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Marketing research is a set of process that helps to link producers, customers, and end users to the marketer. This is achieved through information that defines, and identifies marketing problems and opportunities. Marketing research software generates, redefine, and evaluate actions that will make you better understand the process entailed during marketing. The major aim of a market research is to identify and evaluate how varying elements of the marketing process influences your customer behavior, and use the information to ones’ advantage.

Here is a list of market research software that truly works.

1. Clearbit

With clearbit you can understand your customers, identify your future prospects, and personalize all marketing and sales interactions. It is a marketing data engine for all your customer interactions. They give you fresh and accurate data with their proprietary real-time lookups, so you can act on fresh information speedily. They also give you job change notifications and sales alert. Their experts will build Clearbit from scratch for you to integrate it into your existing stack, and provide uniform seamless data across your sales, marketing, and analytics teams. Clearbit software helps you to know who to target, who your prospects are, and how to personalize your campaigns seamlessly. Great Saas companies trust Clearbit to make them truly data-driven, they have always met up to customers’ expectations.

App Annie has fueled winning customer experiences worldwide with their mobile data and analytics platform. They offer you innovative insights in one single platform. You get important market and competitive insight across revenue, app downloads, engagement, usage, and advertising metrics on App Annie. They help you drive your business to success, by advising you on the best markets for expansion, and identifying the right partners for your business and so much more. App Annies’ software has better user engagement, and higher retention rate. It will effectively target your audience for you by giving you a better understanding on their behavior and interests. Understanding how top apps fetch money and leveraging on the processes to maximize profit as never been easy with the App Annie software.

3. Owler

This market research software eliminates manual account research, monitors key accounts with push news & alerts, and automatically synchronizes with your CRM leads so you can constantly track current accounts. Owler will not have access to change anything in your CRM; you can be rest assured of that. This software will import and follow your open opportunity, accounts and leads. You will also receive daily snapshot email together with updates and news on your followed companies from Owler. They also provide you real-time breaking news alerts on 15 customizable trigger events, to the end of giving your business a boost.

Pitchbook provides data on over two hundred thousand investors, 1.3 million companies, over 40,000 funds, and 975,000 deals in a very easy manner. Thousands of global business and investment professionals rely on their data to know the next target to chase. This platform has innovative products to keep you in the forefront of your industry as you analyze their data, integrate key information into your existing systems and discover insights that outline how well your campaign is doing.

They can help in predicting your next market. This platform analyzes millions of data points on startups, venture capital, patents, news mentions, and partnerships to expose tomorrow’s opportunities today. They notice signals about upcoming and disruptive technology and business trends by rearranging a mess of unstructured news articles, startup websites, venture capital financing, patents, and much more. You can automate news tracking and funding alerts on industries and companies you care about on the CBInsights platform. Source and evaluate deals using CB Insights to streamline your due diligence on your potential targets by analyzing their potential and health all in one platform.  

PipeCandy is the only market intelligence service who focuses on both ecommerce & DTC brands. Within that, they focus on a few business and a few market models only. Their research on data perspectives and analytics powers multi-million dollars’ worth of decisions every month. Ecommerce and DTC are still upcoming industry segments, and data sets are mostly stale lists with no accurate insights about the underlying business, but PipeCandy is the game changer. Market research has been made possible with PipeCandys’ ecommerce insights; thousands of companies around the world trust them to stay continuously relevant in the industry.

By measuring first impressions and recall, you can optimize the clarity of your designs with the five-second test. Fivesecondtest is a method of user research that helps one to measure what information users take to heart and what impression they have within the first five minutes of viewing a design. Just for you to know if your web pages are properly communicating its intended message. It may sound funny, but five seconds is long enough for a good design to communicate its primary message.

This is a definitive research source that helps you better understand how digital marketing is transforming media, commerce and marketing. You can empower your teams with eMarketer PRO open access; because nowadays having few people who are knowledgeable about the digital marketplace is not enough for an organization to truly succeed. There are many topics on the eMarketer platform that shows you many reports and analysis, which you can learn from.

CheckMarket is a cloud-based survey service that empowers their users to conduct and create surveys in over 50 languages, with survey templates, multi-channel distribution, custom design and branding, third party integrations, real time reporting, automatic notifications, and many more. You can run any type of survey on this software, from customer experience to employee satisfaction, regardless of the organization's' size. Interactive real-time reports can be created as soon as a survey is launched, with filters allowing users to drill down into data, and inbuilt text and sentiment analysis capabilities for automatic tagging of responses.

This market research software helps in-house research teams and agencies alike to offer end-to-end service to customers, and streamlining your core processes to save cost and for efficiency. Confirmit is the world’s leading provider of reporting and survey software, delivering the most robust and complete market research platform. It has survey design that you can use to create custom branded surveys that can accommodate any level of complexity. Data collection of feedback through virtually all channels such as email, mobile, web, and the likes is also available on confirmit. is a web data integration service that provides your organization with a complete platform for working with web data that will be a support for you throughout your web data journey. It can automatically extract data from your target websites; and create workflows that properly prepares the web data for integration into your business system. Be rest assured knowing fully well that data quality monitoring is an integral part of the process. covers retail & manufacturing industry, finance & insurance industry, risk management, machine learning, product, strategy and sales.

This platform offers different options all supported by the highest level of data analytics to calculate your CES, NPS, and other key factors to gauge customer satisfaction, loyalty, and what is preventing them from coming back to your site. Sogosurvey also provides tools for designing, distribution automation and management, report generation and review. This platform came to being in a bid to help in learning, communicating, and quantifying data across multiple areas to promote growth and innovation in an organization.

 Customers experience is more than tracking promoters or satisfaction scoring. One has to know how customers are changing, which ones matters most, and most especially how to attract them to your brand. With the Qualtrics software you can monitor, respond, and improve every aspect along the customers’ journey. Qualtrics also help you benchmark and track brand awareness, perceptions, and equity. It also helps you move from insight to action.

This is one of the best app store optimization & app intelligence tools today. With mobile action platform, you can keep an eye on market apps with market-based or app-based estimates and analyses. They also offer best practices to enlighten and direct your App store optimization strategy. Mobile action is the surest way to track advertising networks and creative trends. You can grow your install base through mobile actions’ innovative marketing intelligence and data insights for ASO. Well-known companies all around the world trust them.

This platform provides all the insights and data needed to dominate the mobile app system. Financial analysts, publishers, and venture capitalist leverages on data provided by SensorTower to identify emerging markets, the fastest growing apps, and many more. SensorTower will let you know what is working for your competitors and they give you custom alerts when your competitor soft-launches or makes a strategic move, you cannot be kept in the dark on how the best apps are doing using the SensorTower platform. If you need help with how to increase online sales fast, you should definitely start by reading our tips on how to get those sales.

You also get new keywords that will fetch the right users to your app page, and a plan of action for your app to rank higher in search. Conclusion there are a lot of things that involve market research, but let us not forget what we can benefit from best affiliate marketing courses .

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