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How to Integrate Paperform with OSI Affiliate Software

Are you using Paperform to create forms for your website?

Do you want to get more people to fill out your forms?

If so, then you can use an easy way to get people to promote your website forms. It is really simple. All you need to do is create an affiliate program for your website.

Using affiliate marketing software or a referral program will allow your users to promote customers to your forms. You can use this system to track when people send you users to fill out your forms.

So, what are you collecting with Paperform?

Is it?

  • Subscribers
  • Sales
  • Referrals

The good thing is that Paperform make it easy to create forms. So, whether you are using forms to collect emails or process sales, you easily accomplish with Paperform.

If you think about it, most of the time you are collecting information using forms it is because of sales or subscribers.

So, why not use a referral marketing program to help boost your form conversions?

OSI Affiliate Software makes it easy to create a referral marketing program for eCommerce businesses.

Using OSI Affiliate Software, you will be able to create a referral program for all your Paperform.

This referral program will help you:

  • Get more email subscribers
  • Get more sales
  • And grow your business

Please follow these instructions to see how you can integrate Paperform with OSI Affiliate Software and then boost sales for your business.

Step 1

First of all, create an affiliate program in OSI Affiliate Software. When you create this program you will need to use the link of where your Paperform is hosted as the landing page.

Step 2

Now create/edit your Paperform. You need to add following hidden fields with following names.

1. affiliate_id

2. program_id

3. amount_affiliate

Step 3

Next, you will need to click on the Config link shown above.

In the next window, please note the field’s “Pre-fill Key”. You will need this later. Also, please leave the default value to be blank for the program id and affiliate id fields. If you are selling something or you know the cost of that form submission, you can use the amount default value to specify the amount.

Step 4

Grab your Paperform embed code and add it to your page. Here’s an example embed code

<div data-paperform-id=”********”></div><script>(function() {var script = document.createElement(‘script’); script.src = “”; document.body.appendChild(script); })()</script>

Step 5

You now need to grab the pre-fill keys for your hidden fields and add them to your code.

So your whole code would look like as following. NOTE: Everywhere you see *********** you will need to replace the pre-fill keys for the hidden fields.

<div data-prefill=”” data-paperform-id=”********” id=”form-div”></div><script src=””></script>

<script>(function() {document.getElementById(“form-div”).setAttribute(“data-prefill”, “*****=” + urlParams[‘affiliate_id’] + “&*****=” + urlParams[‘prodgroup’]);})()</script><script>(function() {var script = document.createElement(‘script’); script.src = “”; document.body.appendChild(script); })()</script>

Step 6

In your Papeform go to Configure and then Integrations. You will need to add the following webhook

As shown here

That’s it!

Paperform is now integrated with OSI Affiliate Software.

You can now get customers and users to promote your website and you can track when they have successfully referred your website forms.

Start using Paperform and OSI Affiliate Software to get more traffic, leads, and sales.
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3 Response to "How to Integrate Paperform with OSI Affiliate Software"

  1. Comment From Vicky Thomas

    I have used this to setup a lead capture for that needs to sit in a pending state until I approve and this works great.

  2. Comment From Julie French

    This is pretty straightforward and is easy to embed into my site. I was able to set this up within just a few minutes.

  3. Comment From Chris Newman

    This is an ideal way to track referrals no matter what type of site or shopping cart system you have. The embed code is just HTML so it works on virtually any site.

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