Long Tail Keywords And Affiliate Software


This article deals with long tail keywords and outlines the importance of affiliate software and affiliate tracking software tools for effectively utilizing such keywords. Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that contain three, four or more words. But randomly clubbing together four or more unrelated words cannot be considered as keywords with a long tail. In fact, such keywords have a long tale to tell. For understanding that, one needs to learn why such keywords are used in the first place.

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Why Long Tail Keywords Are Used

The visibility of and traffic to a particular website is determined by the top rank of the website or its affiliate websites in the search engine results. By the way, affiliate websites are proxy web pages run by the internet marketing agencies to divert traffic to a main website that does the actual business – sell some products or information. The marketing companies have several affiliate software and affiliate tracking software packages that help in finding the effectiveness of a keyword. The Internet marketing warfare is so intense that it is very difficult for a new website to break into the first page of search engine results using general and obvious keywords. Remember a site needs to come in the top ten ranking to merit a first page entry. For coming in the top ten ranking, the keywords should have less competition. That means not many websites should use the same keywords. How would you find such keywords? This is where affiliate software and affiliate software packages come in handy. These tools can provide exact statistics regarding search results of individual keywords. Suppose you want to promote a website that sells sports tickets in America. If you search for a general keyword, that is, “sports tickets in America”, there will be millions of search results. You can narrow the phrase to “NBA tickets”, which again will fetch a large number of entries. You will reduce the number of entries significantly if you use the keyword “Washington Wizards home NBA tickets”. You can further reduce the number of entries, and thereby increase the visibility of your affiliated website, by creating a longer keyword such as “Washington Wizards home NBA cheap tickets”. You must have noticed that the lengthening of the tail of the keyword shortens the range of search engine results. You can use affiliate software and affiliate software packages for creating more such keywords.

Tips For Using Long Tail Keywords

It is a known fact that very few people actually try to search in real life using longish keywords such as, for example, “Washington Wizards home NBA cheap tickets”. But the important thing is that almost all people who did search using such keywords are really looking for the searched items and are more likely to buy. So, long tail keywords guide the actual buyers to the website. To solve the lack of sufficient number of searches using such keywords, one can employ thousands of long tail keywords. With the help of affiliate software and affiliate tracking software tools, a webmaster can create and manage a number of similar longish keywords without much difficulty. Even if each keyword brings in only two or three real customers per month, it will add up to a substantial number in the long run.

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