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MailChimp Integration

Easily Integrate with MailChimp

You can integrate MailChimp with our affiliate software so that whenever an affiliate signs up in the software they will get added to your MailChimp account. To integrate, you will need to get the API key and the Unique ID for the list you want to use and then you will add the API Key and Unique ID to the system settings section of the affiliate software.

Time Saved and Better Communication!

Once integrated, you will be able to communicate with all your affiliates from your MailChimp account. All affiliate sign ups will now be automatically added to your MailChimp email lists saving you time and making it faster to communicate with them using MailChimp’s easy email newsletters.

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6 Response to "MailChimp Integration"

  1. Comment From Steve Jones

    I tried Mailchimp and started using iContact instead. Do you think you guys will eventually become compatible with iContact instead of Mailchimp

  2. Comment From Jessie Robinson

    OK great, did you guys add this to the documentation yet?

  3. Comment From Seth Larrison

    Mailchimp is a great email marketing platform to promote your business. They have a free account that I had signed up for and I am glad to see that you guys are now compatible with them.

  4. Comment From Sam Kaufman

    great, I have been using Mailchimp for a few years.

  5. Comment From Lewis Taylor

    How can I upgrade my version of Omnistar Affiliate Software to work with mailchimp

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