instagram marketing. Hootsuite is a good choice for scheduling and organizing your posts.

  3. Comment From Laz Martin

    Less is more when it comes to marketing. I use LinkTree to put all my social profiles into one spot, which makes it easier for my prospects to get in contact with me.

  4. Comment From Valerie Powers

    It’s important to know the value of your following. By using SocialRank, I can better manage my interaction and overall relationship with each follower.

  5. Comment From Samuel Baines

    Video is such an integral part of marketing because people love visuals. Kapwing helps you trim videos and create unique subtitles for your Instagram profile.

  6. Comment From Todd Marks

    Growing on Instagram account should be based on the type of followers that are like-minded. Upleap can help put things in place.

  7. Comment From Iris Adams

    I love using video to help promote my content. I can add in more of my personality and creativity to get my message across in an effective manner.

  8. Comment From Franklin Mann

    Instagram is one of my favorite platforms. I’ve found that I can put in pictures or create short videos on IGTV to help diversify my material.

  9. Comment From Troy Roderick

    I had to learn to better distribute certain tasks in my daily schedule. By using Hootsuite, I got more organized and I could save time on the smaller assignments of the day.

  10. Comment From Renia Spears

    For my makeup vlog, I wanted to keep things short and concise. By using Kapwing, I could edit the videos and trim down the fat to make them more appealing to my core audience.

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