20 Ways To Get Traffic To Magento

Developing an online Magento store is easy. Getting your store to make sales is where things get tricky. For more sales, you need more customers visiting your website. But how to get those customers to open your website? Well, there are many ways to get traffic to a website , such as creating a referral program. In this article, we have listed 20 ways to get traffic to your Magento website. 

Create A Referral Program 

The best way to gain organic traffic on your website is by creating a referral program. Due to the nature of a referral program, the chances of getting sales leads are the highest. In a referral program, affiliates share links of your products in their community and can get you, potential customers. In fact, the success of Amazon is also because of its referral traffic. If you want to create your own referral program, then the most trusted source is https://www.osiaffiliate.com. They are highly known for creating the best referral programs so that your website can have a new life. And because a referral program is so effective in generating traffic, it is number one on our list. 

Top-Quality Content  

You often read a blog or an article that is of interest, and once you finish reading, you sometimes visit the website to see what else they have to offer. To get more traffic and attract more visitors, you need to post high-quality content on your website consistently. This content can be in the form of articles, blog posts, or videos. Determine what your strengths and qualities are, and then make the content. But make sure the content must not be difficult for people to understand. High-quality content generates organic traffic, which is very important if you want to rank higher.  

Social Media Marketing  

To generate more traffic for your Magento website, you should always make use of social media platforms effectively. Social Media platforms are one of the best platforms to attract potential customers. All you got to do is target the right audience. The best way to target the right audience would be to get influencers to shout out to your products. Let’s say you have make-up kits to sell, get a female influencer to do make-up tutorials using your products, and that will get her followers to drive right into your website. 

Email Marketing 

Market emailing is one of the ways to get more visitors to your Magento website. You need to maintain a list of your customers’ email addresses and make good use of it. Send them promotional or informative emails, but make sure that they are evident and easy to understand.  

The subject title should be brief, precise, and catchy. It is always a good idea to write-curiosity enhancing titles, intriguing the customers to see what’s on the table. The key here is to be consistent about sending your customers’ promotional emails. 

Live Chat & Customer Service 

If you want customers to visit your website, then you must include live chat and provide quality customer service. Customers are not big fans of writing emails and filling forms. They want quick answers to their queries and fast solution to their problems. This is why having a live chat on your Magento website is vital so that you can engage with your customers on the run time.  

Customer service can make your business go up, but only if the service you are providing is excellent. Customers like to be pampered. Give your every customer, proper attention, listen to what they have to say, and be polite with them. 

Have Proper SSL Certificate 

Your Magento website must have a proper SSL (secure socket layer) Certificate. You must be wondering why it is so important? Well, back in 2014, Google declared that it would put penalty to the websites that don’t have SSL Certificates. And if your website does not have an SSL certificate, it will rank lower in Google search.  

The reason why Google penalizes websites that don’t have an SSL Certificate is the fact that the data between the web server and web browser is not encoded and can be stolen easily. 

Optimize Your Customer’s E-Commerce Site Hosting 

If you want more and more traffic on your Magento website, then you must optimize your website’s hosting. Nobody wants to visit a slow website. So, if your website is hosted on shared servers, get it hosted on dedicated or cloud hosting for faster page loading time. Customers always prefer going to websites that are faster and easier to use. Optimizing your site will get your website load faster and ultimately generate more sales.  

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization is the most critical factor if you want your website to appear in search engines. If the products on your site do not show on SERPs for the relevant keywords, it would be like you are selling to no one because customers will not be able to see your products in the engine.   

So, it would be best if you had a perfect SEO strategy that covers all on-page and off-page elements. You need to know, SEO is not simple; from site speed to insertion of relevant keywords, a lot of effort goes into getting your SEO right. You can always use SEO plugins available to check that if the SEO for your website is doing alright and producing the desired results. 

Make Your Magento Site Responsive 

The days when online shopping was done only on desktop computers are long gone. Today, almost every type of browsing is done on smartphones. So, it is a must to have a responsive Magento website. Because if you have designed your website only for desktop, then it will look very bad when opened on a smartphone. As a result, the customers would have a bad experience scrolling through your website, and they will decide to go somewhere else. So, make sure you have a responsive website. For this, there are tons of Magento responsive themes available, make use of them. 

Use Landing Pages 

Another way to get visitors to flock into your Magento website is by using Landing Pages. Landing Pages are basically pages containing your offers, such as redeeming a discount code, downloading a guide, or starting a free period. These pages contain all the necessary information the user needs in order to make a decision. The information in the landing pages is so specific, so you can send very clear and straight forward messages. Ultimately the chances of getting more traffic increase marginally. 

Answer Questions on Quora 

Talking about ways to drive traffic to your Magento site, we cannot afford not to mention Quora. Quora has proved to be one of the best mediums to drive traffic to a website. All you have to do is find questions that are related to your brands or products available on your online store and link the right keywords to anchor content on your Magento site. While answering the questions, make sure what you write is precise and detailed. 

Write Guest Posts 

Guest Posts will also be very beneficial in generating traffic to your site. Guest posts show that you are active in the community and, in the meanwhile, also linking to your website. To implement your guest post strategy, you would need to find the right site, which is a perfect place to pitch in your content. It would be best if you also kept domain authority in mind when looking for such a website. The higher domain authority is always better. And when a site with more top domain links to your Magento website through a guest post, you will have a quality backlink. 

Internal Linking 

Whenever a visitor visits your website, your main goal should be to get them to visit other pages of the website. This is where internal linking comes into play; it links one page to the other on the site. Once visitors start visiting other pages, you’ll get traffic and chances of sales get brighter. You need to handle the internal linking of your website very wisely so that the visitors cannot resist clicking those links. Spend your time arranging the content, always mention relevant products somewhere near on the page. You can always grab customers’ attention by displaying sale products. 

Create YouTube Videos 

It is essential to have video marketing in your content strategy. For this, the best platform is YouTube. YouTube has also proved to be an excellent source for driving organic traffic to a website. You can say that it has something to do with the love of Google for YouTube. Plus, YouTube is the most popular search engine, obviously after Google. So, getting ahold on YouTube can give your website a lot of exposure. You can always make videos promoting your products. It is time to start implementing video marketing because it is the content that most people are clicking on now a day.  

Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site 

You have read how guest blogging can be helpful for your Magento site as far as traffic is concerned. But you also need to know that getting others to guest blog on your site will also have the same impact because it is a two-way street. Apart from posting your content on other people’s websites, invite them to share content on your website. In this way, they will share and link to their guest posts, which will ultimately result in more visitors to your site. But when you do all this, you need to keep in mind that you are only supposed to post quality content. Otherwise, the chances are that Google will rank you lower. 

Target Long-Tail Keywords 

Keywords are the game changer when you want to rank higher. But getting ranked based on keywords is not so easy. Especially for the short-tail keywords as they are searched more frequently. However, there are more chances to rank higher if you target long-tail keywords. You can even rank on the very first page if the query is related to your product or services. And a higher rank means more traffic. Nowadays, people tend to use more specific phrases to search online, which is the reason you should go for targeting long-tail keywords. 

Optimize Your Images 

Another way by which you can end up having traffic to your Magento website is by describing your images. Whenever you write descriptions for your images, try to optimize it by including target keywords in it. Most of the search engines have a separate search section dedicated to images. So, if you have described your image by including keywords, chances are you will rank higher in the image section. In addition to this, search engines like Google prefer websites that include images in the blog posts. So, if you have uploaded images with a well-optimized description, traffic is going to come your way. 

Paid Traffic Methods 

By now, you have read about ways you can get organic traffic to your Magento website for free. But you can always pay to get something done. If you can afford it, it is always a good idea to opt for paid ads and other initiatives to drive traffic to your site. If you have a tight budget, but you are good at tracking things, you can use cost-per-acquisition (CPA). By having a higher CPA, you can always scale up your advertising budget. There many advertising platforms like Facebook and Google tracking pixels that will help you reach a wide range of people, and you can get some visitors on your website. 

Use Hashtags in Your Posts 

Another factor that can contribute to getting visitors to your website is the use of hashtags. If you use hashtags in your web pages or posts, it can help you to increase the reach of your website. In this way, your website can get discovered by people that were looking for products or services similar to what you are providing. 

Online Directories 

Getting listed in free online directories and review sites can help you get traffic to your Magento website. Most of the review sites have a link of your website to your profile, and if you have positive reviews, your website is more likely to get visitors. Plus, many search engines use these links to rank.

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