How To Do Live Videos On Facebook in 2019


Authenticity. It is one of the requirements of today’s successful brands.

Customers are looking for more than just products or services. They need brands that they can identify with and support.

Because of this, a new type of content is born. It is called Live Video – a video done in real time.

When live video was first released on Facebook back in April, 2016, nobody knows how to use it. Sure, live video is quite simple to understand. It is just a video done in real time. But it seems that there are nuances to this new type of content that makes it less appealing to the old content marketers. Later, as live video has also appeared in other social media networks such as Youtube and Instagram, more people got to use it. But these people only comprise a mere 16% of all marketers in the platform. That is pretty low.

Still, the low adoption numbers doesn’t mean that the content type doesn’t work. In fact, some case studies have proven that it live video is better in driving engagement than the normal video. Also, it has the ability to drive millions of views to one video. It is that powerful.

Why are people not using Live Video?

The answer may surprise you.

For some, they think that live video is not for them. They think that it is only for brands with a ridiculous amount of followers. If they only have a few followers, they would often dismiss the idea of hosting a live video.

For others, it is the friction of trying to learn a new content type in a new platform. People can be quite traditional. They love to stick to their old habits. With this, they would rather create content in an outdated manner than try an ‘unproven’ method or content type. This is the reason why most marketers just skip the idea of having a live video. For them, it just takes too much time to learn.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. Today, I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take in order to do live video on Facebook.

NOTE: This guide will only cover Facebook live videos. I will not cover other social media websites with live-sharing options.

Guide to Live Videos on Facebook

There are two ways to post live videos on Facebook. You can do it through your desktop computer or through your mobile phone.

Nothing beats shooting live videos through your mobile phone. It allows for quick shifts in perspective and it is lighter to bring with you wherever you go.

Mobile Live Videos

For mobile users, posting a live video is as easy as tapping the Live option in your mobile phone. Just go to the place where you put status updates (What’s on your mind box) and choose the red ‘Live’ button.

From here, Facebook will ask for permission to access your phone. You should give access to your camera and microphone for this to work.

Then, you’ll have the option to choose the privacy for your live video. You have the option to share it with all of your friends, share it publicly or just keep it to ‘Only Me’ until you’re ready for others to see it.

NOTE: You may also exclude some friends if you want. There is a ‘Friends Except..’ option that can help you do that.

Before you go live, be sure to briefly describe the video. This will give your followers an idea on what you’re doing and should encourage them to click on your livestream. Be sure to include benefits in your description. This will entice your audience to click on it more and watch you.

If you are holding a conference or event in real time and you want to live stream it online, you can tag the people that you are with as well as indicate the actual location of the event. You may even add an activity just to tell people what your livestream is all about.

Once you have all of that done, you are ready to go live. Just make sure that your camera is ready. Change it to ‘selfie’ if you are shooting yourself or click it back to normal camera view if you are shooting a location. This is the great thing with using a mobile phone. You can easily shift camera perspectives without any worries.

NOTE: Here’s a little extra touch. You can also add some lenses and filters to your videos. Just click on the sparkling pen icon and you’ll be able to edit the video. In here, you can put some text and drawings or just apply some filters.

And just click ‘Go Live’ and you’re done. This will then appear on the newsfeed of your target audience.

Static Live Videos

Instead of shooting yourself in real time or taking your audience with you wherever you go, you may want to have a live static broadcast. This works well for interviews or conferences that can be shot in one location with one camera. For this option, you may choose to set up your live videos through your desktop computer.

The process is generally the same with the mobile method. There is only a slight difference in the buttons and options.

For desktop, you need to go to the ‘Write something’ portion in your Facebook page. In here, you’ll see a variety of options: Share a Photo or Video, Advertise your Business, Get Phone Calls, Get Messages… You need to click on ‘See All’ to access the Live option.

You’ll see the icon in red. It says ‘Start a Live Video’. Click on that and you’re ready to set up your live stream.

As I have told you earlier, the process is the same. You need to write a description and alter the privacy of your Live Video. I could not stress how important descriptions are. They must be created to entice people to see the value of your live video and get them to click and watch it.

From here, all you have to do is allow Facebook to access your camera and microphone. This will ensure that you get to record both the video and audio clearly.

Finalize everything and you’re ready to broadcast. Just click ‘Go Live’ and that’s it.

What to Do After Launching a Live Video

Now that you’re live, here are three things that you must do.

Engage with your Viewers

Just because you went live doesn’t mean that you should stop engaging with your viewers. But instead of using the comment feature (as in normal videos), you should engage in real time. Look at the camera and talk to your viewers. Be candid in your reactions. People will appreciate that you’re real.

Read their Comments

Some people who post live videos have the habit of reading comments as the video happens. Then, they react to comments as they come along. This is an interesting activity to add to videos. Some influencers or celebrities even go to the extent of doing whatever their ‘fans’ tell them for a certain period of time. It helps them to bond with their fans even for just an hour or so.

Keep a Copy of Your Live Video and Post it

You may also want to post a copy of your video when you’re done. We live in an international world after all. Everyone may not be online when you did your live video but they may be interested in your content. Posting it even though the live is done will keep your followers updated,

How do Live Videos Perform?

It is not enough to have a live video, you should also know how it performs. This is where Facebook Analytics come in handy.

Analyzing your videos is as easy as visiting the Insights section in your Facebook page.

Then, you can choose Videos.

This will now show you all the top videos as well as give you access to your Video library.

Now, this section offers two types of data: pre-recorded video data and Live video data. You should focus more on Live video.

What type of data can you expect to get? Well, there are your live viewers, the total views, the average watch time, the people reached and the demographics of your reach.

And if you have done some live videos through time, you can also view how each metric changes. As you click on a metric, it will show you a live interactive graph.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can even get a peek of your viewer data as you do your broadcast. Although I don’t suggest that you do it to prevent you from getting diverted. Stats are just stats. You should still focus more on meeting the needs of your viewers.

How to Get the Most out of Facebook Live

All of your live videos will not be a hit. But there are always some practices that you can do to increase your chances of success.

Make it a Habit to Introduce Yourself

Hosting a live video means that you are exposing yourself to millions of people around the globe. Since it’s live, you don’t know when they joined the stream. Because of this, you will need to introduce yourself multiple times in the first few minutes of your broadcast.

Spontaneity is the Key

Why are people watching your live videos? Sure, they may do it because they like you. But there is something more to that. They watch your live videos because they want to see an aspect of you that they have never seen before.

What is it? It is the spontaneous part of you, of course! It is that part of you without the edits and frills. It is as if they are there with you as a friend. So be spontaneous. Don’t freeze in front of the camera just because you’re live. I am sure your followers would love to know the real you.

Always Test Your Videos Before You Go Live

Testing will save you the headache of talking only to see that your mobile camera is facing the other way. It also saves your face from shooting a video that you are ‘Umm’-in your way out of. Testing is essential for you to see how the video will turn out before you go there to let other people see it.

The ‘Only Me’ option in Facebook is such a gem. It allows you to host Live Videos all by yourself. What this does is it helps you practice what you are about to say and it helps you see how the live recording will turn out before you even do it. It is a nice way to dry run your video before you go live.

Don’t be a Live Madman

Here’s a warning. Don’t get addicted to Live Videos. Be sure to mix your page up with other forms of content. While live videos give you a way to connect with your audience, that doesn’t mean that you should do it all the time. Keep a little mystery to yourself and your followers will thank you for it.

So don’t be a live madman. 1-2 Live videos per month may be enough for your followers to feel connected.


Facebook Live offers a fresh new way to reach followers. Aside from merely giving them content that they use, you take the time to throw the seriousness out of the window and just interact with them. In this hyperconnected world, connection and interaction is more important than ever. People don’t just buy branded products and services. They attach themselves to what a brand stands for.

With Live Videos, you now have a tool that can help you reveal who you truly are to your customers. They get to see you without all the editing and that’s special. And in this age where trust is the main driving factor for sales, it is an important aspect that businesses must practice a little more.

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